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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1445

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1445

Sophia went onstage under the crowd’s scrutiny. She cleared her throat before starting her speech. “Everybody, please have a look. A copy of the conference materials have been placed on each seat at the table. Kindly request for a copy from the server if you do not have one. Now, let’s turn to the first page—this illustrates the concept of high tech luxury goods.”

It was one of the new projects that she had been involved in—the high tech luxury goods. She combined high technology and luxury goods to create a completely new series of products as she wanted to create an entirely new industry. In fact, Anna and Cooper supported her idea.

The Michels and Mitchells are in the technology industry whereas the Yard Family is involved in luxury goods. I need both these families to share their resources to work together for this startup. Today, these families have shown up, so I’m taking the chance to talk about my project here. I already had this concept in mind for a very long time. High technology is able to provide a profound meaning to luxury goods whereas fashion can become mysterious with the addition of technology. These two complement each other and both serve as a contrast for one another. Besides, I have the resources too. If I truly want to do it, I’m sure that I’d achieve great results.

The crowd was obviously annoyed, but everybody wanted to give Sophia the benefit of the doubt. Hence, they tried their best to peruse the documents. The concept of combining technology and fashion seems promising. To be fair, her proposal looks well written too. Besides, she has a detailed PowerPoint Presentation. However, how sure are we that she’d be able to smoothly accomplish this?

After allowing the crowd to read her proposal, Sophia had a detailed discussion with them for some time. Without even realizing it, an hour had swiftly passed.

She had always been working on her own businesses because she never inherited any family enterprises. Despite being in charge of the Cethos region of Ronney Group, she had been doing her thing. In fact, she was merely borrowing their brand. It was most probably her first time having a work-related discussion with members of the different families.

Her wit and eloquence succeeded in attracting everybody’s attention. Therefore, the crowd had high hopes for her project. True enough—she definitely resembles her father.

It was especially true for the Michels and Yards because they did not know Sophia well. They were only aware that she was the main agent in Cethos for the Dragon Eye mobile phones and it had achieved great results.

Nevertheless, Sophia was about to experiment with an entirely new field, so most of her thoughts were immature. Many seniors among the crowd provided her with timely advice and constructive suggestions. She earnestly recorded everything because she knew that those were valuable experiences.

The atmosphere was intense because everybody was engrossed in a heated discussion regarding her new project.

As the discussion progressed, they almost forgot about the main issue for the day.

It was not until a content Sophia placed the microphone down and walked away with a notebook full of useful pointers that the audience recalled today’s main agenda.

The atmosphere instantly turned somber again.

The Grand Elder of the Michel Family slammed the table while abruptly standing up this time. “I don’t care what everybody says today! We will never allow a member of the Michels to wander about in destitution!”

The rest of the three families started to retort in response to his words.

Currently, it almost seemed like the Fletchers, the Yards and the Mitchells had joined forces to rebel against the Michels.

They clearly lack values! The three families are merely competing for the naming rights of Sophia’s unborn children whereas the Michels are forcing her entire family to change their last names! They are greedy, domineering and shameless!

Daniel felt as though he was losing control of the event he hosted. Hence, he turned to Alice, who had remained silent, while she was seated with the Michel Family. After that, he hissed through gritted teeth, “Next is another theatrical performance.”

The adorable Carmen came onstage and she performed a piece, which finally significantly lightened the atmosphere.

She truly brought joy to the crowd.

Carmen was delighted too because she enjoyed performing more than anything else. It was especially true since there were many people in attendance today. It was a large audience, and Sophia promised to pay her an appearance fee.

Daniel took the chance to walk down from the stage to approach Cooper, Anna and the family. He complained with worry, “I can’t keep things under control much longer!” The Michel Family is too forceful. It feels like there’s no room for discussion!

Cooper kept quiet while he focused on Carmen’s performance. However, in reality, he had been observing the reactions of all the families.

There are no arguments about my marriage with Anna. After all, it’s the union of two strong parties. The most intense argument is the last name of Sophia’s twins—the families seem adamant on that issue. Next, it’s the matter of the change of family names for Sophia, Michael and Anna. The Michels seem dead set about that too. In all honesty, the true issue stems from the Michel Family because they are more powerful after all. Therefore, they have been aggressive while insisting on having their way. I know that we have to give them an answer today. It is obvious that the Michel Family is set on getting their hands on Sophia and Carmen. On the other hand, Sophia was interacting with the members of the Michel Family while jotting down notes in her small notebook. They seemed to have slightly learned more about her, but they were in a hurry to include her into their genealogy record book. Carmen is extremely popular too.

“Coop.” Anna suddenly interrupted Cooper from his train of thoughts. Her lightly wrinkled hand softly held onto his paw, just like thirty years ago when they were still youths and everything had not changed. What changed instead was their identities.

Thirty years ago, she was a daydreaming server whereas he was a protected, genius little master of the Mitchell Family. Nothing seemed possible between the two of them because their statuses were vastly different.

However, at that moment in time, she was the director of Ronney Group while Cooper was a director of Mitchell Group. Hence, they both had the suitable background for each other and could finally be officially together.

Later in life, despite losing my memories, I still harbored a subconscious idea because I knew that I had to move forward no matter what happened. I might have lost my memories, but the past had affected me the most. I couldn’t be with the person I love due to my background. I am also well aware of the difference between Cooper and myself. Hence, I wanted to make up for it. I’ve been working hard to achieve my goals despite my amnesia and finally achieved that today. I’ve jumped through so many hoops and overcome challenges; so, this is just a small matter for me.

Carmen’s performance ended a short while later. Nevertheless, she felt that she was not done with the performance, so she refused to leave. Instead, she insisted on singing for the audience. After her song, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. Finally, she walked down the stage while looking pleased with herself.

The crowd seemed especially pleased and joyous while watching her performance. However, once the performance ended, they returned to their stoic expression.

Linus walked onto the stage after her performance. He shared about a major project known as the Remote Mountains Health Cryopreservation, which he collaborated with Sophia and Daniel. On top of that, he took the chance to advertise the project and even managed to attract lots of resources and investments.

Carmen was unhappy about that; she insisted on talking about her future development plans for her online shop onstage. As a result, everybody was forced to give her twenty minutes to freely voice her thoughts.

Cooper had already made a decision a long time ago for the forum today. He was now merely giving Sophia the platform to gain more connections. These families are huge, so they have many people, businesses and resources. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to gather everybody under one roof. Hence, now is the best time to integrate and share the resources.

Soon, two to three hours had passed, which meant that it was dinnertime. It was time to get down to business after the advertisements.

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