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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1408

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1408

“Welcome home.”

Michael came home early today and saw that Sophia had arrived home too. “How was the trip to the temple on the mountain?” he asked.

Michael walked up to hold Sophia’s hands but realized that her hands were extraordinarily cold.

He wrapped his big hands around hers, hoping to bring her warmth.

He could totally understand Sophia’s feelings.

Back then when he first found out that Quinton was his younger brother, he couldn’t accept it too even though it wasn’t Theo’s fault. At that time, Tanya had abducted Theo back to her drug nest and tortured and insulted him in every way possible. She even drugged and r*ped him in order to make him surrender. Theo could have gritted his teeth and fought back, but he had chosen to endure so that his identity would not be exposed.

So, he played along, pretending to have no power to resist and surrendered. At the same time, he secretly passed on information about the drug nest and arranged tactical plans. With that, he eventually demolished the drug nest and put an end to the turmoil in Golden Triangle which had lasted for a few decades. Now, the citizens in that area stayed away from drugs and were living a peaceful life.

Theo was not to be blamed for the incident which happened at that time. Nevertheless, Michael’s feeling upon discovering the existence of a younger brother was indeed indescribable.

And now, Sophia was going through exactly what he had experienced before.

However, Cooper’s case was more exceptional than Quinton’s.

Who would have expected Tiffany to have gotten Cooper’s gene and used it for herself?

Michael had never seen such a shameless woman.

In fact, his father-in-law was the most distressed because he was innocent. He had merely stored his sperm, yet it had been stolen. Now, someone was pregnant with his child and had come to pester him.

“Everything will be fine,” Michael cooed at Sophia in a low voice.

With a complicated look, he glanced toward Cooper.

According to his understanding toward his father-in-law, it was very likely that…

“Get well soon, Tiffany. We’ll talk about the rest later on.”

Eventually, Cooper heaved a sigh and said, “I’ll protect you and the child.”

With that, Cooper plodded up the stairs and went into his room. Wiping off her tears, Tiffany stood up, thereafter staggered toward the door under her bodyguard’s support.

She seemed to not have noticed Sophia when she passed by her at the entrance. Sobbing and sniffing, Tiffany got into the car and left under the bodyguards’ extensive protection.

Nevertheless, Sophia knew that Tiffany was extremely elated.

She would be able to tie Cooper down once the child was born.

This b*tch has indeed gone all-in. She even forced herself to conceive a child at this age.

At that moment, Sophia’s thoughts were extremely dark and evil.

Michael too had noticed that her hands were getting increasingly cold.

Michael shared Sophia’s stance and they were of the same opinion.

This child can never come to this world.

It was not just a matter of a fight over Cooper’s heritage and love. If that was the case, Michael would be pleased to see his father-in-law having more children, especially daughters, because then he would not devote all his attention to Sophia all the time, and Michael would be less pressured as his son-in-law.

But the problem was that the child’s mother was Tiffany, who was someone as wicked as Quinton. After the child was born, she would surely strive for more wealth on behalf of him, and might even go after Sophia and Linus.

At the moment, the family was pretty harmonious. Though there were often some minor disputes between Michael and Cooper, generally, the home environment was very decent. Cooper treated his son well, Linus and Sophia were close with each other, and there were neither intrigues nor conflicts of interest within the family. However, things would be different once Tiffany’s child was born.

Since Cooper is soft-hearted and can’t bear to get rid of the child himself, as his son-in-law, I should give him a hand!

And so, Michael secretly made a call to Anna.

The call had caught Anna off guard because she rarely crossed paths with Michael and only knew him mainly through his movies. She was aware of this son-in-law’s backgrounds and achievements. As a mother-in-law, she was extremely satisfied with him.

Anna remained silent for a moment after Michael had finished narrating, and then answered, “I believe Cooper will handle this matter well.”

“What if he fails?” Michael asked.

Smiling faintly, Anna said, “Then he doesn’t deserve my love.”

With that, Michael was rendered speechless.

Then, they made some small talk before hanging up.

He wondered how his father-in-law would settle the issue this time. In fact, many relationship issues between men and women were self-induced as a result of their indecisiveness and ambivalence, and there was no one else to blame.

If there were any ambiguities at all, then the cause would either be that the love between the two wasn’t genuine, or that one party was deliberately running away from problems. An illustration was that there would always be an ignorant man behind every bad relationship between his mother and wife.

There were never any ambiguities between him and Sophia even though they had been separated in the past, and they had encountered exes who seeked to stir up trouble too.

It would be disappointing if Cooper still remained indecisive this time round. This kind of matters must be handled in a firm and accurate manner, or else the consequences would be dire. Irene Weber was the perfect example. Back then, Michael failed to settle with her as soon as possible and it had nearly caused Sophia to be harmed.

No one had an idea about how Cooper would handle this matter. Nevertheless, Cooper seemed to have not changed since Tiffany’s visit. He worked from home every day and would stay in his study room until late night. After dinner, he would spend some time with the family watching TV, fight over the TV remote control, and have a chat with Theo. Besides, he would sternly exhort Sophia to quickly get rid of the dogs at home, yet still joyfully walked the dogs the next morning.

On the other hand, Sophia had been racking her brains thinking of ways to get rid of Tiffany’s unborn child.

Cooper was determined to keep Tiffany’s unborn child, and Tiffany too had been extra vigilant since this was her only chance to turn the corner. As such, it was not an easy task to kill the child.

Michael watched as Sophia diligently prepared a proposal.

Plan A: Drug her. The pros are simple execution and high effectiveness whereas the cons is that we might get caught.

Plan B: Lure her out and beat her up.

Plan C: Hire an assassin. P.S. Quinton will not take up the task but he can be the middleman to refer other assassins to us. He’ll earn a 20% commission.

Plan D: Bribe Tiffany’s private doctor to cause a medical accident.

Michael became speechless.

She actually placed the proposal blatantly on the bedside table. Isn’t she afraid of being exposed?

Sophia had secretly taken action too besides writing the proposal.

Tiffany stayed in a bungalow arranged by Cooper in the outskirts of town. He had sent a dozen staff including chauffeurs, chefs, servants, and bodyguards to look after Tiffany. As such, Tiffany was well-protected, and her diets were strictly controlled.

It was indeed arduous to defeat her. Since Cooper was having Tiffany’s back, the child would definitely be safe unless Tiffany decided to give up the child.

Cheesed off, Sophia even wrote curses about Tiffany’s child in her room and placed her writings at the common area visible to Cooper.

Though Cooper knew Sophia detested the child, he pretended to not have seen the curses.

Failing to cause Tiffany to have a miscarriage, Sophia complained about having chest tightness these few days so Michael accompanied her to the hospital for a checkup, and they dropped by to visit the gyenecologist.

She was experiencing breast swelling but was still not pregnant. Truth was, her health had been severely affected in the early years and it was already a great blessing to have been able to conceive her first child.

Upon recognizing that it was hard for Sophia to get pregnant, both Sophia and Michael were disappointed. However, they did not expect that they would bump into Tiffany, who was here for a prenatal checkup, as they walked out from the hospital distraughtly.

Tiffany’s face was glowing. Looking at Tiffany’s belly which had barely increased in size, Sophia became extremely jealous at that instant. Not only is she pregnant, but she is even pregnant with twins!

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