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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1459

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1459

Seeing that the money was about to enter his own pocket, Bailey did not expect that Lucy would suddenly appear and take one third of it.

No wonder Bailey is so cold today!

This was actually Lucy’s condition after she had taken a step back—if she wanted to fight for it, she would get all of it.

Bailey had fought hard for the one third portion, as Lucy initially wanted to halve it.

After they signed the contract, Nigel would have no relationship at all with the Adams Family from then onward. After Lucy took the money, she would also have nothing to do with them anymore.

Sophia finally understood the twists and turns in this matter. Seeing that Bailey was about to leave with a dark expression after he finished signing the documents, Carmen quickly offered to walk him out.

“Bailey, I’ll send you out!”

After Lucy put the documents away and took Jordan and Tiffany’s child, she realized that from now onward, he would be Dana and her child. The one third of the inheritance would be her first gift to Nigel as his mother.

After everyone left, Quinton, who had been watching by the door for a long time, complained, “You’re a fool. They are doing an illegal transaction here. If I were you, I’d ask them to give me a third of the money to keep my mouth shut.”

Sophia pouted after hearing that. When she was about to continue reading her newspaper, she suddenly realized that Michael had not appeared for a long time. Ever since Lucy arrived, he was nowhere to be seen.

“Celie, where’s Mikey?” she asked Celine, who was still upset about Sophia giving Nigel away.

Pouting her lips, she replied sadly, “He was just here…”

When Sophia saw her sullen look, she advised, “You already have two kids who need your care. If you have another one, you won’t be able to take good care of it.”

Apart from that, Justin would be under high pressure if they have another kid because he has to take care of four babies—the biggest of them being Celine herself!

In the ward next to them, Justin, who was wearing a white robe, was injecting the medicine needed to sustain Michael’s life.

They used an extremely small needle again so that there would not be any scars. This way, Sophia would not realize it.

However, his health condition could not be hidden for long. She would eventually realize this after he died.

At this moment, the internal pressure within his body had reached a tipping point where everything could be thrown out of balance. With just a slight change, his condition might deteriorate immediately—a slight flu or a simple wound might break this balance.

Even though he looked healthy on the surface, when the symptoms started to resurface, everything would be too late.

He would die instantly, as his internal organs were already rotting away. Even if Theo donated all his internal organs to Michael, it would not save him anymore.

Michael knew that he really did not have much time to live.

However, this was all his decision.

After the injection, Justin pursed his lips with a serious look on his face.

He met Micheal when he was very young. They worked together and became a family after that so without a doubt, he did not want to see Michael die.

Unfortunately, Justin had already said everything he could but Michael had already made his decision. He would rather die and break everything off cleanly, allowing Sophia to be heartbroken for some time before she would walk out of the trauma and continue with her new life. After his death, he wanted her to meet another man whom she liked. By just remembering him during his death anniversary and some festive seasons, he would be content.

The other option, however, was to let Sophia blindly wait for him. Since no one knew if he was going to wake up, she had to keep waiting. This was equivalent to asking her to grieve for her alive husband for an indefinite amount of time.

She’s still so young; she’s only 30. I can’t allow her to grieve at such an age.

With another jab, Michael felt the effects of the medication entering his body—his wilting body was finally reborn again.

However, this also showed that there was a huge problem—the dosage he required had increased. Apart from that, he felt weaker as time passed. Time was corroding his body every second he was alive.

How long do I still have?

Am I able to stay alive until the babies are born?

If I can do that, I will have no regrets when I die.

However, the hospital did not allow him to check the gender of his children. He did not even know if he was expecting a boy or a girl.

I wish I could hug them. If not, just a look at them would suffice… Now I can only hope that Sophia will show me the pictures of the kids when she visits me during my death anniversary…

When Michael returned to the ward, he pretended as though everything was normal even though he was melancholic deep down. His perfect acting skills had successfully hidden everything and no one could tell any difference in him. Sophia thought that all the hardships were finally over and they could look forward to a better future. Unbeknownst to her, one day Michael might suddenly pass away without any reason.

And that would be a quick process—one minute, he could be joking with her and the very next minute, he could become a corpse.

It would happen so fast that she would not even have the time to be shocked and sad about it.

In the ward, Celine was still sobbing. When she saw Michael enter, she pounced on him with a loud wail immediately.

While consoling her, Michael looked at Sophia, who was speaking from the bed.

“Dear, you have to advise Celie. She insists on adopting Nigel but he’s Lucy’s brother. It would be best if she adopts him and since she was the one who brought it up, how can I reject her?”

Michael did not seem to hear Sophia anymore. He just wanted to look at her; he already felt happy enough to look at her just like this.

How good would it be if I can look at her like this for the rest of my life!

Meanwhile, Celine sobbed like a kid. Luckily she still has Justin.

After a while, Justin also entered the room and took Celine aside to console her. And so, Celine kept away the items that Nigel had been using miserably.

Before leaving, Justin shot a look at Sophia, who was speaking to Michael happily about Lucy and Dana as she looked forward to their bright future.

While she was speaking, she laughed like a happy child.

However, she did not know that the person in front of her was going to be gone soon. He would be leaving her and going somewhere that he would never return from.

Thinking about this, tears welled up in Justin’s eyes.

Everyone is so cruel. All the people who know about this are keeping their mouths shut, including myself.

Sophia has no idea at all what she would be facing.

Michael could clearly take the risk. Perhaps he can be revived after 30 years, like Theo.

However, everyone, including Michael, had given up on this opportunity; they had chosen to face death peacefully with dignity.

Everyone is lying to Sophia under the pretense of wanting the best for her. However, who can bear the pain for her when she loses her beloved?

Ten days later, Sophia suddenly wanted to travel to Michel Town in Africa. As it was the summer holidays after all, she planned to bring the kids to see the lions and Judge’s gold-plated claws would have to be polished as well.

Of course, Michael accompanied her with the kids and the dogs. Since Linus and Cooper had a meeting there, they also tagged along.

Theo was also quite bored these days, so he planned to join them for a hunting trip there. In the end, the entire family was on board this trip.

In the plane that flew to Africa, Justin and Celine also brought their children along.

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