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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1453

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1453

Everyone burst out laughing, feeling happy for Sophia’s joy.

As Sophia was too excited, she threw her red veil to the crowd and someone managed to pick it up.

The Ronney and Mitchell Group immediately announced that the lucky person who picked the red veil up would be the winner of the lucky draw on that day. Just like that, they would receive a huge hamper from the Ronney Group that included all the latest products from the companies under the Ronney Group.

The Michel Group would also send out a huge hamper that included a smart robot and some hi-tech products. Additionally, the Dragon Technology Corporation, Winston Furniture, Plum Technology, and Crimson House all had attractive hampers to be given out, each more generous than the last. If summed up, the total value of the gifts were more than tens of millions.

The lucky winner would not have to work for the rest of their life after that. They would only need to open the parcels and enjoy life. Even if they brought their entire family to travel the world and finished the travel package they were given, it would take a few years.

The lucky winner of the wedding shocked Bayside City and the entire world, as this was the first time a lucky draw was conducted in such a way. As there was a great marketing potential to this, many other businesses also followed suit.

Both couples entered the wedding venue on time.

It was a very unique wedding with two couples that had completely different wedding styles. One followed all the traditional customs, using red as the dominant color. On another hand, the other had a white wedding with a priest, diamond rings, and white gloves that looked elegant and classy.

Since one of the couples wanted a traditional wedding, they were going full-blown traditional. Michael paid a visit to a few experienced seniors of traditional music and invited them out of the mountains to form an orchestra and perform the wedding march during the wedding.

The other couple, however, invited a famous band to perform the wedding march.

The entire building was booked for both the weddings, with the traditional and western style weddings on different sides of the building. After guests finished participating in one, they would have to join the other.

Before the wedding started, the orchestra that had been playing the festive music and the other band that performed the romantic wedding march seemed like they had it planned—both took turns in performing and the different music styles connected seamlessly.

With Sean and Maisie beside him, Stanley chose a few seats at the center of the hall so that he would not neglect any side.

Before this, there was a ceremony to pick up the bride. Sophia went to Riverdale in advance while Michael formed a team to pick her up. They had to go through many traditional customs like being blocked at the door, kicking the flower carriage, and so on. As one of the young men of the Fletcher Family, Stanley was required to take part in this. However, he was worried that the crowd might destroy Sean’s transplanted breasts, so he rejected it.

And so, Stanley followed Sean around all day along to protect her breasts; after all, they cost hundreds of thousands. They were delicate and expensive, and they could not be touched at all as the operation had just been completed.

As soon as Stanley sat down, he took out a jacket for Sean. “The temperature is quite low here. Don’t catch a cold.”

Meanwhile, Daniel and Alice sat next to them with Casper, while Sam and Nicole also sat with their children on the other side. After Lucy greeted Sam, she also sat down at her seat.

Because of his position, Dana did not appear.

But Bailey did.

After he arrived, he looked for the people he knew and sat next to Sam.

Ever since everyone knew that he was Dana’s equal, they looked at him with reverence.

The sixteen-year-old had really made the rest of them look at him in a different light.

Other males did not even dare to sit too closely to him because of the pressure.

In no time, the group of people who came to pick up the bride and the groom had arrived. Everyone was there, including their in-laws and their maiden family.

For the other couple who had a western-style wedding, the guests and the priest had also arrived.

Daniel had already predicted the auspicious time for both the couples. Coincidentally, they could be married at different timings.

After Cooper and Anna finished with the first wedding, they could go over to the other side so that the newly-weds there could bow to them.

The Fletcher, Yard, Mitchell, and the Johnson Family had all arrived; even the Michel Family came with glum faces.

It was a large-scale wedding indeed.

The stage and the decoration were beautifully designed. It was unique yet dominant, extravagant yet elegant. Even though it looked opulent, it did not look cheap either.

As the perfect timing had arrived, Daniel, who was the host, started to hype up the audience.

First up was Cooper and Anna’s wedding.

With the elegant wedding march playing in the background, Louise appeared with the bride, her arm in his.

Anna wore a pure white wedding gown with a white veil that looked mysterious and elegant, her dress dragging behind her for a few meters. Carmen, Maisie, Poppy and Hope followed behind her.

The little kids were dressed as elves, adding some fun to the wedding.

Carmen even held a flower basket in her hands that contained their wedding rings.

Looking at Anna, whose face was barely visible under the white veil as she slowly walked to him, Cooper could not help but tear up.

They had already waited for more than 30 years for this day.

When they were young, they disregarded everything to be together. Even now, nothing had changed—they also did everything they could to be together.

After parting with each other for 30 years, they had experienced life and death; they were finally together right now.

Fate had bound them together for the rest of their lives.

Under everyone’s amazement, Louise smiled as he handed Anna’s hands to Cooper.

My daughter has been living a tough life. As her father, I was not able to raise her when she was young and when she was at her lowest, I wasn’t capable enough to help her. The road that she had taken was simply too tough; she could only depend on herself.

As Louise thought about these, he felt that he was useless as her father. Hence, he was very satisfied and relieved to hand Anna over to Cooper.

The wedding carried on smoothly. Under the witness of the priest and the guests, the couple said their wedding vows.

As the wedding ended, Anna threw her flower bouquet and a single lady caught it.

After that, there were a few performances from famous guests and once the performances were over, the other wedding was about to begin.

Covered in a red veil, Sophia appeared with Michael in their wedding costumes. Anna, who was initially in her wedding dress, had changed and was seated in the middle of the hall.

On the parental seats, Cooper, Anna, and one of Michael’s uncles were there.

To the public, Mark had been ‘dead’ for a few years so he could not be ‘resurrected’ to attend the wedding. At this moment, he was watching the broadcast at home sullenly. Even though Michael’s father, Theo, was still alive, he looked too young. In order to avoid any complications, he also could not appear. Hence, it was only Cooper, Anna, and Michael’s uncle, who was the vice-chancellor of Bayside University.

“First bow is to the heavens! Second bow is to the parents! Next, bow to your significant other!”

As the emcee of their wedding, Daniel’s voice was loud and solemn. With that, Sophia and Michael finished their wedding.

After the wedding ended, both pairs of couples had to toast every table before the wedding was finally completed.

The centurial wedding that involved both couples and the union of many powerful forces had finally ended successfully. Apart from that, they also created a lucky winner of the wedding, who was also being noticed by the entire world.

Even though everyone seemed to be happy for them, the security were not having any fun at all.

Jordan still did not appear. In other words, he was still plotting in the dark.

They were not afraid of his attacks but they were worried about his plans.

At this moment, sure enough, Jordan was thinking of them.

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