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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1432

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1432

Bailey turned to look at her, but all he could hear was her tragic screams from the infernal fire as it engulfed her body. Soon, Tiffany no longer existed in the world.

He then drove away. After he had left, the little suburban house burst into flames.

Even though he had killed a person in the suburb of Bayside City, there were people who would settle the aftermath for him.

In fact, Cooper actually contributed to Tiffany’s death.

It was already midnight after Bailey left the tiny suburban house and returned to the city center.

He hid in the hotel’s cupboard by himself and closed the door, allowing his tears to flow freely.

The scenes where Tiffany was engulfed by the flames and his family disappearing in the fire replayed in his head over and over again.

Ever since his parents and brothers died, he had lost all his happiness, as if his heaven had been utterly destroyed by someone in an instant.

He had had countless sleepless nights, and he could only have a couple of hours of good rest by hiding in the cupboard.

Five years had passed since then.

His family had passed away for five years, and today, he had finally avenged them.

Unfortunately, it did not give him any sense of pleasure—it was not at all his intention to kill, as all he wanted was his family to be with him!

He was more afraid that he would become the kind of person he loathed—the kind of person who would do anything, including abominable deeds, in order to achieve their goal.

Subconsciously, he looked at the three apricot kernels on his wrist. They were gifts from Carmen, who was a kind and innocent girl. He had always carried it with him to remind himself that he was actually a person and not a devil. Even if circumstances had forced him to lift up the butcher knife, his consciousness had yet to diminish. He had also once done a good deed that saved a life and a family.

His life was full of darkness cast by despair and sufferings, without even a single shred of light. He was immersed in this boundless darkness, but he was still trying to protect the little dash of light in him.

The television, which was left on, suddenly played the variety show that Carmen had participated in, and her sweet voice entered through the cupboard into his ears. Bailey’s body was curled up into a ball—a posture that indicated that he was in extreme anxiety and fear—but he gradually relaxed upon hearing Carmen’s singing.

“The fresh flowers have once told me how you passed by; the ground knows every corner of your heart…”

Hearing her melodious voice, his mind slowly calmed down, and a faint smile slowly appeared on his face as he leaned against the cupboard.

She was just like an angel.

The devil, which was hidden in the abyss, heard the singing of an angel from the heavens. The angel’s sacred light shone into the bottomless sinful abyss, allowing the devil to capture a shred of light and keep it in his heart with just a stretch of his hand.

Even if he had fallen into the bottomless hell of sin, he still remembered that he was once an angel, who had once sung in heaven.

It was late when Cooper finally reached home.

He had helped Anna and her son take over Ronney Group. After the situation had been stabilized, he headed home. As he had left home for over one month, he missed his family, especially Carmen and Sophia.

“Grandpa!” Carmen missed Cooper dearly since she had not seen him for many days. Upon seeing him back, she pounced at him, whereupon he picked her up and spinned her around.

Sophia threw herself at him like a little kid too. “Dad!”

Cooper intended to pick her up and spin her around as well, but seeing that his son-in-law was around, he gave up on the idea to avoid looking childish in front of him. Instead, he walked up to them with a straight face.

“Dad, is everything wrapped up at Ronney Group?” asked Michael.

Cooper replied, “Yes, everything has stabilized.”

He had announced his relationship with Anna, and the situation had been stabilized.

Looking at his young-looking father-in-law in high spirits, Michael, although jealous of him, felt happy for him.

These past few years had not been easy for his young-looking father-in-law. The latter had lost his life partner when he was young, and as a middle-aged man, he had experienced twice of his children almost leaving him.

The pitiful Cade was still frozen in Ronney Town, and nobody could tell whether he would survive this ordeal.

After enjoying the moment for a while, Cooper returned to his solemn and stern expression. After all, his son was still kept frozen, which made him unable to be genuinely happy.

Cooper had been wary of Jordan ever since the great change that had happened in the Yard Family; he had been constantly keeping an eye on all his movements. However, it seemed like Jordan had not taken any actions lately since he had some other things to deal with.

Nevertheless, Jordan would definitely take revenge on them soon, so Cooper had to constantly stay on guard.

Ever since Cooper and Anna’s relationship had been announced, everyone was astonished. Sophia’s mother’s identity had also been revealed—it was actually Anna.

The greatest winner of these series of incidents was, of course, Carmen.

The little girl was literally pampered by everyone. Her grandfather was Fass, also known as Cooper; her three uncles were people with extraordinary backgrounds; her father was even more amazing—he was the only Cethos actor who had won the Academy Award for Best Actor twice; and her mother had her own career. Besides, for her relatives on her father’s side, her grandmother was Elizabeth, while her grandfather had a more incredible identity. At the same time, her cousins, Nathan and Stanley, were both renowned bachelors.

Rumors had it that she had a boyfriend, and her boyfriend was someone even more impressive.

Stacks of invitation cards to reality shows were sent flying to their house like snowflakes. All parent-child reality shows which she had participated in had become so popular to the point where her appearance in the shows itself had become the guarantee of the shows’ viewing and rating.

Cooper felt a headache as he looked at the stacks of invitation cards to different reality shows.

However, Carmen seemed to look forward to them. She patiently waited for Cade to wake up and take her to participate in a reality show some day.

Michael, who was at home today, was busy making milk. Since Justin had been busy with work lately, and the silly Celine kept going out to play all day, Michael had to help to take care of the two children whenever he was free.

They had three babies at home now—Carmen, their eldest baby, Bianca, the younger baby, and lastly, the child of Tiffany and Jordan. After Tiffany died, the baby had been staying in Sophia’s house, as Dana and Lucy told them that they would come to pick him up after some time. They even gave the baby a rather nice name—Nigel Winston.

Now, Michael would take care of the children whenever he was free, which he seemed to find enjoyable. It appeared that he had lost interest in work because he had been staying at home all day, taking care of his wife and children.

All of a sudden, he got a call from the security guard, who told him that Bailey had come to visit.

“Why is the green-eyed guy with long lashes here again?” Michael put down the milk powder in his hands and checked the security monitors. As expected, he saw Bailey’s car parked at the entrance.

Sophia warmly welcomed Bailey into their house.

“Bailey!” Carmen ran to him excitedly, with a similar enthusiasm as Sophia’s.

Bailey, on the other hand, just glanced at them without giving them any replies. Instead, he walked up to Cooper and uttered in a solemn voice. “Fass, I have something to talk to you about, but it’s inconvenient to talk about it here.”

Upon that, Cooper and Bailey entered the study to discuss something. However, a few minutes later, Cooper suddenly exited the room and dragged Sophia, who was still in her pajamas, to the hospital without giving any explanation.

“Find out what the hell is in my daughter’s body!”

Michael, who tagged along with them to the hospital, heard Cooper’s words, as well as the unprecedented tremble and fear in them.

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