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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1398

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1398

Sophia held the puppy in her hands and she gazed at it.

It was covered in only a thin layer of fur and its pink skin was still visible; it was light as a feather in her hands.

“Hubby, look at its little claws and paws. How cute!”

In her hands, the newborn puppy looked like a little ball of flesh.

At that moment, Sophia had on a pair of gloves that looked like the ones she would usually wear when she had barbequed meat. As such, the father of the puppy leapt forward and started to whine at her.

And so, Sophia unhappily placed the puppy back to the litter before she huffed at Cash, “Alright, alright. I was just looking so stop barking at me.”

As soon as Cash saw the puppy had returned safely to the litter, it rested on its stomach and watched Sophia warily. It was worried that she would do something strange to that puppy with that pair of gloves again.

Meanwhile, another husky—Penny—came over to sniff it for a brief moment and left, leaving Cash who stayed to guard the litter and the mother. Now, they knew for sure who was the father of the litter.

However, Sophia still couldn’t help but feel a little ache as she saw the puppies; they were just too cute! She wondered if Carmen also looked like a tiny ball of flesh back when she gave birth to her…

It was too bad that she had forgotten all about it.

Sophia loved kids. In fact, she yearned to have another child but her health had not been in the best condition and she kept failing to conceive. As such, she had been tending to her health but unfortunately, her body was too weak and it would be difficult for her to conceive again.

When she was younger, she lived a tough life and that was when her illness started. Now, it would not be easy for her to have a baby. Even if she did, there would be complications during birth.

Sophia had considered going overseas to find a legal surrogate but she felt that it would be strange to have her baby coming out of someone else’s body, even though it had her genes.

She also wanted to try IVF but she heard that it was very painful, and that it was better not to take that step unless it was absolutely necessary.

In the end, Sophia decided it was best to conceive naturally.

However, there had been no changes in her body.

She felt like there was nothing she was missing in life except a second child.

Other families already had their second or third child, while she only had Carmen. Now that Cethos had ended the one-child policy, she thought her belly should end its ‘policy’ too.

Though, she wasn’t even thirty yet so she was in no hurry. Meanwhile, Tiffany was in her forties and she was still pregnant.

Speaking of her… For some reason, Sophia felt disturbed at the thought of Tiffany’s child.

She wondered what was the deal with that.

Since they knew about her pregnancy, things were quiet for a couple of days. However, on the third day, Tiffany came again early in the morning.

She was only three months along, so there had not been major changes to her body yet and it still remained in shape.

Sophia stole a few glances at Tiffany from the side.

She was already in her forties, yet she was pregnant. Moreover, the risks of late pregnancy were huge. She must know that.

So, who exactly did she conceive this child with?

As if she had forgotten about her birthday party a few days ago when she was stood up by Cooper, Tiffany came prancing over again today for a business meeting with Cooper.

Although it was a business meeting, she was wearing a low-cut dress as always.

On this day, it just so happened that Stanley and Sean were here to see the puppies with Maisie and they would be staying for lunch. As such, the atmosphere at their home instantly became lively. With that said, everyone who was there saw how Tiffany’s huge breasts bounced.

What an eyesore!

As a matter of fact, Michael had a dislike for those whose surname was Adams.

The younger one was trying to hit on his daughter while the older one was trying to hit on his father-in-law.

Neither of them were better than the other.

These Goddamn insurance people!

After sticking around for lunch, Tiffany tagged along with Cooper—who happened to have some things to do—and they left together. Not long after, Michael left too.

As soon as Tiffany was gone, Sean stressed, “You need to be careful around Tiffany. She’s not as innocent as she seems.”

Naturally, Sophia was aware of this.

She knew that Tiffany was almost as sick as Quinton.

On top of that, Sophia was definitely going to wait for the opportunity to confront Cooper and stop him from being a dad of a child that wasn’t his!

On a relaxing weekend afternoon, everyone was chatting in the living room, discussing where the dogs were going.

Upon learning that they were dividing the puppies, Sarah rushed over to pick one for herself. When she picked hers, she left a mark on it and was gazing at the dogs happily. Suddenly, her phone lit up in her pocket and she pulled it out to look.

As soon as she took a glance, her happy and youthful face instantly turned dark.

“Fcking btch!” she cursed before rushing out again.

“What happened?” Sophia asked and followed Sarah; she had a feeling things weren’t as simple as it seemed. Judging from Sarah’s demeanor, it looked like something serious had happened.

As Sarah stormed out, she growled, “That fcking btch, I’m going to kill her! I’ll kill her!” Her youthful face was full of rage. Even though she had been Mrs. Winston for a long time, she never behaved calmly like a grown woman should.

Fcking btch?

Is Harry messing around with other women?

No; that can’t be. It is usually the man-eaters who will grab any opportunity to pounce on him.

Just then, Sarah went home and changed her shoes before leaving. Upon seeing that she was not in the right state, Sophia went after her and got into the car with her.

In the car, Sarah had a sullen expression and did not speak a word. Grabbing Sarah’s phone, Sophia saw that someone had sent a photo to her anonymously. In that photo was Hope, who had recently been sent to join a painting class. It turned out that Sarah really wanted him to pick up drawing as a skill and become an elegant artist in the future.

Much to Sophia’s surprise, on Hope’s little face was a huge lipstick stain.

In the photo, Hope was carrying his backpack as he looked icily at the camera. Next to him was a person in black who was holding him.

It looked like Hope had been kidnapped!

All at once, Sophia was outraged and disgusted.

“Who is this? How dare they…”

They kissed Hope’s cheek and deliberately left a lipstick stain!

At that point, Sarah was grim. Pressing her lips together, she spat through gritted teeth, “Betsy.”

Sure enough, it was her again.

She was Harry’s die-hard fan and Tiffany’s daughter—it was clear the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

She had deliberately sent the photo to provoke Sarah.

“Hurry up and call Mr. Blond!” Sophia urged.

However, Sarah remained silent.

In the email, Betsy specifically instructed Sarah to go over.

When Sarah left, she did not contact Harry, who was away shooting for a film, because she knew that Betsy wanted to negotiate with her again.

Furthermore, Sarah knew that she was who Betsy wanted. Once she was there, Betsy would release Hope.

The easiest way for Betsy to replace Sarah as Harry’s wife was to get Sarah to leave.

Since Betsy wanted to negotiate, then Sarah was going to make sure they settle this once and for all!

Seeing that Sarah did not respond, Sophia kept an eye on her and discreetly texted Michael and Sean.

Soon, they arrived at a high-class hotel and went to the room Betsy specified. At the entrance, there were already people who had been waiting for their arrival.

Upon entering the room, there was a romantic candlelight dinner set up in the room and the food smelled delicious.

At that moment, Betsy was feeding Hope, who was sitting across from her. While feeding him, she cooed, “Say ‘Mommy’!”

Meanwhile, Hope looked indifferent. On his tender little face was an eye-catching lipstick stain which was the same color as the one Betsy had on her lips.

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