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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1443

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1443

As she exited the car, she followed the route that she recalled from memory. After crossing the road and heading up the small slope, there used to be a muddy passage in the past, but it has now been developed into two large highways.

It happened to be a weekend when Anna arrived at the village. Hence, there was quite a crowd in the village and she bumped into many familiar faces.

“Frankie Johnson! Sammy Johnson! Leslie Johnson!”

She yelled their names—all three of them were her childhood friends and although they were much older now, she immediately recognized them.

A few middle-aged figures, who were in their late forties to early fifties, turned when they heard her voice. They stared at her in confusion while giving her a once-over.

They did not recognize her, but they remembered Cooper and his family.

The villagers were utterly disappointed with the fact that he was about to remarry. Despite Anna’s death many years ago, he was still emotionally invested in the village—he established a factory and repaired its subway, which showed how devoted he was. Upon learning about his wedding, the village sent two representatives to deliver an expensive gift to him.

The villagers would be attending the wedding since Sophia was getting married to Michael. They were growing suspicious since they had witnessed Cooper entering the village with a strange woman who seemed to recognize the villagers.

“You are—” They were giving Anna a once-over. Although she was modestly dressed, she had an extraordinary elegance and temperament. Hence, it was obvious that the village was not her hometown.

Anna exclaimed in delight, “I am Anna—Annabel Johnson!”

“Anna!?” The crowd carefully regarded her again while they gazed at her in disbelief.

After she announced her identity, everybody seemed to look at her with a set of fresh eyes. The villagers seemed to gradually connect the woman in front of them with the pretty and mischievous young lady they remembered in their memories.

“It’s Anna! Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Annabel did not die! She is back!

The entire Johnson Family Village was in shock. Anna’s peers were able to recognize her, but the younger generation did not. However, those from the older generation remembered her well.

Once upon a time, she used to be the prettiest and most mischievous young woman in the village and its vicinity! Once the news of her dropping out of junior middle school was leaked out, many families came knocking on her door to ask for her hand in marriage. In fact, people from tens of miles outside the village hired matchmakers to propose to her. Unfortunately, her father was muddleheaded. In fact, her entire family was muddled.

Now that she had returned to the village, everybody rushed out to have a look at her. They realized that it was indeed Anna when they laid their eyes on her.

Despite leaving the village for decades, she felt as though she had only left yesterday. Most of the names of her peers were still fresh in her mind.

Upon entering the Johnson Family’s ancestral hall, members of the older generation came forward to meet her.

“Grandpa? Are you still alive? Uncle, it’s me, Anna!” Although Anna’s adoptive parents had passed away, she still had other surviving relatives. Their family was destitute when she was young. Hence, she would search the village for food when she did not have anything to eat at home.

After she left, Sophia followed in her footsteps. Sophia would ask for food from other families when her aunt refused to feed her. Hence, she grew up on meals that were provided by the occupants of the village.

The villagers would gossip about them once in a while, but whenever they prepared delicious food at home, they would still invite both mother and daughter to enjoy the feast together if those two were to show up.

Therefore, both mother and daughter harbored profound sentiment for the village.

Everybody was both shocked and pleased to see that Anna was still alive. It was only then that they learned she was Anna, Cooper’s bride-to-be. Mr. Cooper is still the same person as before!

After putting the things down, Michael distributed wedding invitations and health supplements for the older villagers. Not only that; he even handed some presents and red packets for the young ones. There were a few cars filled with gifts.

The villagers had never met such a generous man.

After meeting the older generation in the village, she happily returned to her previous home. Fortunately, the villagers maintained the house she used to live in, which was why it was well preserved. It seemed like it was waiting for her return.

A cob wall surrounded the courtyard and the weeds had been removed and cleaned up. The persimmon tree stood tall in the courtyard, whereas the hearth where Anna used to sleep in her room, had also been tidied up. Nothing has changed!

The whole family then took a group photo underneath the persimmon tree which withstood the test of time. However, the only difference this time was the addition of Callum and they did not need to Photoshop Anna’s picture on it anymore.

However, it was a shame that Cade was missing, so they could only duplicate Callum to pretend that he was his brother.

Once Cooper thought about his son, who was in cryogenic sleep, there was a stab in his heart.

The whole family was on the go for the whole day, but they enjoyed spending their weekend at the Johnson Family Village. They also accompanied Anna to search for her family’s tomb.

Since both Sophia and Anna were getting married at the same time, they needed members of the older generation to be present for such an important event. Hence, Anna invited a few elderlies from the Johnson Family Village to the city to stay in the hotel as matters involving the wedding needed to be discussed.

The hotel was in a state of chaos as a result.

The Michel and Yard Families were both trying to have a say in Cooper’s marriage, whereas the Fletchers and the Mitchells were adamant about the issue of changing family names. The arrival of the elderlies from the Johnson Family Village drastically changed the atmosphere too.

In the end, they selected an auspicious date to formally inform the elderlies about the wedding between Cooper and Anna as well as her daughter, Sophia, and Michael.

Today, they booked the largest conference room in the hotel. Members from different families gathered together to get ready to have a proper showdown.

The first to arrive onsite was the ferocious Michel Family, whose members were all clad in black uniforms as they strode ahead in a unified manner. Their family emblem was a dragon, resulting in its ferocious aura shrouding over the entire venue with their arrival. The Yards appeared in a forceful manner too and they were all dressed in ivory-colored uniforms. Their family crest was the same one from the Yard Dynasty and it also represented the Ronney Group’s logo. They brought about gold and precious jades with their arrival and it seemed like there was an infinite sense of imperial graciousness. Furthermore, the atmosphere was solemn, as if they were heading to court.

The Fletcher Family had also arrived, but they were all clad in army-green casual clothes. They also had a powerful aura since they were from the army, after all. They sat while maintaining a straight back with Joel leading the group. He wore a somber expression while he remained seated. I heard those bl*ody Michels expect Michael to marry into the family as a live-in son-in-law. Besides, they even expect him and Carmen to change their last names. Otherwise, it seems that they would disapprove of his marriage to Sophia. As the family head and Michael’s friend, I have to support Michael with all that I have. Furthermore, Michael’s father, Theo, is here too.

The Mitchell Family’s council of elders were present too and it consisted of males and females, but they all held a grudge. Today, we have to fight for our rights! We do not have the courage to interfere with the marriage between Sophia and Michael or Anna and Cooper. Nevertheless, we have to fight for the naming rights of the twins in Sophia’s womb!

In fact, the Yards, the Mitchells, the Fletchers and the Michels all eyed the naming rights of the twins with hunger in their gaze.

The Yards believed that the twins were legitimate royals; since the direct descendants of the Yards were few and scarce, they had to fight for the naming right of their next generation since Sophia and her brother did not adopt the family name. We have to make sure that the twins are Yards!

On the other hand, the Mitchells figured that the children would be a part of the Mitchell Family. Since Sophia and Linus did not assume the Mitchell Family name either, her children must bear the last name of Mitchell.

The Fletchers figured that according to the Cethosian culture, it was only natural for children to take after their father’s name. The twins have to be Fletchers!

The Michel Family agreed that everyone—be it Gianna, the unborn twins, Sophia, Michael, or even Anna—should all assume the last name of Michel!

The Yards, the Mitchells and the Fletchers all shared the same thought, Why are you guys so greedy?

The Johnsons finally arrived and figured, We are honored to make your acquaintance, big bosses.

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