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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1426

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1426

The cryobank that was a subsidiary of Marks Real Estate was one of the world’s first and foremost commercial cryobanks. To date, the cryobank had amassed an impressive clientele made up of aristocrats as well as those in the upper-social class.

These clients had chosen to cryogenically preserve their genetic samples in order to ensure the continuation of their bloodlines, but they certainly had not expected Marks Real Estate to use their genetic samples for shady backdoor deals.

Sophia was engrossed in her typing, her eyes burning with a dark fire as she brainstormed on the details of her next exposé. If things didn’t work out for her as the director of a company, Sophia could rest easy knowing that she might just make it in journalism.

Just as she was amusing herself with the thought of this, a knock came from the door.

“Who is it?” Sophia asked.

“It’s me,” Tiffany answered from the other side of the door as Sophia hurriedly closed the lid of her laptop.

Her again?

“What do you want?” Sophia demanded, raising her voice.

Tiffany did not sound friendly when she said, “We’ll talk when you open the door.”

Sophia bristled. The woman had probably caught wind of the exposé and was now here to confront Sophia, who was the most likely suspect behind the scandalous narrative.

“I’m not dressed,” Sophia snapped.

“Well, then, get dressed and open the door.”

“I can’t. I’m making love to my husband right now!”

“I can wait.”

“We’ve only just started! It’ll take at least two hours before we’re done, and Michael hates being interrupted halfway!” Sophia yelled.

Tiffany gritted her teeth. “I can wait. I don’t even mind waiting till morning!”

Letting out an exasperated sound, Sophia shut off her laptop and undressed herself, thereafter straddling Michael. She pulled off his shirt as she called out to Tiffany, “Then we’ll just take our time!”

Michael, on the other hand, was without complaint as he allowed his wife to take her liberties with him.

Before long, Tiffany could hear the sound of skin slapping against skin coming from within the room.

That night, she stood out in the hallway for close to two hours, and by the end of it, she asked loudly, “It’s been two hours. Are you ready to talk now?”

There was no reply from Sophia. Instead, it was Michael who answered hoarsely, “She’s fallen asleep.”

Infuriated by this, Tiffany stormed off.

Barely two days had passed before Sophia handed the article over to Maddie for editing, and when everything had been finalized, the piece was published in the paper anonymously. The news had garnered the public’s attention and had sent a wave of panic crashing over the upper-side.

After all, the elite had opted to cryogenically freeze their genetic samples in order to preserve their bloodline. If the cryobank had indeed swapped their samples with others for its own corporate greed, then it was no different from killing off their next generation!

Upon the publication of the article, the clients of Marks Cryobank hastened to withdraw their genetic samples. If Marks Cryobank had a Cethosian branch, then it would have suffered a major backlash from the local elite scene, too.

However, Tiffany had nothing to fear despite knowing Sophia was the one behind all this.

At the end of the day, Sophia could do nothing more than play up the controversy that she’d started. Asher remained Cooper’s son nevertheless; even if the law dictated that Cooper had no responsibility over this little boy, would the man really be so heartless as to abandon his own flesh and blood?

He would not! Tiffany thought smugly.

It’s only a matter of time before Cooper comes home.

Tiffany knew that there was no way Cooper would turn a blind eye on this child.

On the other hand, Sophia was extremely pleased with the results of her efforts. She wouldn’t allow Cooper to bear the brunt of Tiffany’s schemes.

However, just as she was stoking the fire on this scandal, there was a text message on her phone from an unknown number, which read: ‘Jordaine is going after your mother.”

Jordaine is going after Anna?

Frowning, Sophia typed out, ‘Who are you?’

‘The Roc,’ the other replied.

Rolling her eyes, Sophia saved the contact under ‘Dana’.

Ever since it had been revealed that Dana had an impressive manhood, he couldn’t help but gloat about it. He even changed his Messenger icon so that it was now a picture of a massive bird—specifically, the mythical Roc.

Given that he was Moore’s personal assistant and right-hand man, Dana must have discovered something.

