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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1418

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1418

Just like that, Tiffany moved in with them, which Sophia was quite upset about. Even though she didn’t care about her, someone had to. As such, this task had been ‘assigned’ to the son-in-law, Michael. He specially prepared a nursery for Cooper’s newborn child and treated him really well. Meanwhile, Tiffany stayed in Cooper’s bedroom as she wished.

At the same time, Cooper had fled as expected.

In the past, he couldn’t go a day without seeing his three darlings. This time, his escape lasted a few days. These few days, he never came home, nor did he miss his darlings.

In fact, if this happened to anyone else, they would have run too, even for someone who had experienced this like Theo.

However, at the end of the day, Cooper still had to face that child whether he liked it or not. Even though he didn’t get her pregnant, that child was still his.

Meanwhile, Tiffany, who had just made her way up to an advantageous position, appeared to be incomparably calm. After all, she and her child had already moved in to live with Cooper. Where else could he run to?

He may be able to run from her, but he would never be able to run from this huge family fortune.

In fact, he wouldn’t be able to run forever!

All she had to do was wait for Cooper to come back after he had calmed down.

On the other hand, the Adams family had received news about the newborn child of Tiffany and Cooper, while the Michel Family were ecstatic that the two families had finally joined forces through marriage.

Whether Cooper was willing or not, the two families had begun preparing for the wedding. The Michel family was already rushing here to seize the opportunity to claim the naming rights for the child before the Mitchell family could.

As it happened, Carmen’s naming rights had been under the grips of the Fletcher family. Every time the Michel family came to get Carmen to change her name, Sophia would come up with all kinds of reasons to put it off. As such, the Michel family couldn’t stand to let the naming rights of this child be taken away from them again.

As for the Adams Group, their attitude toward Tiffany changed solely because of the fact that she was the future Mrs. Michel.

Finally, Tiffany had realized her dream.

Cooper could run from her, but his family couldn’t.

Frankly, Sophia disliked Tiffany and planned to move to the Edwards residence at Riverdale, or even the Mitchell’s ancestral home—she wanted to be anywhere else but here. However, on second thought, The Imperial’s Villa No.8 was Michael’s property, and her name was on the house property certificate as well. In other words, she was the owner, so she shouldn’t have to run. Even if Tiffany shamelessly refused to leave, Sophia wouldn’t leave too. Therefore, she could only live under the same roof as Tiffany, no matter how reluctant she was.

To top it off, Tiffany was absurdly thick-skinned and refused to leave their house. No matter how much Sophia rolled her eyes at her every day, pointed at the mulberry and abused the locust, or sarcastically hinted at her, Tiffany would just act stupid.

A sensitive person would never be able to sell insurance, which was why the Adams Family was the king of the insurance industry, and the king of having thick skin!

Now that Tiffany had moved in, she didn’t have to care for the child herself. She would go to work as usual, and she would be swamped with work.

While Bailey had the upper hand for now, Tiffany was relying on this child to get acquainted with the Michel Family and gain access to outside help. Her career was starting to take off and she would be reclaiming her position in no time.

When Bailey heard the news from Quinton, he was starting to feel the heat.

Even an outsider could sense the pressure and burden that this fifteen-year-old child was carrying.

Sophia was concerned for this little ‘son-in-law’ as well.

Ever since Tiffany moved in, the Adams Family and Michel Family often came to visit. For the sake of the child’s naming rights, the two families would criticize each other. While the Adams Family felt the baby was theirs and he should be named Adams, the Michel Family disagreed and thought he should be named Michel.

By the end of it, the two families decided to move in as well while they waited for Cooper’s return to call the shots. In fact, they would not leave until Cooper returned.

After criticizing Cooper’s child, they started to shift their attention to Sophia and Carmen.

They wanted Sophia and Carmen to change their surnames, which forced Sophia to flee as well, and she would only come home to Michael at night.

Recently, Michael had been in Bayside City. After filming ‘Doctor Invincible 2’, he was voice-acting for ‘The Supreme Panda’.

‘The Supreme Panda’ was an animated movie produced by Michael, inspired by his two adopted pandas. The movie told a story of two panda warriors saving the world. It was a Cethosian story with a Cethosian cast, while Michael and Harry were voicing the protagonists in both the local language and English. Even Carmen had a small role in the movie.

Every morning, he would bring along a cup of wolfberry water and take Sophia’s car to work, and after work, he would pick Sophia up at her unit before picking up Carmen to go home together.

He devoted his remaining time to his beloved career and family.

This September, five-year-old Carmen finally started elementary school. Like a young pioneer, she worked hard to score every exam. On weekends, she would not rest and urged Michael to give her more work.

In fact, she was starting to accumulate capital to start her own business.

She was attending a prestigious international school—the kind that parents would struggle to get their children into. To be accepted, both parents and child were required to go through a few rounds of interviews.

Fortunately, Sophia and Michael did their homework and did not become a hindrance for Carmen.

After about five or six stages, Carmen was successfully enrolled and became a member of the Arts Committee. However, when Michael attended the parent-teacher conference for the first time, he realized that the Cethosian headquarters of the Adams Group was located right next to the school…

As such, Michael complained and wanted Carmen to transfer schools, but after a while of making a fuss about it, things didn’t work out for him in the end.

Since attending elementary school, Carmen seemed to have grown smarter than before. While she was full of confidence and talent, she was also lively and cheerful. Her teachers, principal, and even other parents were fond of her. Frankly, Michael was extremely proud of her.

On the other hand, Sophia was working overtime at the office. There was a batch of new products that were going to be launched soon, and everyone at the office was swamped with work and stayed back.

When Micahel finished work, he went to pick Carmen up. She was carrying a small backpack, and she had on a red scarf. As soon as got into the car, she started to babble away.

“Daddy, I got a ninety-nine on my language test. I lost a point from the essay section!”

“I got a ninety-five for my math test. The teacher said the last question was just ordinary addition and subtraction, and that I had to use the baby method of answering, and not the method Uncle Linus taught me. She said only adults could use that method!”

When he inspected her test, he thought that she should have gotten a full mark for her math test, but she had lost five points for using the decimal point incorrectly. At the end of the day, she was only in first grade. If she used a decimal point in her test, her points would be deducted.

As such, not only did they deduct five points from her test, but the school also almost called them as well. They suspected she was cheating because she was doing too well for her age.

After all, when a first grader used advanced formulas to answer a first grade exam, anyone would think that she was cheating.

In truth, it was usually Linus who tutored her at home. Linus, who was a prodigy who could already solve complex equations at the age of three, kept solving a simple math problem with complex methods, and it greatly affected Carmen’s way of doing math as well.

On another note, although Carmen’s handwriting was still crooked, it looked much better than before. After all, she had a calligrapher on her side—Louis. Not only that, Cooper also had impressive penmanship, and so did Carmen’s parents. As such, even if she inherited a little of those genes, it was already more than enough.

In the first semester, she was elected as a member of the Arts Committee, and she was working with her teacher to prepare for this year’s Christmas party performance.

As for her physical education, she was already able to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a key at the age of three. Now, she had her own pony and was great at horseback riding. On top of that, she was especially good at roller skating and had even gotten a yellow belt in Taekwondo. Clearly, she had inherited the Fletcher Family’s athletic genes.

Overall, she had an all-around development in morality, intelligence, fitness and arts. She was also awarded the most outstanding student of the whole school, hence she was selected as a representative to accompany the president overseas for an international academic exchange in two days.

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