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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1407

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1407

Wearing a matching outfit with Carmen, Michael looked at Carmen delightedly as she chattered like a joyful lark. However, he turned around to find Sophia wearing a long face.

“Are you okay?” Michael asked concernedly.

Sophia forced a rueful smile and said, “I’m fine.”

She had not brought up the matter to Michael because she didn’t want him to become aware of it, nor did she want Carmen and the other family members to discover it.

However, she had told Sean about it.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Sean furrowed his brows upon hearing her plan.

Sophia would always come to Sean whenever she had a problem. He was like a walking encyclopedia for emotional issues. He would be able to provide extraordinary solutions and clear analysis for all kinds of troubles including relationship disputes, psychological issues or even irregular menstruation. Even so, there was no progress between him and Stanley yet.

“Yes, I’ve made up my mind,” Sophia answered determinedly.

Sean heaved a sigh. It seemed like neither were there other solutions at the moment.

Actually, it was better to get rid of the child earlier since things might get more complicated if the child was born. Sean even provided Sophia with counselling services.

“It’s okay. The Cethosian Law does not acknowledge fetal rights. Technically speaking, it is still a fetus now. Killing a fetus does not count as murder. I’ll help you.”

The plan to destroy Tiffany’s unborn child became much easier with Sean’s assistance. At least, Sophia had overcome the emotional hurdle.

In order to eliminate all feelings of guilt, that very night, Sophia traveled to Reverie Mountain where Daniel Levine was to offer incense, donate some money, and fast. Thereafter, she quickly went home to get down to business.

However, she had not expected Tiffany to have made a move before her.

Rushing back from Reverie Mountain, she spotted Carmen playing in the yard even before she entered the house. “The old lady with big boobs is here again. She’s crying to Grandpa in the house and Grandpa sent me out,” Carmen muttered in a displeased manner.

The old lady with big boobs?

Tiffany the b*tch has come to our place!

The door was closed. Sophia gently pushed it open and heard Tiffany wailing miserably in the living room.

“Cooper, I know you detest this child, but he is my only offspring now. Your daughter has already killed Betsy. Are you going to kill my second child now?”

Tiffany had actually confessed to Cooper first to gain the upper hand!

It seemed like Sophia had to burn her bridges now to go after Tiffany’s unborn child.

A cold shiver ran down Sophia’s spine but the next second, she boiled with rage.

What a shameless b*tch!

Tiffany was kneeling in front of Cooper in the living room. Holding tightly onto his thigh, she cried her eyes out in despair as she begged Cooper in a low voice while sobbing incessantly.

“I’m already forty-something this year. I’ve taken out all my frozen ovum from the bank and this is the only one that was fertilized successfully. Cooper, do you know how much I’ve suffered to get this child? And do you know how risky it was for me to conceive this child?”

“You know you’re the only one in my heart and I’ve been waiting for you all these years! Though I was married a few times, I didn’t want to bear children for any other men because my only wish is for you to be the father of my next child. I had no choice but to turn to this last resort after waiting for so many years.”

“How could you be so heartless? Your daughter already killed my daughter, yet you want to kill our child next? He is innocent!”

Sure enough, Cooper was put in a difficult position upon knowing the truth about Tiffany’s pregnancy.

His greatest worry had eventually come to pass.

His genes had fallen into the hands of Jordan, and Jordan had actually given it to Tiffany.

And now, Tiffany was pregnant with his child.

Back then, Jordan had sent someone who perfectly imitated Annabel to seduce Cooper, and Cooper had been acting along with the woman to lure her into exposing information about Annabel. In order to put on a seamless act, he even had to sleep with the woman.

Cooper had been extra vigilant every night to prevent the impostor from getting pregnant with his child. He would use hypnotic fragrance together with a high-tech instrument which could manipulate human’s brain waves to induce hallucination upon the impostor. As such, the impostor thought she had already slept with Cooper and even pretended to have conceived his child so that she could threaten him.

Cooper would definitely not harm children. Every child was an angel and innocent, but how could he accept that Tiffany was pregnant with his child?

What would Anna think of this child?

As a result of technological advancement, the development of organ transplantation, test tube babies, and even clones had gradually emerged. Such technologies constantly challenged human’s ethical principles and so, there would always be a group of scholars protesting outside the headquarter of Michel Group from time to time. They would remonstrate against issues such as the company’s overly innovative robots, their engagement in cloning technology research, and their unduly advancement in artificial intelligence technology which was causing the degeneration of the human race.

Cooper had not expected the repercussions to hit him this soon.

He wasn’t the one who got her pregnant, but the child was indeed his.

Was he really going to kill his own child?

No, he couldn’t bear to. Though the child was still a fetus now, he was part of him.

Later, this fetus would grow into a child of Cooper’s.

Moreover, it was a fact that Sophia had killed Betsy. Even if Cooper could find thousands of excuses to run away from his responsibility, the fact would not change.

Meanwhile, Theo and his three children stayed away from the living room as they had no intention to meddle with Cooper’s affairs, though they still peeked at him out of curiosity. On the other hand, the bunch of dogs had actually gathered around to watch the scene. Subconsciously, Cooper glanced toward Sophia who had just entered the house and Linus who had rushed back home too.

The two siblings stared at Cooper with mixed emotions as they awaited his response.

Looking downward at Tiffany who was crying in despair and thereafter gazing toward Sophia and Linus, Cooper felt extremely conflicted.

Sophia and Linus would undoubtedly still be his most precious children, but Tiffany’s unborn baby was his child too. How could he bear to annihilate the child when he was already a four-month-old fetus?

Tiffany was still weeping. “Bailey won’t allow my child to be born. Cooper, I’ve once had the thought of using this child to tie you down. However, now that Betsy is gone, I’ve lost all my kin. All I want is this child and nothing else.”

“I need this child. He is my only hope to stay alive and I can’t afford to lose him! For the sake of our many years of friendship, please, I’m begging you to save my child and I.”

Feeling extremely afflicted, Cooper closed his eyes.

He knew whatever he said now would be useless because he couldn’t possibly ignore the child after he was born. After all, the child was his offspring too, just like Sophia and Linus. Though it was not a fruit of love between him and the woman he loved, it did not change the fact that the child belonged to him. He couldn’t remain apathetic.

Tiffany’s sobbing mixed with the sound of Celine munching on sunflower seeds and watermelon was making the atmosphere in the living room become increasingly bizarre.

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