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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1433

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1433

Bailey followed them to the hospital as well. Although Michael did not know what was happening, he felt a sense of panic surging through him. What’s wrong with chica this time?

Sophia was even more terrified. Cooper had dragged her all the way to the hospital, almost not allowing her feet to even touch the ground. She was still in her pajamas when she arrived at the hospital. Michael gave her a down jacket to keep herself warm, so she completed all the check-ups in his clothes.

It was late at night. The family sat in the lounge in the hospital to wait for the result, and Sophia, who was wearing Michael’s clothes, was zoning out.

What exactly is going on? She had no idea, and neither did Michael. Meanwhile, Bailey—the only person who knew exactly what was going on—sat at one side without saying anything, while Cooper paced back and forth in fluster, as if there was fire burning under his feet.

Quinton was sitting beside Bailey. He was not supposed to be on duty today, but upon hearing that something had happened to Sophia, he rushed over here.

Linus, who was out on business, rushed over as soon as he learned about the news as well. “What’s wrong with Sophia?”

He immediately asked that question the moment he arrived, but nobody could provide an answer—even Sophia herself had no idea what was wrong with her.

She had an active lifestyle and would go for routine body check-ups as well as blood and urine tests, so what could be wrong with her body?

At that moment, the result was finally out. The doctor informed the patient and her family to go to his office to discuss the matter. Cooper immediately went over, with Linus, Sophia, and Michael following behind him.

In the doctor’s office, the doctor, who had been forced to come back to work overtime, wore a stern expression as he handed Sophia’s body check-up results to Cooper. “Mr. Mitchell, your daughter’s health indicators are all within normal range. In other words, she is in good health. However, we found an unknown object in her body.”

An unknown object? Cooper immediately took the check-up report. He skipped the front part about her health indicators and flipped to the final part. Sure enough, her X-ray result showed that she had a small cube-like object near her ribs.

The object, which could not be shown clearly on X-ray, was found in Sophia’s body, right behind her ribs. It appeared that the object had been in her body for quite a long time, and it definitely would not have been something that she had naturally developed in her body, so it must be a mechanical part that had been surgically transplanted into her.

However, Sophia had not done any operation to transplant anything into her body over the years.

Could it be that it is some kind of piercing? But it doesn’t look like it.

Cooper observed that thing but was unable to guess what it was. All he knew was that it had to be removed.

Sophia and Michael were unfamiliar with the object as well. They really could not recall when that object was inserted into her body.

It looked like a small cube. Sophia pressed on the spot where the object was in her body, but she was unable to feel the existence of the cube over her bones. It appeared that the cube was harmless to her body. What exactly is that thing?

Nevertheless, when Linus and Quinton saw the object from one side, both of them inhaled sharply. Linus’ face instantly paled; he would’ve slumped to the ground if he had not held on to the wall.

Both he and Quinton recognized that thing. As a matter of fact, Linus was the one who made it.

He had made three of them and gave them to the Phantom Wolf. They were transplanted into the body of two generations of Phantom Wolf.

As Quinton’s master had one in his body, his body exploded when he died, completely destroying and wiping out all lives within a radius of several miles.

Quinton had one in his body as well, which had been the reason why Michael dreaded him so much when the former was creating chaos everywhere in the world. Michael wanted to kill him, but he knew that killing him would mean that he would have to sacrifice himself as well.

It was a bomb—a small yet powerful bomb. It was a bomb developed by Linus to control the Phantom Wolf, but it had also become an amulet that protected their lives!

Linus had only made three of them, and all three of them had been given to the Phantom Wolf. Two of the bombs had been transplanted into their bodies, but the last one…

Linus suddenly blew up. He dashed up to Quinton and strangled his neck while roaring at him with his eyes red, “You actually put that thing into my sister’s body?”

Quinton, on the other hand, was merely staring at that object, as if he had forgotten how to think. He did not put up a fight even though Linus almost suffocated him, for all he had in his eyes was that cube.

Linus’ bellow was still ringing in his ear. “What the hell is going on? Why the hell is that thing in her?”

Stunned, Quinton looked at Sophia and then turned to the cube-like object on the X-ray. His brain suddenly froze at that instant.

Upon seeing Linus and Quinton’s reaction, everyone could tell that this matter had something to do with them. Cooper abruptly pulled Linus away and grabbed Quinton by his collar instead. “What the hell is going on?! Tell me!”

Quinton was still too shocked to speak. Meanwhile, Linus suddenly got on his knees, and tears rolled down his face as he spoke. “Dad, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault…”

Linus then told them everything. He had developed three bombs and had given all three of them to the Phantom Wolf, who used two of them on themselves, while the third one—if he was not mistaken—had been given to Jordan by Quinton since the two of them used to be partners, and Quinton had helped Jordan get rid of quite a number of people.

As the bomb was made by Linus himself, only he knew how powerful that thing was.

And yet, the same bomb had been inserted into Sophia’s body.

After listening to his explanation, everyone gasped.

There was a bomb in Sophia’s body! It was a bomb that was connected to her life—if she died, or the bomb was removed by force, the bomb would explode. Only a remote control could disable the bomb, but the same remote control could ignite it from far away!

Michael looked at her and her flat tummy.

A person suddenly crossed his mind—Blade.

When Sophia was kidnapped by Blade, she went missing for over 12 hours. She was only found the day after she was taken away.

At that time, Blade demanded for Cooper to use Celine to exchange for Sophia. As Michael refused to hand over his older sister, he dressed up as Celine and managed to trick Blade. In the end, not only did they manage to save Sophia, but they injured Blade as well. After that, Blade was taken down by Stanley and the others.

It was a full 12 hours!

Anything could have happened during that 12 hours—for instance, burying a bomb in her belly. The medical techniques back then could allow them to easily stitch up the wound in a short time.

Sophia was found with only minor injuries on her body at that time, but in fact, there had been a bomb buried in her body since then!

Cooper, who had learned about the whole incident, looked at Linus with a look of disbelief on his face.

Linus felt so guilty that he knocked his head on the floor as tears of regret streamed down his cheeks.

The three bombs were made by him, so he knew how powerful they were. At the same time, he knew that there was no other way to stop it except by using the remote control, which they figured must be with Jordan!

Sophia had yet to return to her senses from the extreme shock when Cooper suddenly took two quick steps over to her and hugged her. “Darling, don’t be afraid. I’m here with you. Everything will be fine.”

Nevertheless, Sophia felt cold all over—so cold that she felt numb—and even Cooper’s embrace failed to make her feel warm.

On the other hand, Michael had been sent spiraling into a pit of despair. Jordan surely hates Cooper to the bones; he intends to make Linus implicitly responsible for Sophia’s death, which would make Cooper live the rest of his life in misery and pain!

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