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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1456

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1456

Jordan knew that Lucy decided to attack this time because she had people supporting her, and the possible candidates for these supporters were none other than those few.

If he headed over to them, he would be digging his own grave; of course he was not that stupid.

Not only did he not go to the Edwards Family meeting, he even sent people to launch a surprise attack at the hospital. After capturing Sophia, he would have three trump cards in his hands.

She was the only daughter of Anna and Cooper after all. If she died, three lives would be lost and this would be the greatest blow to Cooper and Anna.

No; I won’t let her die. I’m going to use her to threaten Anna and Cooper!

I want Anna to return to me and Cooper to live in pain forever!

Jordan took out his phone and asked his men to take off the black face masks from the three victims’ heads.

After the masks were removed, it was apparent that he had caught two men and one woman, all of whose movements were limited by rope on their limbs. As the tranquilizer effect had not faded, they were still unconscious.

Jordan looked at Sophia, who was seated in the middle. This is Anna and Cooper’s daughter!

As he looked at Sophia, there was hatred and regret in his eyes. Jordan deeply regretted keeping the twins alive. In that case, perhaps the connection between Cooper and Anna would be less and she might belong to him completely.

However, it was still not too late now.

Cooper’s daughter is with me now.

Jordan walked forward and lifted Sophia’s hair to reveal her face, preparing to film a video to threaten Cooper and Anna with.

Sure, he could go to the Edwards Family meeting to stop Lucy and take back the Edwards Group. However, he knew that both Cooper and Anna were there and they had arranged many people to ambush him.

They place all their attention at the family meeting as they predicted that I will stop them. Because of this, they forget to hide their daughter. On top of that, they even moved the bodyguards protecting their daughter to the meeting venue to catch me.

This is a Godsent opportunity!

Compared to catching Sophia, the Edwards Group is nothing!

I can still take it back in the future but I only get one chance to catch Sophia!

Jordan could not wait any longer. His men could complete this mission themselves but he insisted on being involved personally.

He wanted Cooper and Anna to see for themselves how Sophia would suffer because of him!

He wanted to strangle Cooper’s beloved daughter to death so that Cooper would suffer for the rest of his life.

Jordan pulled Sophia’s hair so that her face was revealed before his phone camera. She was still unconscious and her figure had gotten more plump because of the pregnancy. Jordan could almost see the features she inherited from Cooper and Anna, and the blood which he hated the most flowed in her veins.

Quinton and Michael’s face masks were also taken off and they were included in Jordan’s video as well. He filmed them using his phone, intending to send it to Cooper.

As the lighting in the warehouse was too dim, the video was not clear. Hence, Jordan turned the lights on so that everything would be clearer. However, Jordan immediately realized that something was wrong after this.

Something’s off!

These are not Sophia and Michael at all!

They look the same but they are completely different people!

However, everything was too late. When he inched closer to take a good look at their features, Quinton, who should have been unconscious after being injected by tranquilizer, suddenly opened his eyes and broke free of the strings. He stood up and looked at Jordan sinisterly.

Fortunately, Jordan was standing quite far from Quinton and he had professionals protecting him. It was impossible for Quinton to get closer to him.

In an instant, his bodyguards had already protected him in the middle. Looking at Quinton carefully, he exclaimed, “You didn’t faint!”

It was at this moment that Jordan knew he had fallen into a trap. Looking around carefully, he had a feeling that this was part of Cooper’s plans and someone else might be coming for him after this.

Quinton raised his hand and pretended to surrender as he laughed casually. “It’s so difficult to lure you out, Mr. Edwards…”

Back then, they tried everything they had to lure him out but they failed. The Edwards Family meeting this time was just a backup plan.

Just like the wedding, they were not sure if Jordan would appear. If he did, he would definitely be caught and similar arrangements would be made elsewhere as well.

To Cooper, no matter what happened, the most important thing was always his children. Hence, this time around, he also placed some traps in the hospital where Sophia had been resting.

He found replacements for Sophia and Michael, but Quinton was the real deal.

Realizing that he had been tricked, Jordan staggered backward with fury on his face.

“Kill him!” he ordered the people around him.

Quinton was all alone and on his way here, they had already taken away all the weapons on him. No matter how capable he was, he was no match for them with his bare hands.

After a series of triggers being activated crisply, numerous guns pointed at Quinton.

He had nowhere to run now.

However, Quinton did not look anxious at all. Instead, he opened his own shirt and revealed an obvious scar on his waist that had just been healed.

Seeing that scar, Jordan’s expression changed immediately as he quickly said, “Stop! Stop!”

If he guessed correctly, the scar was there because Quinton buried a bomb within him.

He knew that the bomb in Sophia had already been detonated and removed. However, he did not expect that Quinton put it in his own body.

If they shoot him, the few kilometers around them would be blasted to smithereens.

Quinton continued to lift his hands. His shirt was wide open, revealing the obvious scars.

“Go on! Kill me!”

Quinton walked to them fearlessly in big strides, while Jordan and his men retreated.

What an evil man!

A lunatic!

Quinton laughed maniacally as he approached Jordan, while the latter could only think of escaping.

It’s highly probable that Quinton doesn’t mind exploding and dragging us with him. His lift may be useless but mine is worth a lot!

“Protect the boss and make him leave safely!” The professionals around Jordan tried to ensure his safety as they retreated.

Right now, they could only bet that Quinton loved his life too much to die. Jordan knew he had to quickly escape.

Once again, he was too late.

A series of steady footsteps came from outside and there was a screeching sound of cars coming to a stop. From the sound of the heavy footsteps, it was clear that there were many people.

As a gunshot rang, someone reported, “It’s the Winston and the Fletcher Family!”

They are so fast!

As Quinton saw Jordan’s darkened expression, he said, “Oh—I forgot to let you know that this bomb has built-in GPS.”

The warehouse had already been surrounded. In the warehouse, Quinton—the living bomb who could explode any time—was right in front of them. Jordan and his men were trapped but they did not even dare to open fire.


With a loud thud, the door of the warehouse was opened. Then, a smoke bomb was thrown into the room, emitting smoke that choked everyone. They could not open their eyes and every breath they inhaled burned their throats.

Dressed in black suits, a group of men with face masks entered the room, a weapon in each of their hands.

The powerful Winston family crest was sewn on their sleeves. Everyone wore a standard outfit—a black suit with white shirt underneath. As they stepped into the room full of poisonous mist, they looked like a troop from hell. The leader of the group had a sadistic look in his eyes but the mask obscured his cold smile.

In that instant, chaos reigned in the warehouse and gunshots were even fired amidst the mess. However, someone immediately yelled, “Don’t fire!”

If they fought with their bare hands, they might be able to escape. However, if they opened fire and accidentally shot the living bomb, everyone would die immediately.

Everyone was stunted by the limitations without guns and with only axes, knives, and pipes awaiting them…

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