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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1437

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1437

Although Bailey was just an outsider, he had been paying close attention to the bomb inside Sophia.

As he lowered the car window, he could see Carmen standing outside.

She called him happily. “Mr. Bailey!”

She really does look like a cheerful lark, but at the moment, her parents are on the brink of danger, and she may become an orphan soon.

Upon seeing her, he felt as though he was looking straight at his past.

I was once also a carefree and happy prince, but ever since the tragic turn that day, I’d lost everything, and I had fallen from a little prince to an abandoned child.

His heart was suddenly in pain.

I wonder if this lively little lark will be able to survive the harsh reality.

Bailey nodded his head, replying to Carmen’s greet.

As he stared at her, the boy of few words suddenly uttered, “You must be strong.”

This is a wish from me as someone who has experienced all of this before.

Carmen nodded and replied, “I will. I’m now a third grader in elementary school!”

In the new year, she would be six years old, so she was working hard to be a strong six-year-old girl!

At the same time, Bailey’s 16th birthday was also coming soon.

Time flies really fast. But other than her parents, she still has her grandparents and uncles to love her. With her around, this family will never be separated, and she won’t be forced to become an adult at a young age like I was.

After their short conversation, the car drove away. In the car, Bailey kept his eyes closed as he rested his mind. In the meantime, Quinton remained silent while he focused on driving the car, but actually, he kept on glancing at Bailey in the back seat from time to time.

From his eyes just now, Quinton could see the pity and sympathy he had for Carmen.

He is probably thinking about his past. Everyone has their own stories… Everyone is in pain, and every pain is tailored for a specific person, which makes them the only one that understands it. Just as Cooper is trying all he can to find a way, Bailey would also actively ask him about the situation from time to time. Maybe he is trying to help, even though I don’t know the reason. I think that he probably doesn’t want the lively and adorale lark to end its chirp just yet. Or maybe, he doesn’t want Carmen to go down the path he did.

Just as everyone was at loss, Justin suddenly came back from a meeting abroad and gathered everybody. “I may have a plan that we can try.” His security company was on the rise recently as he had been developing his career abroad. Only then did he return to inform Cooper and Linus. “When I first found out the bomb inside Phantom Wolf’s body back then, I kept on studying it.”

Previously, when Quinton tried to capture Sophia and was shot in the crotch by Stanley, he exposed the existence of the bomb, and Justin was fearful of him ever since, so he started researching the matter.

Back then, Justin was a soldier, but in order to avenge his beloved wife, he began learning how to defuse bombs himself, turning him into a bomb disposal technician. “I have previously worked out a way to damage the insides of a bomb temporarily by using the interference of electromagnetic waves so that we can use the opportunity to defuse it. In theory, it may work.”

However, it might not work in reality.

Justin explained, “Afterward, the bomb was shut down by Linus, so I wasn’t able to do my research on it. If you can make a fourth bomb, we can try.”

For a moment, Linus seemed to have had a realization.

It’s true when they say that it’s harder to clear our minds when we are nervous. I was the one who invented the bomb, and my initial intention of inventing such a bomb was to make it undefusable other than using the detonator, so all principles of bomb disposal were pushed aside by my assumptions.

That was why when studying how to defuse the bomb, he immediately denied all possibilities.

However, Justin’s idea gave him a new perspective.

Therefore, the two of them entered a workshop and began to study the idea nonstop everyday. After days of continuous hard work, they finally came out with a plan that was feasible in theory.

Nevertheless, the plan was only theoretically feasible. When dismantling the bomb in real life, there might be various unforeseen factors, and if they weren’t careful… the consequences would be devastating.

Hence, it was a dangerous risk to take!

At the moment, there were three paths for Sophia to choose from.

Option one, she could risk it all and give their idea a try.

Option two, she could hide away for the rest of her life from Jordan so that she would forever be at least 10 kilometers away from the detonator without ever removing the bomb from her body.

The third choice was to ask Cooper to kneel down and kowtow to Jordan, begging him to give her a chance to live.

These were the three choices presented for both Sophia and Cooper.

However, would a person like Cooper be willing to give up his dignity for her daughter?

If it were another person, he definitely wouldn’t be willing to do so, but for his daughter, he would be willing to give up his own life. Even so, he knew that if he surrendered, Jordan would use this to threaten him for the rest of his life. In the end, he might not even get to save his own daughter.

Therefore, would Sophia choose to hide away forever?


The bomb was powered using the kinetic energy of the human body, so it could last a lifetime without any power failure.

Also, she definitely would not be willing to hide away forever because her personality would not allow her to do so. She did nothing wrong, so there was no reason for her to avoid everyone for the rest of her life.

Or maybe, they could use the power of the Fletcher and Mitchell Families by asking the government to intervene, but it was too big of a risk because they couldn’t trust them.

Therefore, it was extremely difficult for Cooper to choose because in every choice, he had to gamble his own daughter’s life.

How can I bring myself to choose?

In the end, the decision was in Sophia’s hands because Cooper just couldn’t make the choice for her.

If she chose to gamble, they would gamble.

If she chose to hide, they would let her hide.

If she wanted Cooper to surrender to Jordan for her sake, he would be willing to do so.

The choices were placed in front of her, and it was up to her to pick a path for herself.

Sophia also knew the consequences to her choices.

I may be blown to pieces, hide away forever, or let Cooper surrender to Jordan to fulfill his perverted needs. I need to make a choice between my freedom and life, Cooper, or the dignity of the Mitchell and Michel Families.

On the other hand, Michael chose not to intervene with her choice. For him, as long as she made the choice herself, it would be the most correct and appropriate one.

Only she can make the choice herself. No one else can make it for her.

After a short period of consideration, Sophia gave her answer.

“I want to try Justin’s idea…”

For her, a life without freedom would be an incomplete life.

Michael will definitely choose to be by my side, so if I lose my freedom, so will he.

She could have asked Cooper to sacrifice his dignity in exchange for her life, but it was obviously not what she wanted.

It’s better to give it a go!

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