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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1439

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1439

When Anna closed her eyes, she seemed to witness that strange scene all over again.

“Anna, you need to push harder! I can already see the head. You need to try harder for the child to come out!”

Inside the simple delivery room, Anna, who was known as Annabel, was lying on the operation table while she used all of her strength to force a mass of warm flesh out of her body.

The mass of warm flesh seemed to be tearing her body apart, causing her immense pain. As she took large gulps of air like a dying fish, she could not help but wish to die at every minute of the experience, but she had to live. My child isn’t born yet. Even if I have to die, I must first deliver the child so that I can give it away to a better family.

She had already met the Moore couple who were both working in a university. The two of them loved children, so she knew that they would definitely treat her child well. If the child is given to their family, he will live a better life and be able to attend university in the future!

Anna was even willing to give them the hundreds of thousands that Woody gave her so that they would treat the child well in the future—it was the last thing she could do for the couple.

Amidst the cries, the child was born. As the nurse held the child to allow Anna to have a look, she exclaimed, “Ah… Oh my! I-It’s a boy, but… his eyes are blue!”

Anna had used all her strength to glance at the child and realized that his eyes were indeed blue. However, she had no time to wonder why the child’s eyes were blue. All she knew was that he was both her and Cooper’s child.

After a quick glance at her son, she retracted her eyes and tried to give birth to her other child.

Ever since she felt the movement of the fetus, she came to the small clinic where she suffered for an entire day. Her family had already returned home to have a meal and rest, so she must quickly deliver her children before they sent them away. At that moment, the Moore couple were on their way and they would immigrate once they received the children.

Anna knew what would happen to her babies if they remained with their biological family.

The Johnson Family always thought that the children belonged to Joe, but that was not the case.

There was another girl who came to the Edwards Family with Anna and the former always wanted to bed him to attain a higher status. However, he only had eyes on Anna and not the girl.

Anna knew that Joe coveted her and she wanted to head home, but sadly, she could not do so. Not only would Jordan look for her if she returned home, her father and brothers would not allow her to do so because they hoped that she could make more money for them from outside.

However, Anna did not want to be defiled by a fat man, so made an agreement with the vain girl. Everytime Joe entered her room, she would switch off the lights and when he came up to her, she would hold back her disgust and pretend to obey him. Then, Anna would quietly allow the girl hiding under the bed to crawl up while she herself hid under the bed.

By doing so, the girl would succeed in bearing his child while Anna was able to preserve herself.

However, Anna could not sleep due to the fear she experienced day and night on a daily basis.

In her dreams, she would always imagine that fat man above her, but sometimes, she would see the young man who could play the piano—Cooper, who left her forever after knowing the truth. My life is full of torture and tribulations.

At one point, Anna even hallucinated and wondered if she had managed to escape to the bottom of the bed. She was even unsure whether she had been defiled by Joe because her sleepless nights and dreams left her questioning whether her life was real or fake.

In the end, she suffered from a serious mental disease, which caused her to be extremely fearful of men. For a long time, she could not even bring herself to be in contact with any man.

All she wanted was to return to that moment in the restaurant, where the two of them started a business together and it was picking up. Soon, she would be able to save enough money to even buy a house in Bayside City, which would mean that her life would be completely different than before.

However, she also understood the reason why she was at that place. Jordan had asked her to come so that she could keep a close eye on Andrea’s startup business. However, she was also smart enough to know that he wanted her to seduce Andrea.

Yet, Anna found her own goal in life with the establishment of that restaurant. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have listened to Jordan in the first place, but I thought that he could give me a new life if I follow him.

When Jordan took her out from Riverdale, he had promised a better life for her, so she worked hard for him, but unexpectedly… he was merely a big liar all along!

“Anna, don’t worry. I’ve already sent the child over to them, but there’s still one more. So, you quickly need to push harder,” the nurse whispered to Anna’s ear.

In the end, she had used all of her strength to deliver her second child, who was a girl.

After giving birth to both children, Anna’s body felt empty inside, as if the delivery had drained her of her strength and life force. Then, she used her remaining strength to touch her daughter. This is my daughter. My Sophia—Sophia Edwards!

As Anna grabbed her baby’s tiny hand, she felt the joy of motherhood that she never felt before. Suddenly, everything turned black and she did not know what happened afterward…

When she regained consciousness, she was at another hospital with Jordan’s men guarding her. She did not know what had happened to her; all she knew was that she had lost her uterus.

However, she was still thinking about her child, so she continued to ask, but sadly, no one would answer her.

After that, Jordan took her abroad and she met a person called Leon. At the same time, she learned that she had another name—Anna Yard.

In the end, Leon promised to conduct a uterus transplant on her!

At that moment, those series of messy images were finally connected to form a complete timeline. Now, all of her past was clear to her, as if everything had happened yesterday.

As Anna hugged Sophia, she remembered that day when she strenuously stretched her hand to grab the newly born child’s hand.

After that, there was a 20 year separation.

“My daughter.” Tears rolled down Anna’s face while she tightly held her daughter. “My daughter…”

Finally, she remembered everything, but she never expected it to happen in that scenario.

Back then, when she suffered from a sudden amniotic fluid embolism, she was quickly transferred to a hospital, but her own daughter was not successfully transferred to another family and was instead left to suffer in the Johnson Family.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…” Anna repeated. “My poor daughter, it’s all my fault that I couldn’t protect you. It’s all my fault…”

When Sophia was first born, Anna did not get a chance to see her because she passed out afterward. Upon seeing her daughter again with a tear-stained face, she felt even more resigned.


Suddenly, Sophia finally yelled the word that she had been looking forward to saying for a long time without feeling shy. When she was a kid, she always always wished that she could have a mother, and even up to that point, she still wished to have one!

As Anna hugged Sophia, she glanced at Linus. He looks exactly the same as when I first saw him as a baby. My son is an adult now. It means that my choice at that time was right. The Moore couple had successfully adopted Linus and moved abroad with him to live a happy life. However, in the end, he still met his father although he didn’t know who the latter was. “Son!”

When he saw Anna, he also ran over in tears and hugged the two of them.

Their family… was almost reunited, save for Cade.

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