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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1441

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1441

In the end, Carmen wrote a letter of guarantee to promise that she would never shave the Imperial cats’ fur again. A few of her pillows were confiscated as a fine, which finally concluded this case.

As her online shop gradually expanded, the orders began to pour in at such a rate that she did not have enough raw materials to use. Otherwise, she would not have had the courage to scalpe the fur of those Imperial cats.

Today, Sophia brought her to the pet shop and cat cafe that she opened in partnership with Sarah. After they signed a series of joint venture agreements, Carmen became the contractor to collect all the animal fur from the pet shop and cat cafe with immediate effect.

She even summoned courage to personally contact a few pet shops on her own accord to sign a series of joint venture agreements with them.

However, when it was time to discuss business, the meeting table was towering above her. Because she was not tall, she specially removed her shoes and stepped on the chair so that she could forcefully address her business partner at eye level.

After the meeting was successful, Carmen cheerfully returned home with heavy stacks of contracts in her bag. As soon as she jumped out of the car after arriving home, Sophia, who accompanied her to the business meetings, cautiously alighted as her belly was swollen like a pair of fruits that would soon be ripened.

Anna had already regained all of her memory, but Sophia still could not remember even the slightest bit of her past or the feeling when she gave birth to Carmem. Now, she could finally relive that experience again.

Michael was at home today, so he quickly came out to welcome his beloved wife.

While holding her stomach and resting her hands on her back, Sophia returned home like a high-ranking official visiting the countryside as Michael carried her bag and shoes.

Recently in Bayside City of Cethos, the JNS Fashion Group had officially merged with the Ronney Group with Sophia being in charge of the branch in Cethos. As expected, she was more interested in the fashion industry, so she simply followed in her mother’s footsteps to start her career.

Anna also provided her with the resources and manpower to kickstart her own career.

Even if Sophia was now pregnant, she could not give her career up, which resulted in her being busy with her work on a daily basis.

Then, Cooper and Bailey exited from Villa No.1.

Bailey had arrived to discuss business with Anna while congratulating her for moving to a new house.

When he exited the house, he immediately saw Carmen with her family. Sophia is alive and she is now having her second child. The whole family seems to be as happy as ever. This is great…

Carmen enthusiastically invited, “Mr. Bailey, please come and have dinner with us. Daddy said that we are having some delicious food tonight!”

Sophia was also enthusiastic. “Bailey, you should come. We can eat while having a chat! I have a project that I want you to participate in as well!”

However, Michael was the only one who reverted to his cold expression after being subservient to her earlier. This old man will never eat a grain of rice from my house!

Yet, Bailey completely ignored his junior’s fierce eyes as he followed Cooper into Sophia’s home.

Today, Carmen had gone out alone to discuss business with other shops and she succeeded in doing so. As news about it spread, everyone guessed that their family would definitely have a celebration, so they quickly came over to have a free meal.

“Great-uncle Michael, we’re here again!”

Maisie eagerly walked in with Stanely and Sean behind her.

Recently, Sean started to wear women’s clothing to work every day and he even wore a long black wig on his head, which made him look like a delicate lady.

Everyone was now trying hard to adjust themselves to Sean’s new look—except for Stanley, who felt nothing. Besides, no matter how he looks, he’ll always be Sean in my eyes.

Quinton also returned from work at Bayside University. After he successfully dismantled the bomb, Michael had awarded him with a ‘Birdie Inspiration Award’ as an encouragement. Cooper had also awarded Quinton with a ‘Humanity Hope Fund’. In addition to the fact that he was promoted to the position of Bayside University’s professor after resigning from Bailey’s company, he finally had enough money to search for his next ‘birdie’.

The adults gathered together to have a chat while the children also congregated to talk with each other.

As Poppy glanced at Bailey, she continuously gave him the cold shoulder. “Take a look at that old man. He doesn’t even pet the cat when it walks past him. My daddy said that those who don’t touch an adorable cat when it passes them must be a cold-blooded person. If you divorce him in the future, he’ll definitely sue you until there’s nothing left for you!”

Maisie was shocked. “Poppy, why do you know so many things that little babies don’t understand?”

Meanwhile, Audrey spoke in an adorable way, “I still think Nate is the best!”

However, Carmen remained silent as she continued to observe Bailey in secret.

During dinner, Cooper realized that his family was almost reunited, except for Cade. That poor child…

The moment he thought about Cade, his expression became gloomy, but luckily, there was a happy event around the corner to cheer him up.

After they had all finished dinner, Sophia took out a big, red invitation card for Bailey. “The third day of next month is a great day for me to remarry. You must come.”


On the sidelines, Callum reminded, “Sophia, you are restoring your marriage!”

She replied, “It’s the same meaning. Besides, I’m scamming other people’s money. Bailey, you must come.”

Bailey accepted the invitation and he realized that it was an invitation to Sophia and Michael’s grand wedding that they were holding in Bayside City.

According to Sophia and Michael’s requirements, they wanted the wedding to be grand, extravagant and earth-shattering, which would then dominate the headlines for several days.

Not only had they planned to invite the noble families of Bayside City and Western Europe, but they also intended to invite celebrities, politicians, collaborators from every industry!

They wanted to inform the whole world that they were getting married with another child on its way!

Even though it was a remarriage, they wanted it to be an extravagant one!

Bailey then received the invitation and replied, “I definitely will.”

After dinner, he discussed business with them before leaving with the invitation card. Everyone else who came for the free meal also took the chance to grab an invitation card before they left.

All of the names on the invitation cards were handwritten by both Louis and Michael themselves.

This is worth a lot!

When Louis received the compliment, he felt elated, so he continued working hard to finish writing all of the invitation cards in a matter of a few days.

After completing all of Sophia and Michael’s invitation cards, Louis still could not relax because Cooper and Anna had also sent a design sample of theirs to him for an examination.

Cooper and Anna were getting married too!

After being apart for 20 to 30 years, they were now finally getting together.

Now, they already had four children and three grandchildren, but they still did not have a legal certificate to prove it. Therefore, they chose a perfect day to head to the civil affairs bureau with Sophia and Michael to claim their marriage certificate. At the same time, Sophia had converted her divorce certificate into a marriage certificate.

Once Sophia and Michael’s marriage was done, Cooper and Anna planned to follow up with another grand wedding to announce their union to the whole world.

However, two weddings in a row would cause the family’s nerves to be at an all-time high because they needed to continuously worry about two things at once. That would not be good for the pregnant Sophia. In the end, Cooper made a wise decision to hold both weddings concurrently!

That was the reason why everyone came again to claim their invites while having another free meal.

Soon after, news about the grand wedding spread from Bayside City to Europe and America, which shocked the entire world.

The Michel Family also received news about the wedding. As for the matter of changing last names, they needed to provide an explanation…

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