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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1454

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1454

After the wedding was over, Jordan still had not appeared, even after everyone had left the venue.

In the end, the scene in everyone’s imaginations where Jordan appeared and snatched Anna away did not happen. Both the Fletcher and the Winston Family were slightly disappointed since they had already made the relevant preparations. If Jordan appeared, they would work together to add a taste of blood to the wedding by bringing his head to Cooper as his wedding present.

It was simply a shame that the main character did not appear after they had already made all the preparations to deal with him. However, this was also within everyone’s expectations. Even though Jordan was insane, he was not an idiot. Right now, it was meaningless to take Anna away anymore. In fact, many had been misled because of movies and films.

In the current era, it was meaningless to take the bride or bridegroom away before the wedding as they would already have signed the relevant documents before the wedding. The records were already sitting in the Civil Affairs Bureau, so it was pointless to take either of the couple away.

Cooper and Anna had already signed the marriage papers. Even if Jordan decided to wreck their wedding, they would still be husband and wife on paper. Apart from that, the security was the tightest at the wedding. If Jordan came here, he was as good as entering a trap himself. Then again, for both the couples, this also meant that Jordan was a ticking time bomb that might erupt anytime. He had been monitoring them in the dark and might jump out anytime to give them a shock. This was the most difficult part of the defense.

And so, they did not idle around as well. Cooper had already sent out men to find Jordan but he had hidden himself well and did not leave any traces. No one knew where he was hiding. However, Jordan’s retaliation soon arrived. The Ronney Group and Michel Group were in a lot of trouble. One minute it would be an internal betrayer, while the next it was their cooperating partners who were the culprits; there were business arguments and fights everywhere.

After Cooper married Anna, he immersed himself into the intense fight with Jordan. Both Linus and Callum helped him to stabilize their ground.

On the other hand, Sophia’s days were much easier. She walked around with her pregnant belly, busy with her business as well. During the wedding, she threw her veil away because she was too happy. Without that, she could not get married and she could not find any replacements. Thinking that the wedding would not be complete without the veil, Anna and Cooper quickly issued a notice to inform the person who picked it up to claim the prizes. Hence, they finally got the veil back and continued the wedding.

Unexpectedly, everyone tagged along and gave a bunch of presents to the lucky person who was chosen, and many others followed suit. Because of this, they accidentally made a big deal out of it.

Since it was Sophia’s publicity, she too joined the crowd and released her ‘high-tech luxury items’ business concept, promising to give the lucky person the first batch of the samples. It was time to prepare for the new product lines again, so the company was quite busy. Even though Sophia just got married, she immediately buried herself in work to make the necessary preparations nervously, without even going for a honeymoon. It was only until Michael brought a group of doctors to the company to catch her that she finally stopped.

Sophia’s health had not been the best, so it was already a miracle that she could get pregnant again. On top of that, she was expecting twins, so it was even more dangerous for her. If she maintained the intensity of work, it was impossible for her to keep the babies, so she could only go home to rest. Since there were many talents in her company, and Anna and Linus also sent a few people to help out, Sophia did not need to exhaust herself this way.

As the babies in her belly were considered quite weak, Sophia was admitted into a hospital and had to be on bed rest most of the time so that they could be born safely.

“Daddy, Mommy, prepare yourself! I’m going to open the dictionary!” Carmen closed her eyes and prepared to open the dictionary.

Meanwhile, Sophia was drinking tonic beside them while Michael wrote down a few words in a notebook. It was time to name the babies. Since there were two of them this time, they were taking the naming even more seriously.

Eyes closed, Carmen flipped the dictionary open and stopped randomly at a page. Michael quickly wrote down the words that he liked as the name of his future children, even though the last names of the babies were already decided—Yard and Mitchell. As their father, Michael did not even get an opportunity to pass his name down. However, with his young-looking father-in-law who had a nuclear weapon in his hands, Michael dared not utter a word about it. No matter what names they had, they would still be his children after all, so he was very enthusiastic in giving them names.

For the names for the unborn children, he planned to have the same combination like Carmen. Perhaps he would use their names—‘Sophia’ and ‘Michael’—as their children’s middle names.

Quinton was also admitted into the hospital to fix Sean’s ‘second-hand deal’ onto himself. After the operation, his wounds were not fully healed yet, so he would have to endure the pain and clench his muscles as he walked.

Everyday, he would go over to Sophia’s ward to visit them. She would have visitors almost everyday who would send her gifts. The tonics and supplements she received had already piled up into a small hill, yet it was completely bare at Quinton’s ward. Not even one person sent him any vitamins, even though some had visited him. They are all rather thick-skinned indeed.

A few days ago, when Judge came over to visit Sophia, he also went over to see Quinton with an orange in its mouth, making Quinton extremely happy.

On this day, Quinton also came over to Sophia’s ward and took a bottle of her tonic. It should be alright to use Sophia’s tonic to fix my ‘second-hand deal’. At least it’s better than nothing at all. Apart from the tonics and supplements, there’s nothing else with her.

When he saw Michael, the poor father who had not gotten any benefits yet who was still thinking of names for his children, Quinton snorted out a laugh. Ha! What a coward! If those were my kids, even if I have to face a nuclear bomb, I will fight for the right to give them my family name. Cooper and Anna did not put in any effort to the kids at all and they don’t have the rights to let the kids take after their family names.

Of course, Quinton only dared to think about it deep down. After all, he was afraid of the nuclear weapon as well.

“Hi, Professor Clark. How’s your recovery going?” Linus, who should be abroad at this moment, suddenly appeared and tapped on Quinton’s shoulders. Quinton turned around and saw him holding many bags in his hands, a smile on his face.

“I’m alright,” Quinton replied as he shot a glance at Linus’ bags. He brought so many things over, surely one of them is mine! After all, we have known each other for more than ten years.

When Quinton was still an assassin, he helped Linus kill many of his competitors and Linus was one of his biggest sources of income. In fact, Linus was his annual VIP customer. For every task he was given, he had completed them perfectly and a third of his income was sponsored by Linus.

Quinton, too, witnessed Linus’ growth from being a fearful adopted son to being the second-in-command at the Michel Family, from his young teenage years to his thirties, where he was a dominant chairman now. No matter what, based on our relationship, half of those presents should be mine.

Unfortunately, those were merely Quinton’s wishful thinking. After Linus brought all the bags into Sophia’s ward, none of it came out when he walked out. Our decade-long relationship is all for nothing!

Even the few dogs would also visit Quinton after they came to Sophia’s ward. Linus, however, merely visited Sophia without even shooting a glance at Quinton. Sure enough… You can’t take a business relationship seriously.

On the other hand, Linus was here to tell them great news—Lucy had decided to take action.

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