Unfortunately, Dana knew nothing about Jordaine’s plans for Anna.

From what he had gathered on the inside, Jordaine had a way to deal with Anna once and for all, and she was going to strike soon, now that her patience had run out.

Dana and Anna shared a relationship that could not be described by words alone. Anna had been the one who’d arranged for Dana to get closer to Moore. In other words, Dana was Anna’s spy.

This was because Dana’s mother used to be a Yard before she changed her family name to Greene.

If what Dana said was true, then it would make sense for Anna to have known about this, too. This was the reason why Cooper had strategically retreated to Anna’s side; it was so that he could secretly help her when the time came for Jordaine to deal her final blow.

So what is Jordaine playing at?

Cooper might have strategically retreated from the commotion that had seized upon his family in the real world, but he was with Carmen in spirit. Now that it was a new year, he was showing utmost concern over Carmen’s online store, which had officially been in business for a year.

Carmen had drafted her business plans for the year, and she’d gone into details, too. Once she had Nicholas print out the plans, she sent a copy of it to Cooper for it to be reviewed.

Cooper, who was tucked away overseas, winced upon having read through the plans.

According to Carmen’s plans, she was going to start selling posters and postcards, all of which would feature Cooper’s face as well as his signature.

She was also venturing into the elementary school homework-writing business, which seemed like a questionable expansion.

Clutching the plans that were riddled with spelling mistakes, Cooper found himself rendered speechless, but he had to come up with something soon because Carmen was waiting for him to respond while staring at him through the screen.

He wanted to tell her the truth, but he realized that it might be too harsh for a little girl of her age. There was only so much that a tender child like her could take, and he was worried that if he couldn’t let her down gently enough, she’d be discouraged altogether from continuing her business.

Just as he was trying to think of ways to humor Carmen’s efforts, Anna came and called for him. Relieved, Cooper took this chance to escape from having a difficult conversation with Carmen.

“Carmen, be a good girl and study hard. I have to go now,” Cooper said, then he quickly ended the video call.

He and Anna were going out of town today for a business trip, along with Cade.

They departed early in the morning, and because their destination wasn’t far away, they decided to take the highway.

However, none of them had expected to drive straight into a crossfire between two rival Mafia gangs. A bone-shattering explosion went off next to their fleet, and the shockwaves rattled their car; they were lucky that the car had not toppled over from the impact.

Anna let out a scream upon hearing the explosion, and Cooper instinctively reached out to hold her. The driver stepped on the accelerator and drove away from the melee.

Cade, on the other hand, had taken a separate car in order to give Anna and Cooper some privacy. While the rest of the fleet had passed through the crossfire unharmed, the car in which Cade was sitting had been hit by a stray bullet.

At a hospital nearby the scene of the crossfire, Cooper rushed alongside the transfer trolley, which was currently being wheeled down the hospital corridor. “Move!” Cooper roared at those who were standing in their way.

Cade was currently being wheeled down the corridor in a transfer trolley. His features were twisted in pain, and an oxygen mask had been strapped over the lower half of his face; he was bleeding profusely from the gunshot wound in his abdomen.

Anna was running after the trolley. For the past twenty years, she might be a force to be reckoned with in the business world, but now, she was nothing more than a worried mother. She watched the blood flow from Cade’s wound, and she felt as though she was walking on knives with every step that she took. The pain seemed to stab through her entire body, as if she was bleeding just as badly as Cade was.

The Mafia thrived in this locality, and seeing as there was another crossfire nearby, more casualties had been ferried to the hospital. The corridors were packed with people, but Cooper and Anna were racing against time; they couldn’t make it to a hospital much further away than this one.

Cooper could feel his heart racing in fear as he watched Cade being wheeled further down the hallway and into the emergency room. The doors closed, effectively barring Cooper from seeing anything else.

He was frantic even though Cade was not his biological son.

But he was Anna’s son nonetheless, and that meant he was Cooper’s son, too.

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