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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1444

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1444

Well, the Johnsons… The group of elders, who only had a handful of chances of leaving the village, was queuing up for fruits and snacks. They were watching the city people fighting in front of the queue.

It was undeniable that they did not have the right to say anything at the gathering. Therefore, they did not have the courage to be involved in competing for the naming right. After all, they were merely Anna and Sophia’s adoptive family. The meeting, which resembled more like a conference for the fight of last names, was about to commence.

The families were already loudly arguing before the meeting could even start. They all had their reasons and excuses. Thanks to their family backgrounds, none of them were willing to take a step back, especially when it came to the naming rights. They seemed ready to fight to their deaths for that. Meanwhile, some were just there to watch the fun, such as Harry, Stanley and Quinton. They were busy watching the events unfold before their eyes.

Anna, Callum, Cooper and Linus were also present while Sophia and Michael were busy running around to arrange everything. They were worried that the atmosphere could become intense to the point where the different families would start a brawl.

On the other hand, Carmen led her partners to peddle sweets and accessories below the stage. She also took the opportunity to hand out flyers for Sophia’s Remote Mountains Health Club Project and Cryopreservation Project.

Soon, the auspicious time had arrived. There was a stage in the conference room, so Sophia picked up the microphone. She then gently cleared her throat before announcing, “‘The Cethosian-Western European Last Name Culture Forum’ is about to commence. Let’s put our hands together for the renowned Metaphysics Grandmaster, Master Levine!”

The crowd below were at a loss for words when they heard that. Wasn’t this supposed to be a clash of power and strength? I thought that we might be risking our lives if a fight breaks out. Isn’t that why those who are here to watch have to prepare their own bulletproof vest? Why is the atmosphere completely different from what we expected?

Stanley loosened the bulletproof vest that he wore before removing his explosion-proof helmet from his head. He earnestly continued watching the progress.

Daniel walked up onto the stage under the scrutiny of the crowd. I didn’t want to show up! However, Michael claimed that if I were to fail to handle this situation, he would send over Judge and both generations of its litter of puppies to my place for a summer vacation!

Once he walked up onto the stage, he saw Alice who was among the Michels and Casper seated beside her. I have to be here today.

After calming down, Daniel passionately started his speech, “Greetings, everybody. My name is Daniel Levine and it bears the meaning of soaring aspirations. It is my honor to host this forum on this fine day. Before the forum begins, let’s start the ball rolling by watching a theatrical performance!”

The audience’s expression gradually turned cold and distant. The regular army from the Fletcher Family, the mercenary from the Yard Family, the hackers from the Mitchell Family and the nuclear bombs from the Michel Family were all ready for action, so who could possibly be interested in watching the theatrical performance?

It is time for the theatrical performance! Carmen hastily tossed her merchandise basket aside before climbing up the stage. When the lights were switched on again, she was already striking a pose. The music started playing and she started her hip-hop dance routine. I must have a solo performance during such an event!

After watching her dance, the elders’ initially cold expressions slowly turned into a smile. She is such an angel! Hang on, we have to appear more warm and friendly later. We must not scare the child away.

After the theatrical performance, the atmosphere significantly lightened. Once Carmen walked down the stage, Daniel went up again to continue hosting the event.

“Be it Cethos or the Western Countries, we all have our own unique and long history of surname cultures. Today, the Michels from Europe together with the Yards as well as the Fletchers and Mitchells are gathered here. Everybody is here for the selection of last names of Miss Sophia Edwards and her kid, Carmen Fletcher. Now, I’d like to invite everyone to voice their opinions. Let’s start by inviting the representative from the Michel Family who has come a long way!”

Brilliant! After beating around the bush for the whole day, we have finally entered the main topic! The audience held their breath in anticipation.

The atmosphere was somber when the elder from Michel Group, who was Linus’ adoptive father and Alice’s biological father, went up to the stage. He was there as a representative from the Michel Family today to voice his opinion.

He was also the Grand Elder of the Michel Family, so he had an abundance of networks within the group. Before Cooper’s return, he was the recognized family head within the Michel Family and the candidate for the director position. Unfortunately, with Fass’ sudden return all those years ago, the Michel Group was steered in a completely different direction by him. Fass did everything he could to turn the tides and he became the family head and group director, causing Linus’ adoptive father to be pushed to second place in the end.

Later, he retired from the group while his biological daughter, Alice, and his adoptive son, Linus, continued to hold important positions within the group. Hence, his status within the Michel Family remained unaffected.

A majority of the members within the Michels’ Family Elders Council overlapped with the company’s board of directors—they were often more forceful, domineering and intense as well. After all, they possessed nuclear weapons.

The elder took a forceful stance once he started speaking. In fact, he seemed adamant about his claims. “The Michel Family has been standing tall in society for centuries, so we have a long history. It is only natural to adopt our family name if one were to join our family. Furthermore, members of the Michel Family are not allowed to marry outsiders. If one were to marry out of the family, it means that they’ve abandoned our family name. Therefore, they will have to sever ties with the Michels. We are the glorious Michel Family! We cannot allow our last name and bloodline to be stranded in destitution! This means that both Lucile and Gianna have to return to the family and they have to change their family names to Michel. As for Mr. Murray and Madam Anna, they have both successfully joined the Michel Family via marriage. Hence, they have to change their last names too.”

The Michel Family had possessed such an intense aura that it made them look extremely aggressive. Nevertheless, the Yards were scornful whereas the Mitchells were staring daggers at them in return. The Fletcher Family was furious, but the Johnson family was oblivious to the events unfolding before them as they thought, What are the d*mn foreigners talking about?

Daniel was shocked by the intensity that the Michel Family radiated and he thought, No wonder such a spirited person, such as Alice, didn’t have the courage to fight for me. After that, he pushed himself to continue hosting the event. “Next, let’s invite the Yard Family’s representative from North America.”

The Yards’ representative walked onto the stage to deliver his speech. He mentioned the glorious days from when the Yard Family possessed imperial power until the current business empire they have today. In the end, he emphasized, “The Yard Family is an imperial family, so every family member shares the unlimited glory. This is also the reason why we can never allow a Yard to be left out alone. A descendant of the family has to bear the last name of Yard! We aren’t forcing the generation of Sophia and Linus, but one of Sophia’s unborn children has to bear the Yard Family name.”

The Mitchells cried out, “Sophia and Linus have already given up the Mitchell Family name. Therefore, the next generation has to carry the Mitchell family name!”

The Fletchers yelled, “Are you trying to get a member of our family to change his last name? Talk to the hand!”

At this moment, the Johnsons tried to make amends and soothe the growing tension. “Please do not be angry. Everyone should try to calm down since peace is to be valued!”

The atmosphere was finally moving forward in an expected direction—everything was intense and it felt that sparks would start to fly in all directions soon. Stanley hastily wore his explosion-proof helmet while tightening his bulletproof vest as well.

A sheen of cold sweat formed across Daniel’s forehead. He tried to brush it off by chuckling awkwardly. “The world is such a huge place; there is constantly a variety of extraordinary things happening. In fact, there are all sorts of different traditions and practices everywhere in the world. Hence, it is only natural to have conflicts at times. Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down. Next, it’s time for an advertisement. Let’s invite Miss Sophia Edwards to share more about her new project! Let’s give her a round of applause!”

The audience was dumbfounded. Why are they showing an advert as usual under extraordinary circumstances?

The sudden change of segments was especially obvious among the family members, who looked utterly bewildered. We are here to talk business! Why are they taking full advantage by advertising about an investment?!

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