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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1450

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1450

Once he left, it would take him another one to two months before he could return. If everything was in accordance with his plan, there was a possibility of him making it on time for Sophia and Michael’s wedding.

If the procedure did not go smoothly, he would be neither a man nor a woman.

Before Sean left, he took the framed picture of him with Stanley and Maisie on the desk and wistfully looked at it.

He was still a man in the picture, who bore the same haircut as Stanley and a similar checkered shirt as well. To be honest, I do not like short hair at all. Apart from that, I feel that the checkered shirt looks hideous.

He liked to paint his fingernails, wear makeup, and to have long hair. He just liked to… be a real woman and his dream was about to come true now.

Maisie was still in her kindergarten and had not returned home, but she already knew that her daddy was going on a trip abroad. Suddenly, the door opened and Stanley barged into the house.

Quinton was in the midst of packing the luggage when he saw Stanley. He assumed that Stanley could have arrived to stop Sean.

He was waiting to take Sean’s ‘second-hand deal’ to transplant it on himself, so he could not allow Stanley to mess things up for him. Hence, he stopped Stanley.

“Just leave. Sean has already made up his mind.”

At that moment, Sean also walked out of his room with his packed luggage. When he saw Stanley, he directly said, “Stan, I know there’s a risk in the operation and I’m already mentally prepared for it. You don’t have to convince me otherwise. I’ve thought it through.”

After making his decision, he had never informed Stanley about it—mainly because he did not know how to broach the topic.

After all, it would take loads of courage for Stanley to watch someone whom he knew for almost three decades becoming a woman.

As Stanley took out a stack of documents from his briefcase, he was panting—most likely because he had run all the way. “I’ve already prepared my passport, visa, and air tickets. I’ll accompany you.”

Sean looked at Stanley in surprise, as it was completely unexpected that he would return for that reason.

After calming his breath, Stanley explained, “How can I let you go alone? It’s such an important thing in your life! Professor Clark, go away. Let me pack some clothes to follow Sean abroad.”

Upon seeing that Stanley was not here to wreck havoc, Quinton cut him some slack. After that, Stanley went into his room and walked around to pack his clothes and a few other belongings.

“How can you not tell me about something huge like this? Do you still treat me as your good buddy? Don’t worry, I’ve already made all the arrangements at work. I’ve also asked Sophia to take care of Maisie for a few days…”

Sean remained silent as he watched Stanley’s busy figure. Suddenly, he turned with a slightly trembling body.

He tried his best to hold back his tears, but they streamed down his cheeks nevertheless. Stanley, why are you so good to me?

In no time, both of them headed to the airport. Stanley also wore a Scottish skirt that day. “See? I’m also wearing a skirt.”

He even proudly held his skirt up while ignoring the disgusted looks from Quinton and the others.

After taking a look at the skirt, Sean responded, “You look handsome. It suits you.”

While they were walking into the airport, an emotional Stanley said, “I know that it has been your dream to be a woman and I understand. Don’t worry, I’m sure everyone else will accept your choice.”

They had known each other since they were very young. At that time, Sean had many playdates at the Fletcher Residence and he wore a skirt every time he visited.

He used to have many beautiful skirts; even more than all the girls combined in the Fletcher Family. On top of that, his skirts and dresses were prettier than theirs.

However, after Sean turned 18, he had never worn a dress since. Even though he was forced to wear male attire and behave like a man, Stanley knew that he wanted to be a woman all the while.

After all these years of watching Sean cutting his hair short and wearing male attire, Stanley had for once worn a dress for his sake.

Meanwhile, Quinton merely became their bodyguard for free as he walked behind them while waiting to collect his ‘second-hand deal’.

With that, the three of them boarded the plane that was headed abroad…

At the same time, the arrangements of Cooper and Anna’s wedding were also being carried out. The couple was finally together after enduring many hardships and tribulations in their life. No one could separate them from now onward—except death.

However, many people still tried to stop the wedding, like the Michel Family.

The last time he had a discussion with the other families, he was being ridiculed by all three of them. On top of that, he did not even receive any benefits. Hence, he decided to estrange himself from the family before he publicly announced that his daughter and granddaughter were leaving the Michel Family as well. After that, Alice also made a public announcement that she was leaving the family to marry a man in Cethos. In fact, she also had plans to start her own business there.

Of course, the Michel Family was furious upon hearing that. Their reputation and dignity for centuries had been challenged. As one of the oldest families in Europe, they could not tolerate Cooper and Alice’s actions at all!

Apart from firing him and everyone else, they even tried to take revenge on his business abroad.

However, he did not seem to be affected by that and he continued to do everything as he saw fit, including getting married whenever he wanted to.

Apart from that, the decision of Cooper and his family was the first throughout history—it was the first time that the head of the Michel Family left publicly. After that, many people followed suit. Even though the historical family possessed the world’s cutting edge technology, they also had the most old-fashioned family rules. As the new era had already arrived, the younger generation no longer accepted the old rules.

After being inspired by him, many people publicly dropped the last name of Michel.

Linus was rather speechless at the Michel Family’s childish attempts to take revenge.

In Northern Europe, at the headquarters of the Michel Family, there was a sinister-looking castle located in the countryside. The Michel Family had lived there for centuries and the scale of what they had developed was rare in the world.

A car drove into the ancient castle like an ant that was about to be swallowed up by the castle.

In the car, Linus solemnly asked Daniel, “How’s everything? How much confidence do you have? If you can lie through this, you and Alice will be alright.”

Linus currently had a Cethos accent and he even thought that it sounded quite elegant.

Daniel, who was next to him, was the most nervous that he had been. Even his hands trembled.

This time around, Linus acted as the middleman to provide a platform for the Grand Elder to speak with Daniel.

The Grand Elder still could not accept that his daughter would leave him just like that. Since she had already made up her mind, they decided to lay their fingers on Daniel and force him to leave her instead.

Daniel finally arrived to face the entire Michel Family alone today.

Of course, it was without a doubt that he was extremely nervous.

“I’ll try my best.”

After all, he was beyond the point of no return.

For him, Alice had resigned from the Michel Family and severed ties with both her parents. She and Casper had been stripped off from their last names. Hence, as a husband and a father, he felt that he should do something.

The car gradually drove into the Michel Family ground.

No one knew what Daniel had told the Michel Family when they were alone.

Regardless of what he did, it was in a matter of a few days before they welcomed Cooper and Alice into the family again and amended the rules that had been there for centuries. From now onward, women were allowed to take their husbands’ last names and they were free to choose the last names of their children.

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