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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1413

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1413


When Tiffany heard this, she clenched her teeth and turned around to glare at Quinton. She saw that Quinton was still smoking. Under the dim light, the smoke in the air swirled around him, looking as if a thin veil was covering his face.

In the end, Tiffany chose not to argue with him.

So what if he doesn’t want to take the job? There are plenty of other assassins in Bayside City that will take it.

Tiffany slept in the guest room that night. Naturally, Cooper wasn’t in the same room as her.

Cooper was the only one sleeping on the third floor, and there was only one elevator and one secret stairwell to access the third floor. Sophia had set a passcode for the elevator and she wouldn’t tell Tiffany about it. She was determined to not let her go upstairs to disturb Cooper.

At 10 at night, Sophia lay in bed and thought about Anna and Cooper. All of a sudden, she turned around and asked Michael, who was lying next to her, and asked, “If dad really married Tiffany, what should I do?”

Michael’s eyes were wide open and he was awake.

If Cooper really marries Tiffany, I will be pretty happy about it because Cooper will definitely help Tiffany regain control of Adams Group and kick that green-eyed boy away. In that case, Bailey won’t be able to disturb Carmen… But there is only one benefit. The rest is all bad.

My original mother-in-law is better than Tiffany but she is not easy to deal with either… The recent events are making me doubt Cooper. Is he really reliable? I have to leave soon. Sophia has the ability to take care of herself, but I’m still worried. If I can’t rely on Cooper to care for her, who else can I trust? Who will take care of my wife and daughter when I’m gone? I have made the decision to leave, but these matters are holding me back.

The injection that I had still hurts a little. I had another dose of the detoxification antidote today. It seems that I have been getting injections more frequently lately. The health of my body is slowly deteriorating. I don’t even know how long I can hold on…

“Let’s go to sleep. Stop overthinking things,” he replied as he rolled over and hugged her.

Sophia was still dissatisfied and she rambled on, but Michael didn’t say anything. He just held her in his arms and enjoyed the alone time the two of them had.

A while later, Sophia didn’t hear any noise so she thought that Michael had fallen asleep. She slowly got out of bed and went to Carmen’s room.

Carmen went to sleep early every day. Even though she was young, she already learned the importance of having beauty sleep and was determined to not go to bed late.

Sophia tucked the quilt for her and took away the puppy that was sleeping on her bed.

Carmen seems to really like this puppy lately. She even hugs it to sleep.

Later, Sophia left the room with the puppy in her arms. She lightly closed Carmen’s bedroom door when she suddenly heard Tiffany’s voice.

“Sophia, you’re still awake.”

She turned her head around and saw that Tiffany was standing not far away behind her. She was wearing sexy pajamas.

No matter what she wears, no clothing can hide the curvy figure she was born with.

After Tiffany had a miscarriage, she started chasing after Cooper again, and her relationship with Sophia seemed to be less tensed. She even started to try to get close to Sophia. However, Sophia was not interested in chatting. She coldly replied, “Yes. I’m here to check on my child.”

When she said this, she looked at Tiffany vigilantly. As expected, when she mentioned the word ‘child’, Tiffany immediately froze. She used to have three children—her first child, Betsy, had been stabbed by Sophia, and Sophia had watched her have a miscarriage and lose her other two children.

As a mother, Tiffany’s experience could be regarded as the most tragic in the world, but she only had herself to blame.

Tiffany soon came back to her senses and with a smile, she said to Sophia, “We’re going to be a family soon. You’re going to be my child. You should be happy about it.”

Then, she suddenly waved her hand and Sophia saw that there was a strange bracelet on her wrist. It looked like a tiny remote control.

“When Cooper and I get married, I’ll send you a great gift. You’ll definitely like it.”

Marry Cooper? Why is she so confident? Cooper doesn’t have feelings for her at all.

Sophia pouted her lips. She didn’t care about the gift at all and she replied, “Thanks.”

With that, she turned around and entered her bedroom. Her handsome husband was waiting for her to get in bed and she didn’t want to waste time talking to Tiffany.

The next day, Tiffany left after eating lunch at Sophia’s house. Even though she wanted to stick close to Cooper all day, she had a lot of matters to deal with. Tiffany wanted to regain control of Adams Group and everything that belonged to her.

During the time she was grieving for her daughter and her time in confinement after her miscarriage, Bailey had taken the opportunity to frantically remove the people in Adams Group who worked for her. He had done it quickly and ruthlessly, and it had lowered Tiffany’s status in the family business. She had to regain her power as soon as possible and Cooper was there to help her.

Quinton came back often and he brought them the latest news. Every time Sophia heard the updates, she got a little worried about Bailey.

Tiffany and Cooper are both adults. Is it really fair for both of them to go against a 15-year-old child together? It is an internal matter of Adams Group, so is it appropriate for an outsider like him to interfere? Oh well, children do not understand grown-up matters.

Winter had passed and autumn came. The air was crisp and the sun shone bright. Sophia hurriedly gathered the whole family to go for a short trip but unexpectedly, for many reasons, the luxury weekend farm tour turned into a half-day tour of the Bayside University football stadium.

The sunlight was warm that day. Sophia spread out the mat and laid out the food with her husband and child.

At first, she thought Michael wouldn’t be able to join them, but he came. Lately, he would accompany Sophia and Carmen whenever he had free time and didn’t go anywhere else. Michael even started to let Sophia participate in Asco International’s business affairs.

It seemed as if he wanted to enjoy a taste of retirement.

It’s time for me to slow down. I have worked too hard and too fast when I was young. I should take a break before getting back to work.

Michael grabbed a swivel peeler and peeled an apple for Carmen. As soon as he finished peeling the apple and handed it to Carmen, Quinton and Bailey appeared out of the blue.

Michael was surprised. Then, he saw Sophia wave at them. “We’re here! Both of you are two minutes late.”

Hearing this, Michael was stunned. Bailey is here because Sophia invited him? I can’t believe she secretly invited Bailey!

Bailey was wearing a cold expression and he was dressed in a sweatshirt. Even though it was autumn, he was only wearing one layer of clothes and his hair was pulled back with a sports headband. Quinton, who was walking behind him, was also dressed in sportswear with a basketball in his hand.

When Carmen saw Bailey, she raised the apple that Michael had peeled for her and yelled, “Bailey, have an apple!”

Michael once again hovered over the both of them. Bailey declined the apple that Carmen gave him because he could already sense Michael’s sullen gaze. After all, Bailey was an observant boy.

Sophia had invited him over today to talk about things. Seeing that Tiffany and Cooper were about to get married, Sophia couldn’t bear it anymore, and neither could Bailey.

The two of them had to discuss how to stop Cooper and Tiffany. In the end, Bailey accepted the fruit that Sophia peeled and under Michael’s vicious glare, he calmly took a bite.

While eating, the two of them started talking.

“Knowing Tiffany, this is definitely not her only option. I’m sure she has other backup plans,” Bailey said with a solemn expression.

Tiffany actually took a great risk to get pregnant this time and it was out of my expectations. This b*tch is much more cunning than I thought…

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