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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1402

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1402

As soon as Cooper came in, he was instantly overwhelmed by what he saw.

In fact, he already warned Tiffany long before that something terrible would happen to her daughter if she didn’t control her.

As expected, things had gone terribly wrong.

Tiffany was in her forties and only had one daughter. Now, her only child was lying motionlessly on the ground. Cooper couldn’t help but to be reminded of back then when he held his daughter in the same way. The feeling of desperation, helplessness, and heartbreak was still fresh in his memory.

“Quickly, get a doctor here!”

Soon, doctors came and took away Betsy, who had been stabbed into a messy pile of flesh. Tiffany staggered as she followed closely behind them.

In fact, Tiffany was a good friend of Cooper’s. At this point in time, she had just lost her only descendant, so this was surely a huge blow to her. Cooper couldn’t leave her, so he followed her to examine the situation and take care of her along the way.

After Cooper and Tiffany left, Sarah seemed to have let go of her anger before she leapt into Harry’s arms, ignoring the fact that she was soaked in blood.

“Holy sh*t, I was scared to death!”

As Harry held and comforted her, he led her out the door while the people of Winston and Adams Family stayed behind to clear the area.

When Sophia stared at the blood on the floor, she knew that she was the one who had killed Betsy, and Sarah was just taking the blame for her.

Even though she had stabbed Betsy by accident and Harry would have still killed Betsy when he arrived, she still felt uneasy to let someone else take the blame for her. In fact, Hope might have been injured along the way too.

When Michael held her hand, he realized it was also covered in blood. “What happened?”

Sophia gazed at Cooper as he hurried away, then shook her head and remained silent before going home with Michael.

Before they left, Michael realized Bailey was still there surveying the murder scene in the room.

As Bailey stared at the blood that was all over the place, Michael seemed to have caught a sinister glow in his eyes.

It looked like excitement and pleasure…

With Betsy’s death, Tiffany must be devastated from her loss. Sure enough, the biggest beneficiary was Bailey at this moment.

Even though the root cause of this matter wasn’t him and his excitement seemed normal from his perspective, Michael couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of that look on a fifteen-year-old’s face.

In his hands, he was still holding the three apricot seeds that were given to him by Carmen.

When they got home, Sophia couldn’t sit still. Meanwhile, Harry was worried about Sarah and had sent her to the hospital. Luckily, she only had minor injuries after fighting with Betsy and Hope was unharmed. He was smart enough to know that he was going to be kidnapped and he wouldn’t be able to escape, so he pretended to be submissive. The only thing he suffered from was being kissed in the face and being covered in lipstick.

Soon, Linus received an update: Betsy was pronounced dead.

In reality, she had long been stabbed to death by Sarah. Sending her to the hospital was just a last attempt at saving her life.

At once, Tiffany broke down at the loss of her beloved daughter. As her best good and because he empathized with her, Cooper stayed at the hospital with Tiffany.

Cooper knew and understood what Tiffany was feeling right now. Even though Betsy deserved it, Tiffany still lost her daughter—her only child.

On the other hand, Sophia was restless and had no appetite at all. Michael assumed she was just frightened from watching Sarah kill a person, so he specially had vegetarian dishes made for dinner.

That evening, there were fewer people at their residence. Justin had gone abroad for a meeting while Celine had brought her daughter to stay at the Fletcher residence. Meanwhile, Carmen had gone to play with the other kids next door and Cooper was keeping Tiffany company. As for Linus, he was busy with work at the office.

Sophia was gazing at the table full of vegetarian dishes and still couldn’t eat. Staring blankly at her food, she poked at it with her fork.

“Alright, stop thinking about it. It had nothing to do with you. Here, have some vegetables,” Michael scooped a spoonful of vegetables and placed it on her plate. Still, Sophia thought it was tasteless and couldn’t even swallow.

After hesitating for a moment, she decided to tell Michael the whole story of what happened today.

“… I wasn’t trying to kill her at all. I just wanted to use the knife to restrain her, and I didn’t know…”

She didn’t know how the knife had ended up in Betsy. She didn’t know if Betsy had accidentally crashed into her or if she had subconsciously stabbed her.

Either way, she was also responsible for her death even though if she hadn’t killed her today, Harry would have.

Betsy lost her life. She had killed someone, and she couldn’t possibly pretend to forget about it.

Upon hearing the whole story, Michael was very calm and did not show any expression.

When Sophia was done speaking, he comforted her, “It’s okay, it was my fault. I should have gone with you guys.”

In fact, he was also home at that time. When Sophia and Sarah went out, he had left not long after. When he arrived at the filming set, he received the news and rushed over to the scene immediately.

If he had been more attentive and asked, the women wouldn’t have had to experience this.

Furthermore, Hope was his godson. He, as a godfather, should have done something.

These things should have been done by the men.

In fact, the reason Michael and Harry rushed over was to kill Betsy. To hell with the Adams Family! They were only tolerant toward the Adam Family on Cooper’s account. Now, they had crossed the line and the young-looking father-in-law was at his limits too.

In fact, Cooper was a person who knew right from wrong. Even if Michael knew he was going to offend him, he would still willingly help Harry to kill Betsy.

Michael had also been worried that the child would be frightened and had informed Sophia in advance to protect the child. To his surprise, the both of them had killed Betsy themselves.

If anything, that saved some time and lessened the risks.

Upon seeing Sophia’s frown, Michael tried to persuade her. “Come on, you have to eat something. Even if you didn’t kill her, she was still going to die today.”

Of course, Sophia knew that, but she still felt grim about it. After all, Tiffany was Cooper’s good friend, and she had lost her daughter… No, she still had a child in her belly.

Her daughter deserved to die anyway!

Thinking about it this way, Sophia felt better.

Kidnapping Hope was already a violation of the law, so their actions could be considered self-defense.

At the end of the day, however, she still killed someone. As such, she ate more vegetarian dishes to feel better about not having any animals harmed for this meal of hers. At that moment, the little twinge in her heart was almost gone.

Sean and Stanley had heard the news and came over to visit Sarah in the evening, and Sophia tagged along.

Sarah had been medicated while Hope’s face had been cleaned.

As a matter of fact, the child seemed to be used to this and was emotionally stable. He was doing his homework calmly as usual.

As a successor of the Winston Family, he was already prepared to deal with the devastations of a storm at any time.

Harry also knew that Sophia was the one who stabbed Betsy first, but this didn’t matter anymore because he would be taking the blame for everything.

After all, he was supposed to be the one who stabbed her.

“Old friend, I’m afraid you won’t be marrying into a rich family soon.”

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