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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1438

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1438

Everyone respected Sophia’s choice because it was currently the best one they had.

Justin and Linus had already tested their idea of defusing the bomb, but there was still one uncertainty left, which was that the bomb was deeply planted inside Sophia’s body, so they needed to remove the bomb first through surgical operation before damaging its internal structure. That way, the bomb wouldn’t be activated, and they would be able to dismantle it. However, this was an extremely dangerous surgery that required a surgeon with high levels of technical skill.

If anything went wrong… the consequence would be devastating.

In the end, Sophia still chose this path because she didn’t want to be used by Jordan to threaten Cooper, and she also refused to hide away forever.

It really feels uncomfortable to have a bomb in my body, as if I’m going to explode in any second. I don’t even dare to flip my body when I sleep or breathe too hard. We must carry out this surgery as fast as possible.

Soon after, Justin and Linus prepared everything needed for the surgery, and the operation site was set in the cottage that they were living in. They also set a parameter with a radius of 10 kilometers around the house to ensure no one was near because they were afraid Jordan’s men might infiltrate the house during the operation.

Not only that, they didn’t want to involve innocent civilians if any accidents occurred.

The operation required at least two people, with one in charge of defusing the bomb while the other carried out the surgery.

Not only that, both of them must be highly specialized in their skills; otherwise, it might cause an infection or a hemorrhage. In that case, even if the bomb did not kill Sophia, she might die later on due to the failure of the surgery. Therefore, the person dismantling the bomb must have a detailed understanding of the bomb, while the person performing the operation must be proficient in surgery.

Also, this was a risky procedure.

If something went wrong, and the bomb was detonated, not only would Sophia die—the people performing the operation and dismantling the bomb would die along with her.

Hence, only two people were allowed in the house to minimize the risk. Other than that, they were given the assistance of the two robots, Nicholas and Shae.

Justin volunteered himself to perform the dangerous task. “Let me do it. Not only am I proficient in surgery and bomb disposal, I’ve also studied this bomb for a long time, so I’m most certain that I can handle this task. Along with the assistance of the robots, I can finish this operation alone.”

The moment he volunteered himself, he had already considered all outcomes.

I have already lived a fulfilling life—my son is all grown up, and Celine is now healthy, while my daughter has people who love her. Even if I’m gone, the Mitchell and Fletcher Family will treat the three of them well. There will be no regrets if I die now.

At the moment, Michael, who was standing aside, had no right to intervene. He wasn’t proficient in either bomb disposal or surgical operation, so even if he was determined to do it himself, he would only cause more harm to her.

Upon seeing Justin volunteering himself, Linus couldn’t stand aside and watch. “Let me dismantle the bomb. I invented it, so I’m most familiar with it. It’ll be much easier for us to succeed if I’m the one who diffuses it.”

After that, he looked toward Cooper, as if he was seeking his approval.

Naturally, Cooper knew the consequences of sending in Linus.

I may lose both my son and daughter within a day.

However, he saw the determination in Linus’ eyes.

He must go because he is the most suitable person to do it. If he doesn’t, he will live the rest of his life in guilt. Once again, he almost killed his own sister. This dark past of his shall follow him forever, taking away all his happiness.

Cooper’s eyes flickered with light as he finally agreed in the end.

Suddenly, the always silent Quinton spoke out. “Let me perform the operation.”

The moment he came out, he was immediately refuted by Justin, who never liked him. “I don’t trust you, so I won’t hand Sophia’s life over to you.”

Quinton snorted, as if he was underestimating him. “I have a doctoral degree in surgical operation. What do you have?”


Justin was exposed by him for not having any academic qualifications, but he could only glare at him viciously without having anything to back him up.

Quinton took out the equipment that he had already prepared and put on a white coat. As he put on his gloves and mask, he refused to look at Justin again.

At the moment, Justin was staring at him while gritting his teeth, but internally, his emotions were extremely complicated.

Everyone knew that this might lead to their death.

Finally, Justin tacitly agreed for Quinton to take his place as surgeon because he once had the same bomb in his body before, so he was more experienced and more specialized than the self-taught Justin.

Not only that, this matter should indeed be left to him.

He and Linus must be the ones to do it.

It was them who had indirectly placed the bomb inside Sophia, so they should be the one to take it out.

As for Quinton, his life had already come to an end, and every extra day he got to live was already a gift. He had killed too many people before, so he deserved to die due to his bloody past.

On the other hand, Justin had a better life waiting for him. Not only did Celine need him, he also had two other children, who couldn’t live without their father.

That was why it must be Quinton to execute it.

I feel that this is a chance given by God to redeem myself. I won’t let Sophia die!

Everyone gathered at the small wooden house where Sophia had been living in for a month. In the farmland outside, the snow had already melted completely, and the lush greens were starting to grow. Once more, the land was covered by vegetation as the whole world seemed to be alive again.

While Linus and Quinton went through the main points of the operation later on, Cooper could not help but give his daughter a hug.

This hug could be our farewell.

That year, he hugged her the same way as now, and during that time, she was as light as a weightless kitten who might die at any second.

Now, she was like that kitten who might still die at any time.

“Darling… my darling. You’ll be fine. It’ll all be okay,” Cooper murmured as he had lost control of his tears.

She is like a gift given to me by heaven, and I’ve always taken care of this precious little gift, but there’s always someone coming to snatch her away from me.

He held her tightly in his arms, as if this was the only way he could keep her by his side forever.

“Dad, I’m happy that I got to be your daughter in this lifetime.” Sophia couldn’t hold back her tears as they rolled down her face.

In this life, the two of them had spent a short time with each other. Ever since she was born, both of them had been separated, but 20 years later, they finally came together.

In my next life, I still want to be his daughter. Even if he’d be just a normal father and not the genius or billionaire of the Mitchell Family, I’d still feel proud to be his daughter.

The father and daughter bode each other farewell in tears as there seemed to be endless words between them.

Meanwhile, Michael watched them quietly from the side.

Outside the cottage, another car came. After the door was opened, Anna and Callum got out.

Upon seeing them, Sophia wiped her tears in shock as she walked toward them with Cooper.

On the opposite side stood Anna and her son, who was facing Sophia, Cooper, and Linus. Ever since Cade was frozen out, their family had never been this completed before.

As Sophia gazed at Anna, her emotions became very complicated while she asked strangely, “M-Mom, why are you here?”

While looking at her, Anna went over and smiled gently. “I’m your mom. Of course I should come and see you at this moment.”

She stared at Sophia in front of her.

This is my daughter… my daughter who has gone through many hardships in her life.

For a moment, a surge of pain went up from her heart, causing her to burst into tears. With tears rolling down her face, she grabbed Sophia’s hands and hugged her.

I might lose my only daughter soon.

As she was holding her, she felt a sense of intimacy flowing through her blood, like an electric current that suddenly charged up her brain. Instantly, the fragmented images in her mind were starting to piece together quickly, forming a complete memory…

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