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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1448

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1448

Even before the voice at the other end could say anything, Anna could tell who he was—it was Jordan, the man who had both changed her entire life and caused her years of pain.

Back then, after she dropped out of school, she entered the working society early in her life. She sold cigarettes, fruits, beverages at the train station and she had also worked in restaurants.

At that time, she wanted to work in Bayside City, but her family did not allow her to do so. They wanted to marry her to another man after a few more years. In fact, after she dropped out of school, many people had already asked for her hand in marriage.

Her life had already been arranged—there would be no surprise that she would marry an average man before staying at home to take care of her family after she worked odd jobs in town for a few more years. In the end, her life would pass just like that.

She wanted to fight back, but because she was too young, she was powerless.

However, Jordan’s appearance had changed her entire life.

He had spent some money to take Anna away from the Johnson Family before he brought her to the city to learn alongside him. It was at that time that her world expanded while her abilities were being trained. He even promised her to sponsor her studies abroad if she worked hard for him.

Because Jordan saw her intelligence, he planned to train her to be a completely different person from inside out.

Unexpectedly, not long after Anna’s training began, she was tasked to spy on Sam to keep track of him.

It was Anna’s first task after all. In order to repay Jordan’s kindness and for him to approve of her performance so that he would sponsor her studies while fulfilling her dream to study abroad, she infiltrated Sam’s team and stayed by his side. She devoted all of her passion in the spying job and delivered many information to Jordan at any time he wanted.

It was a rather tough job not to expose herself.

Another girl went there with her as well. Just like Anna, she also came from a poor family. Jordan kept many girls like the both of them beside him. He took them under his wing and trained them to be his s*xual weapon to attack his enemies.

Unexpectedly, while Anna was working alongside Sam, she found another life goal—as one of the restaurant founders, her determination wavered after she saw the business that she built with him flourish. Apart from that, her pay was gradually increasing as well.

She thought that instead of blindly waiting for Jordan’s promise to let her study abroad, she would be better off working hard with Sam. In a short time, she could achieve her dreams through her hard work.

However, Anna also understood why she was there as well.

At that moment, the gentle young man who could play piano appeared. It was because of him that she decided to leave Jordan’s control.

After that, everything spiraled out of control….

In the blink of an eye, the past few decades passed just like that and she found herself reflecting on the past. Do I owe Jordan anything? No, I don’t.

Jordan breathed heavily. The first word he said did not seem to differ from the past. “Annie.”

Anna hummed in response before she continued, “If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up soon.”

Upon hearing her cold words, he chucked sarcastically. “Annie, for the past thirty years, I’ve treated you well enough. Why did you still betray me?”

Her betrayal was actually within his expectations, but up until the very end, he still could not accept it or understand her reasons. After all, I treated her so well. I brought her out from the Johnson Family Village and kept her beside me while teaching her all the new knowledge that she had never come across. I completely changed her life.

Jordan did not even blame Anna for her betrayal. In fact, he forgave her. Unfortunately, in the end, he received news of her passing from amniotic fluid embolism.

It was at that moment when he realized how important she was to him.

He had agonized over her death and even sent people to dig her grave. Unexpectedly, it was there that he met her elder brother, who was about to steal her corpse as well. On top of that, he accidentally discovered that she was actually not dead.

Without holding any grudges for what had happened before, Jordan saved Anna and brought her abroad.

At that time, she had completely gone insane—she had a serious psychiatric problem that made her feel disoriented most of the time. On top of that, she would often hallucinate and scream loudly.

He accompanied her while erasing her memories in an attempt to make her forget the young man who could play the piano. At the same time, he also expunged all the hardships that she endured in the past.

She had returned to a blank state once more and he patiently trained her before providing her with an extraordinary sense of intelligence and courage. He had completely shaped her character.

Over the years, he cared for her with his genuine feelings and personally promoted her until she became the leader of the Yard Group. He shielded her from everything and cleared all the obstacles for her, making her the most envied woman on earth.

Why am I on the receiving end of her betrayal after all that I have done? Jordan could not figure it out. I have countless women in my life. Apart from my first wife who died, the only other woman I ever loved is Anna. I loved her with all my heart, but why did she betray me?

Of course, it was only Jordan’s thoughts from his perspective.

To Anna, she felt that something was wrong with him and she did not even want to utter another word to him.

She knew that he had really treated her well and pampered her a lot throughout those years. Not only did he make her the leader of Yard Group, but he also made her a fashion icon.

However, she still betrayed him.

Anna thought that she owed Jordan a final explanation as a form of gratitude for his help in the past. Think of it as a form of closure.

Then, she explained about everything that happened over the years. “Jordan, do you remember one of your mistresses—Susan Yard, from the branch family of the Yards?”

He was completely quiet as he attentively listened to her.

“Back then, my son was caught by the Yard Family Branch, who wanted to kill him to take revenge on me. Even though I had saved him with your help in the end, what about the mastermind, Susan?”

Jordan remembered that person. Back then, it was true that he found out Susan was the mastermind, but since her apology was sincere and she was an important person in his quest to control the Yard Family, he forgave her. After all, both of them were his women. He thought that the little tricks here and there were purely out of jealousy and she would not dare to kill his child.

At that moment, Anna loudly gritted her teeth. “My son almost fell to his death! Yet a few days later, you were cuddling with the person who intended to kill him! I can’t wait to kill the both of you at that point!”

He remained silent. It’s true that I’ve neglected her at that time. To me, both of them are my women and it was indeed the wrong way of dealing with that incident.

Her voice was full of contempt and callousness. “Jordan, you have countless women and I’m only an ordinary person among them. For me and my kids, we have been at the receiving end of attacks since young. Many people want us dead! However, as a father, where were you? You always had many considerations and many thoughts about your profits and the value of the murderer whom you can exploit. My son and I are the last people on your mind. You don’t deserve our loyalty at all!”

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