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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1405

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1405

Feeling hateful and disgusted, Tiffany smiled coldly as she had finally seen his true colors.

She could vividly remember seeing Sarah and Sophia at the scene when she opened the door.

Cooper’s daughter too contributed to Betsy’s death, so of course he would side with his daughter!

Tiffany felt like her infatuation with him for the past twenty years had been for nothing.

Cooper was just another heartless man!

She had devoted her heart to him, but he did not care for her at all!

Tiffany was already in deep water herself, let alone be able to seek revenge for Betsy. Bailey had seized the chance to sabotage her and had probably gotten rid of her confidants. Being in an isolated and helpless state, she might even have a miscarriage anytime now.

Cooper was the only person in Bayside City who could help her.

Though Cooper was an outsider, he was aware of the internal dispute within the Adams Family.

Now that Tiffany had lost her daughter, he would certainly not sit on his hands. “Tiffany, I’ll arrange a safe location for you and send some men to protect you. Deliver the baby safely and take good care of yourself, and only then you can repossess your power.”

With that, Cooper left in a hurry. It was dinner time, and his two darlings were still waiting for him at home to have dinner together.

He was indeed kind and kept his word to send some men to look after Tiffany. He was sure that Bailey would go after her.

As a friend and an outsider, that was the most that he could do, and he had already fulfilled his responsibility as a friend.

As for the incident of Betsy abducting Hope, if it hadn’t been for Cooper who mediated in between, and Bailey who had been wise enough to go meet the Winstons in person to apologize, the Winstons would definitely not have let the matter drop just like that.

This time, Betsy had only herself to blame. The Winstons had pulled strings with the related officers and effortlessly, it had been ruled that they were acting in self-defense. The Adams Family was unaffected by Betsy’s death at all while their insurance company operated as usual. They had even made a fuss about Betsy’s death and demanded compensation from the Winstons.

Sharp-witted, Bailey had taken the opportunity to eliminate Tiffany after Betsy’s death and had profited from Betsy’s misfortune. On the other hand, Tiffany had lost everything overnight and had to live under Cooper’s protection.

Cooper’s implication had been very clear. He would not meddle with the Adams Family’s internal dispute, but he was determined to protect Tiffany’s unborn child.

By rights, Bailey shouldn’t be so unsensible to provoke Cooper at this moment.

However, he actually had the nerve to do so. He was determined to not let the child be born.

Meanwhile, at The Imperial…

“No more dogs in this house!”

Cooper had been busy helping Tiffany to settle down these few days. When he went home, he was surprised to see another bunch of Huskies. Stanley had sent all his ex-wife’s dogs to Sophia’s place, and so there were six more Huskies in the house all of a sudden. Together with the three existing Huskies, they became a nona-Cereberus.

The house was all taken up by the dogs!

Sophia mumbled resentfully, “I’ll keep just one pup and will send the others away once they’ve grown up.”

Nevertheless, Cooper still rebuked her sternly, “I’m not going to let you keep any more dogs. We already have many at home.”

Sophia pouted her lips.

Indeed, they already had many dogs. There were a bunch of black dogs in their mansion at Riverdale in addition to the six dogs at their current place. Well, you just need extra dog bowls for the new dogs. That’s no big deal.

Though Cooper blew a fuse every time, he would still gladly walk the dogs the next day. He had even placed the new pups in Carmen’s stroller which she used when she was younger and took them out for a walk.

Walking the dogs, Cooper felt as if he was walking his grandchildren.

Actually, Cooper was a loving person. Though he looked grim in normal days, he loved cats and dogs, and he loved children even more. He would occasionally visit the temple to pray to the god of childbirth for Sophia to have another child.

Sophia was aware that Cooper had put Tiffany under protection, and Tiffany would have born her second child the next time Sophia met her.

A child whose father was unknown.

Sophia knew she shouldn’t stay put anymore as things would become even more complicated if she continued sitting back.

One day, she finally grabbed the chance to ask Cooper after he came home from walking the new puppies. “Dad, do you know who is the father of Tiffany’s unborn child?”

Cooper knew Sophia had participated in the incident the other day too, but he acted dumb and had not talked about Betsy’s death with Sophia at all.

This was Cooper’s first time hearing Sophia bringing up Tiffany and Betsy at home. “I’m not sure either,” he answered.

Then, he exhorted Sophia earnestly, “Tiffany lost her husband when she was only in her twenties, and now she has lost her only daughter in her forties. Don’t meddle with her affairs anymore in the future, alright?”

All the while, Cooper had merely deemed Tiffany as a friend and a business partner. Ever since Annabel left, there were only three kinds of women in this world to Cooper—the living ones, the dead ones, and Annabel. Obviously, Tiffany belonged to the category of the living ones.

He was not interested in her, but neither did he want to see Sophia driving her into a corner because of Betsy.

As such, he said those words as a reminder to Sophia.

Sure enough, Sophia stopped asking thereafter.

It seemed like Cooper was totally unconcerned of the identity of the unborn child’s father. To him, there was no difference no matter who the father was. He only wished to protect his old friend’s only child. After all, Tiffany had rendered him great assistance in the past.

Nevertheless, Sophia knew there must be something fishy about Tiffany’s unborn child, though she was aware that Bailey didn’t make the call to remind her out of kindness, but to make use of her to get rid of Tiffany’s child. The child was Tiffany’s final hope, and it would definitely be a huge blow to her if the child was killed. What was more, she might never be able to turn the corner anymore.

Bailey recognized that since Cooper was determined to keep the child, anyone who went after the child would get on his nerves, except Sophia.

On the other hand, since Sophia was already aware of the child’s origin, she would certainly not allow the child to be born. Even if Cooper attempted to stop her, she would not back out.

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