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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1422

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1422

When Fass Michel offered lessons, it would only be a loss for those who didn’t pay attention. Every now and then, there would be discussions between both sides of the call.

It was only midday on Cooper’s side. Likely, it was a lazy afternoon where the sun was shining brightly, which made him look sluggish as well.

Ever since Tiffany came with the baby in her arms, he fled.

Where did he go?

To the woman he loved, of course.

When Jordan gave Cooper’s genes to Tiffany, he certainly didn’t do that for Cooper’s name to be carried on. Rather, he was plotting to split Cooper and Anna up using Tiffany’s child. He was going to take advantage of the split and take Cooper out at his lowest.

But to his surprise, Cooper actually came prancing to Ronney City and stayed with Anna.

At that moment, everyone on either side was having a heated discussion through the screen. They were all getting worked up about Carmen’s little store.

On another note, Cooper’s lectures were endless, and he was itching to get on the next plane home to take Carmen by the hand to guide her. He went on and on until she could barely keep her eyes open before letting her rest.

However, the adults were still going at it. Everyone on each side of the screen was enthusiastically chattering away.

“Dad, when are you coming back to kick that old hag out? She’s getting more and more arrogant, and she even thinks so highly of herself now!” Sophia criticized Tiffany as usual.

On the other end, Cooper assured, “I’ll be back in a few more days, so bear with me a little longer.”

Upon hearing this, Sophia mumbled to herself, He probably loves Ronney City and can’t bring himself to leave! He never even came back to check on us at all.

Granted, she would only mutter under her breath. After all, Anna was still there.

They appeared to be getting ready for lunch soon. Cooper seemed to be getting along with Callum and Cade, and they all looked like a family now.

After hanging up, while Sophia went to bed, Cooper had just started having his lunch.

He had been at Ronney City for a while and was secretly staying with Anna.

The days they spent together were so wonderful that it seemed like they were in a dream. However, it was too bad that their relationship was a secret and they could not be seen together.

Despite that, it wouldn’t be long until they could openly admit their relationship.

By that time, no one would ever be able to stop them from being together.

“Mom, Mr. Cooper, it’s time to eat,” Cade called out.

Hand in hand, Cooper and Anna went to the dining hall, where the dishes had already been served. Among the dishes were Cooper and Anna’s favorites. Their preferences seemed to be stuck in time and remained the same even after decades.

He preferred savory food, while she loved sweet food.

At the dining table, they would make small talk about their family, but rarely about work. They would eat together like a normal family. Lately, their topics were mostly about the progress of Carmen’s business.

Meanwhile, Callum and Cade idolized Cooper. Ever since they were young, they had a tough life, and their biggest dream was to take control and change their lives with their own efforts. They particularly admired powerful and influential people, and Fass Michel was one of the figures that they worshipped the most.

Now that this person was sitting right across them, the brothers were overjoyed and they took the opportunity to seek advice from Cooper on various issues.

In contrast, Cooper was actually disgusted by their existence because their father was Jordan after all. However, after spending time with them, he realized they weren’t as bad as he thought.

In fact, this pair of sons were completely different from the other pair of sons. They were raised by Anna, and they were extremely intelligent, courteous, and observed proper restraint in everything they did. At a young age, they already worked alongside Anna and had achieved their own success. Together, they were the Yard Power Trio. Without the hard work and contribution from her sons, Anna would not be where she was now.

In addition, the brothers’ relationship was also harmonious, and they never seemed to have any disagreements. Since they had managed to climb up to their current status, they must have had blood on their hands. However, they were not as crazed as their father.

Either way, Cooper was close to accepting them.

Although he told himself that he would not be treating them as his own and give them everything he had, he certainly would not treat them poorly since he would be with Anna in the future.

At the very least, he would include them in his inheritance.

Overall, the family was getting along with each other very well.

While eating, Roger suddenly came over and whispered to Cooper, who then nodded and revealed a knowing expression.

As he expected, Tiffany’s child was not his. Instead, it was Jordan’s.

Considering the fact that he wanted Cooper to be the last of his line, Jordan surely would not easily hand over Cooper’s genes and carry on his bloodline for no reason!

Soon, everything would be over.

While Cooper was living well, Sophia’s life, on the other hand, was a living hell. Every day, she would be bickering with Tiffany, who had thick skin and enough patience. She really didn’t intend to leave at all. Every day, everyone would see a pair of big breasts swinging from one end to the other.

Not only did she touch Sophia’s cat, but her son was also sleeping on Carmen’s bed, wearing Carmen’s clothes, and drinking Carmen’s baby formula.

Still, Cooper did not return, nor did he answer his phone. While the Mitchell’s were managing Dragon Technology, the Michel Group had Linus and Alice. Cooper had trained his successors well that even when he wasn’t around, the businesses would still run smoothly.

In the blink of an eye, New Year’s was around the corner. Carmen’s store was already starting to put up the cured meat on sale, but there was still no sign of Cooper’s return.

As a matter of fact, Cethosian New Year’s was an obstruction.

Every year, there would be a week where Cethosian factories would shut down and stores would close. The streets would be empty, and even the subway that was usually packed during rush hour would be empty. No one would be working, and children would be seen going from door to door to beg for money to survive. The economy would collapse and the GDP would drop significantly.

But at this time of year, the people who had gone far to work would return to their homes and reunite with their families.

In the past, Cooper would make sure to come home to be with his little sweetheart every New Year’s. But this year, he didn’t.

During New Year’s Eve, Michael brought everyone to the Fletcher Residence and even intentionally gave the nannies, drivers, chefs and other workers the week off. Instantly, the Imperial’s Villa No. 8 turned from lively to quiet in no time. No one was home, and Tiffany could only eat takeout every day.

It was New Year’s Eve, yet she was sitting alone in front of the TV watching the New Year Dinner Gala. Day by day, Tiffany’s demeanor grew colder.

Meanwhile, Cooper was still in hiding. He didn’t even care about the company, nor did he answer his phone. She simply had no idea where he had gone.

How much longer are you going to hide, Cooper?

Meanwhile, Michael, who should have gone to the Fletcher Residence for New Year’s Eve, had gone to the farmhouse outside of town instead. In fact, the entire family was staying in the villa on the farm for the New Year’s.

There, a thick blanket of snow had covered the ground. Happily, Carmen ran around with Nathan and a bunch of children. The kids were playing with fireworks and firecrackers, and they were all enjoying themselves.

In the kitchen, Michael and Harry, both clad in aprons, were busy preparing the chicken and fish, while Linus and Justin were helping them. Stanley had just brought in chopped up firewood, whereas Sean plucked the feathers of the chicken and sent it to the kitchen to make firewood roast chicken. Everyone was as busy as a bee.

On the other hand, Sophia, Sarah, Celine and the other women were enjoying the heater and eating snacks in the living room while urging the men in the kitchen to hurry up and finish preparing the meal.

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