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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1414

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1414

The fight between Bailey and Tiffany had been going on for a long time, so Bailey knew Tiffany very well.

Knowing Tiffany, she would never forcefully give birth to Cooper’s children. The risks were too high, even if she really loves Cooper to the degree that can be considered perverted.

She might be willing to risk her life for him, but it only applies to critical moments. Giving birth to Cooper’s children is not crucial. Furthermore, Cooper already has children of his own. Tiffany knows that she can’t give birth, yet she still got herself pregnant anyway. I can’t figure out what she is planning. Is it possible that she did it because she lost her patience from waiting for over twenty years and wants to go all out?

Bailey made a list of Tiffany’s possible intentions in his head as he gradually tried to guess her plan. One of them was…

“You should be extra careful of Tiffany. See if she’s doing anything strange. That b*tch will never give up so easily.”

Bailey was still wearing a solemn expression on his face and he was frowning hard. Meanwhile, Michael was peeking at his eyelashes.

Didn’t Quinton say that Bailey is so stressed that his eyelashes are falling out? Bullsh*t.

Michael hurriedly hugged Carmen tight as he tried his best to distance Carmen and Bailey. However, Carmen leaned close to Bailey and stared straight at the three apricot seeds that Bailey was wearing.

All of a sudden, Carmen asked, “Daddy, what does b*tch mean?”

After giving it some thought, Michael replied, “That’s a bad word. Children shouldn’t say things like that.”

I didn’t expect Bailey, a foreigner, to be able to speak Bayside City’s slang fluently. The Adams family members probably share a Cethosian teacher.

Unexpectedly, Carmen said to Bailey. “Bailey, dad said that b*tch is a bad word. You shouldn’t say that.”

Hearing this, Bailey was speechless.

Ever since he arrived, he had been trying his best to not speak to Carmen. Michael’s vicious glare really scared him. Furthermore, he was a child too. He didn’t want to date and he wasn’t a lolicon, but Carmen kept trying to have a conversation with him.

“Bailey, do you want some oranges?”

“Bailey, are you thirsty?”

“Do you want to pet my dog?”

However, Bailey kept ignoring her. Later, Carmen puffed in anger and looked aggrieved. Meanwhile, Sophia was thinking about what Bailey just said.

That b*tch definitely has something up her sleeves!

After they returned home, Sophia contacted Sean. “Sean, find out what you can about that b*tch Tiffany. I’m positive that she has other plans.”

Sean soon replied to her. Unfortunately, Tiffany hid her intentions very well and it was hard for him to find out what she was planning.

Tiffany was really active. She had rejoined the Adams family and Cooper was helping her. Meanwhile, Sophia and Michael secretly helped Bailey. After all, they were all in Cethos. This brand new market was the main battlefield of their fight, which was why the both of them started contesting for this market.

The both of them each found their own allies and it was hard to tell who was winning.

Lately, Cooper was often gone and nobody knew where he went. It was as if he was planning something huge.

As for Michael, he was making preparations for his departure.

He knew his health best so he knew that his body was approaching a critical point. The sooner he entered cryogenic sleep, the better. However, there were things holding him back and he couldn’t bear to leave.

Tiffany is pushing to be Cooper’s wife right now. If she really gets married to Cooper, she will make sure Sophia and Carmen’s lives become a living hell. I’m afraid that Cooper will be deceived and chooses to neglect his daughter and granddaughter. Cooper may have another child in the future and Linus will build his own family. They will focus their attention on their families. When that happens, who will take care of Sophia and Carmen?

On the day Michael was leaving, Sophia was working in the office and Carmen was in kindergarten. He packed a small luggage and headed to the airport. There would be a special plane to take him to Africa and he would enter cryogenic sleep there.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see Sophia for one last time.

I don’t know when I’ll see her again. I don’t even know whether I will wake up and see Sophia and Carmen again. Everything is unknown. Perhaps I’ll be like Theo. When I wake up, the world would have changed and the people I love may already be long gone. This seems to be my destiny. There is no other way.

Cooper and Linus were there to send him off.

Michael glanced around his house reluctantly, hugged Celine’s child, and petted the dogs.

Judge seemed to sense that he was leaving. His ears drooped because of the sad atmosphere. After all, Michael had been taking care of Judge for many years so Judge bit Michael’s trouser leg, not willing to let him go.

Michael looked at the people around him but unfortunately, the person he wanted to see the most wasn’t there. Nobody told Sophia about the fact that Michael was about to enter cryogenic sleep, and Carmen didn’t know either. All they knew was that Michael would be abroad for a long time. A while later, there would be rumors that he was dating a female star and they would have a divorce.

He had made all the arrangements. Sophia would be disappointed in Michael, but she would forget about him and go on with her life with Carmen.

Gradually, Michael would completely disappear from her world. She would find someone new and continue to be a carefree girl.

It was Cooper who decided Michael’s time of departure. He knew Michael’s situation, and if they continued delaying it, his health would worsen. At that moment, he had no choice but to be the bad guy. He didn’t even give Michael and Sophia a chance to say their goodbyes.

“Hurry up, it’s time to leave. After you arrive, enter cryogenic sleep as soon as possible. I will take good care of Sophia and Carmen on your behalf.”

It was rare for Cooper to be soft on Michael.

Michael looked at the people around him one last time but unfortunately, Carmen and Sophia weren’t there. Only Celine’s daughter was crying with her arms around his thigh.

Celine thought that Michael was just leaving for work. With a smile, she said, “Mikey, remember to bring back some souvenirs!”

Michael nodded with tears in his eyes. In the end, he turned around and left. Theo and him were headed to Michel Medical Technology Company’s headquarters in Africa.

Michael had left in the afternoon so when Sophia returned home at night, it was almost time for him to get on the plane.

The atmosphere around the dinner table was pretty depressing but Sophia and Carmen didn’t seem to notice. Carmen even wanted to call Michael, but she gave up when she found out that he couldn’t talk on the phone in the plane. The others didn’t say much.

Everyone knew that they were gone forever, except Sophia herself. However, she would find out about everything sooner or later.

Before she finished her dinner, Sophia suddenly got a call from Sean.

Nobody knew what Sean said but after Sophia finished listening to him, she jumped out of her seat in shock. “What the f*ck?!”

At the same time, Cooper also received the news. Tiffany had given birth to a son whose father was Cooper, and that boy had arrived in Bayside City!

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