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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1397

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1397

“What’s going on?” Sophia wondered out loud, surprised written all over her face. Then, she hurriedly placed the dog in the car and followed Tiffany into the obstetrics and gynecology department.

That b*tch is pregnant? When did she get pregnant? Isn’t she pursuing Cooper? How can she be pregnant? Is she pursuing Cooper because she is pregnant and wants him to raise her child, or is it possible that the baby belongs to Cooper? Oh my goodness; Cooper slept with her!

Sophia observed Tiffany discreetly. After Tiffany left, Sophia immediately ran over to see her files, which revealed that Tiffany was three months pregnant with twins.

Three months… Tiffany is three months pregnant. Who is the father? I remember that she wasn’t in Bayside City three months ago so I’m sure that Cooper is not the father. However, she pursues Cooper like crazy. The babies don’t belong to him but she chases after him everyday. Moreover, Cooper seems to have changed his mind about her. I’m guessing Tiffany is definitely planning to let Cooper take care of her children!

Sophia rushed home in a hurry to stop Cooper from going to Tiffany’s birthday party, wanting to warn him to stay away from her. However, as soon as she entered the house, she heard Cooper say to Linus, “Linus, Tiffany’s birthday party is in a few days but I have some things to deal with so I can’t go. Looks like you’ll have to attend the party on my behalf.”

Linus, who just came home from the office, was stunned when he heard this. “Dad, where are you going?”

“Your sister told me that the husky is about to give birth soon and she has never helped a dog give birth before, so she’s a little nervous,” Cooper murmured. “I have to stay by her side and help her.”

Hearing this, Linus was silent for a moment before he murmured, “Fine; I’ll go on your behalf.”

This matter is indeed more important than Tiffany’s birthday party.

Standing at the door, Sophia felt speechless.

I think I may have been overthinking things. In Cooper’s eyes, Tiffany is just a business partner and a friend but from an emotional level, Tiffany is even less important than my dog. Come to think of it, Cooper is really cold and cruel.

The day of Tiffany’s birthday party finally arrived and the dog started to show signs of giving birth. Seeing that it was about to give birth soon, Cooper decided not to attend the celebrations. New lives were about to enter their family so it was really important to him—he couldn’t leave.

It was probably an excuse to not go to Tiffany’s birthday party. However, Sophia didn’t want Linus to go either. For some reason, she felt that Tiffany had hidden intentions.

On Tiffany’s birthday, when Tiffany, who was dressed extremely sexy that day, heard the knock on the door, she opened the door in excitement. However, she didn’t see Cooper, who she was expecting; instead, she saw Linus and Sophia standing outside the door.

Before her grin of joy could fully turn into a beaming smile, it froze.

Tiffany was living in a hotel suite and it was really expensive. She told Cooper that she was hosting a birthday party but when she opened the door, Sophia noticed that the lively party that she described wasn’t there.

Sophia glanced into the room and only saw the maid setting the table. A candlelight dinner had been set on the square table and the red wine was chilled, while an alluring and charming aroma wafted out of the room; a sniff of the fragrance could make a man fall head over heels.

Judging by the situation, if Cooper really came, he would be in great danger.

Sophia knew that Tiffany was in a bad mood after she saw them but Sophia still smiled and said, “Miss Tiffany, my dad has a last minute important meeting he needs to attend today so he can’t come. He says that he’s sorry.”

Linus presented her the gift that they prepared; he opened it and revealed a skincare set.

However, Tiffany didn’t even take a look at Cooper’s gift. In her gaze, there was a mix of disappointment and anger. She coldly glanced at Sophia and Linus before her lips curled into her usual polite smile.

“Oh—he’s busy?”

As she spoke, she made way for them and murmured, “Come in.”

Linus and Sophia both knew that Tiffany wasn’t happy but they shrugged off goosebumps and followed her into the room.

Tiffany was wearing a sexy pajama set underneath a silk robe. Her slender and fair legs were vaguely visible and it was really attractive.

The candlelight dinner, red wine and enchanting aroma, coupled with the ambiguous atmosphere in the room was easy to get someone in the mood—there were hints all over. Seeing this, Linus felt extremely awkward. Meanwhile, Sophia’s gaze was focused on Tiffany’s belly.

She’s three months pregnant but it’s not quite obvious.

Staring at Tiffany’s stomach, Sophia felt an inexplicable hostility toward the twins in Tiffany’s belly whose father was unknown. However, she had nothing to do with those two babies.

After Sophia and Linus went in, they exchanged pleasantries with Tiffany. A short while later, they excused themselves; Tiffany obviously didn’t want them around either. After sending them off, the hostess slammed the door with an ear-piercing bang.

Linus and Sophia glanced at each other before they left in a hurry.

When they arrived home, it was chaotic. Cooper anxiously went in and out of the dog’s room and he was wearing gloves for delivery, which had some blood on it. He looked really busy. It turned out that the dog was in the midst of giving birth but unfortunately, there were a few complications.

Fortunately for them, Theo had a lot of experience in delivering pigs so he was the one in charge of the complicated delivery.

After they entered the dog’s room, they saw a few men standing around the dog’s bed looking really worried.

Theo cheered the husky on as he tried to deliver her babies. “Come on! Breathe in… Harder! There’s two more babies left!”

Michael was standing at the side and he had gloves on too.

In a stern tone, Theo said, “Sons, the two of you are all grown up now. You are both stronger and more capable than me so there’s nothing much I can teach you. The skill of helping animals deliver babies is the only thing I can teach you. Take a closer look—the hardest part is coming.”

Michael looked helpless. He didn’t want to learn this ancestral trade but Theo was really eager to teach him. Theo owed them too much in this life so he felt that he would feel better if he taught Michael this trade.

Quinton rolled his eyes as he watched by the side. Theo also wanted to teach him this trade but Quinton was a doctor of medicine. Furthermore, he was also the one who delivered Carmen…

“I brought the nutrition cream!” Cooper ran into the room, panic written all over his face. He had brought over the dog’s favorite nutrition cream, which Theo then placed next to the dog’s mouth.

“Come and eat some yummy food. We’ll continue after you’re full.”

The dog struggled to eat the nutrition cream and after it was done, it obediently continued to give birth.

“Harder! Push harder! Oh no—I’m not asking you to shit!”

“Son, clean up the dog poop.”

Sophia entered the dog’s delivery room and asked, “Do you need my help?”

Theo frowned and quickly replied, “We don’t have any more sterilized gloves. You can’t help us.”

Upon hearing this, Sophia left the room. When she returned, she was wearing a pair of gloves that were meant for food. She poked her head in and asked, “Do you need my help?”

Seeing that, everyone was speechless. In the end, it wasn’t until late at night that the five puppies were finally born. Michael put a collar on each dog according to the order they were born to distinguish them before carefully placing them next to their mother.

Sophia held a puppy and stared at it. The newborn puppy was just born so it was soft and small.

“Hubby, look! It’s so pretty,” Sophia cooed in admiration.

Michael immediately frowned.

It’s not strange for her to think the puppy is pretty, but when she said it while she’s wearing food grade gloves, I can’t help but think that she’s actually hungry…

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