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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1423

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1423

“Gwennie, look at my baby face’s not-so-teenie weenie. How about an arranged marriage?” Sarah held her second-born son and began her daily routine of promoting her infant son to potential in-laws. Now that Hope was a lost cause, she was trying hard to set her second child up for marriage.

With no hesitation, Gwen refused.

Then, Sarah approached Celine and started to aggressively push ‘sales’.

Meanwhile, Sophia was busy playing mahjong. Without stopping to rest, she managed to win several thousand from Nicole in no time.

“Come on, Sophia. You can’t be winning every time! If this goes on, I’ll be starving before the Lantern Festival!” Derek muttered bitterly with a pout on his baby face, while Lucy calmly paid up.

At the same time, Theo was being dragged into a fortune-telling session by Daniel.

“Daddy!” Casper darted into Daniel’s arms cheerfully. Just then, Sam took a look at him and huffed, “Tsk. Your kid is too young to be dyeing his hair. This is too much.”

On the other side of the room, Dana, who was drinking beer alone, stood up and stretched. “Anyone want to use the bathroom? Come on, let’s go together.”

As he spoke, he scanned the room with a certain unmistakable pride on his face.

At once, every male being in the building became deathly quiet. No one dared to respond, nor was anyone brave enough to make eye contact with him. Meanwhile, the female beings had no idea what was going on except Lucy, who became flustered in an instant.

On the other hand, Michael was hard at work in the kitchen.

To be frank, this might be the last New Year’s of his life, which was why he invited every one of his friends. He wanted to spend his remaining time with his friends, family, ex-girlfriends, and even his pets.

He had already visited the Fletcher Family this morning, and now he was spending New Year’s Eve with this group of people. At this moment, he was content.

At that point, he was in the middle of slaughtering ducks by the entrance when he saw a car that belonged to Adams Group. At first, he thought Tiffany had caught their ‘scent’ and followed them here, but to his surprise, when the car stopped, it was Bailey who got out.

Since school holidays started, Quinton had been on duty as Bailey’s bodyguard every day. Even now, he was following closely behind him.

Michael was slaughtering ducks, and he was covered in blood and holding a butcher’s knife. With a disdainful gaze, he watched as Bailey approached them.

Sensing the murderous aura, Bailey stopped in his tracks as he observed Michael cautiously.

Just as Michael was about to ask what he was doing here, Sophia dashed out to greet him warmly.

“Bailey, you’re here! Come in, everyone’s waiting!” Sophia enthusiastically welcomed him. Under her protection, Bailey managed to successfully move past Michael and entered the holiday villa.

As soon as he was inside, Sophia complained to Michael, “Bailey must be exhausted. I heard that the foreign employees of their company aren’t given any holidays for the New Year’s. How miserable! So, I invited him for dinner and to discuss a long-term partnership between JNS Group and him.”

Without saying a word, Michael then swung the knife and ruthlessly cut off the duck’s head as he pretended that it was Bailey’s.

He looked disheveled from slaughtering the livestock and cooking, while Sophia was squeaky clean. She was wearing a sophisticated red cotton sweater with Ragdoll in her arms. She then went into the living room with the cat to enjoy the heater.

Ever since Bailey partnered up with Sophia, a Bayside City mafia, he had successfully taken on several major deals. He was outperforming Tiffany to a large extent and when Sophia invited him over for dinner today, he arranged his schedule and came on time.

It’ll be like a business meal.

However, as soon as poor Bailey walked in, he was surrounded by a bunch of women. They all went up to him and started pinching his cheek, rubbing his head, and even stroking his eyelashes.

“Oh, my! You’re so young, and your skin is so soft!”

“Look at these eyelashes, they’re so long and pretty!”

“How cute!”

Do it for the business. Bailey unwillingly endured it.

Still, Bailey felt completely out of place. He realized everyone was divided into several cliques of their own.

The children’s group, which was led by Nathan and Carmen, were outside having snowball fights, playing with dogs and fireworks, and making snowmen. Bailey thought he had long passed that age and he was not going to fit in.

Then, there was a gambling group which was led by Sophia. They were playing mahjong, poker, and blackjack, and they were willingly burning holes in their pockets. Bailey thought it was too wasteful, and he was too afraid to join them.

Next, there was a middle-aged group led by Theo and Sam. The men gathered for tea and fortune-telling, which Bailey thought was too superstitious and scoffed.

The last group consisted of Michael, Harry, Linus and Justin, who were the cooks. Bailey felt even more out of place there, considering that he knew nothing about Cethosian food.

As such, he ended up in the clutches of the women and was tormented there. Unfortunately, no one came to his rescue.

Finally, he saw Dana, who had been drinking alone, stand up lazily and announced, “Bathroom! Anyone?”

In fact, this was the third time he had asked this today. He knew no one wanted to go with him, but he still insisted on asking anyway. On top of that, he would ask loudly as well like he had something to show off. He wanted the feeling of being worshipped by everyone.

To everyone’s surprise, someone responded right away this time.


Bailey shot up and walked to Dana. However, he was oblivious to the sudden draws of breath from every man in the room, who were watching him in amusement and smugness.

Surprised, Dana looked this fifteen-year-old teenager up and down.

Huh, he must be new here and doesn’t know about my nickname in the group, much less my ‘length’!

With evil intentions in his mind, Dana brought Bailey with him and went to the bathroom. Because Bailey was anxious to be away from the women, he hurriedly followed Dana to the bathroom and failed to notice the eyes that were all focused on him.

Not long after, under everyone’s amused gazes, Dana came back with his arm around Bailey. Out of everyone’s expectation, Dana came back with a look of triumph that seemed like he had met his match, while Bailey wasn’t as embarrassed, shocked or self-abased as everyone imagined. Rather, he was calm and collected, as if he had not seen anything earlier.

Everyone was trying to connect the dots in their heads as they stared back and forth between the two. Then, everyone drew a sharp breath in unison… You really can’t judge a book by its cover!

But he’s only fifteen!

Since then, Bailey seemed to have found his own group. He sat with Dana, who tried to pour him a drink. Bailey waved his hand to refuse, but Dana wouldn’t take no for an answer. At that point. Carmen ran over and protested, “Bailey isn’t eighteen yet, so he’s not allowed to drink. I’ll tell Goddaddy if Mr. Dana forces Bailey to drink again!”

Afraid of Harry’s fist, Dana sheepishly retrieved his glass and gave Bailey a can of soda before they drank together.

Just like that, they formed a small group of two. Other than them, no one was brave enough to join this little clique. After all, no one was confident about their lengths to be sitting with them.

Meanwhile, Carmen, who was worried that Dana would force Bailey to drink again, sat next to them vigilantly. With her big doe-eyes, she watched closely as Bailey drank his soda. Initially, Dana wanted to discuss men’s philosophical issues with Bailey, but he was too embarrassed by the living and breathing surveillance camera sitting there and decided to change the subject. At the same time, he noticed the three apricot seeds that Bailey was wearing on his wrist.

“What an interesting bracelet! Where did you get them?”

Bailey held his drink in one hand, and the other subconsciously stroked the apricot seeds. He replied indifferently, “A friend gave it to me.”

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