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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1396

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1396

Everyone was stunned but when they wanted to ask questions, Linus told them he was exhausted and left. They knew that it was a tiring day for him so they didn’t pressure him.

Cooper also did not bring up this matter, probably because he didn’t want to drag Sophia into it.

However, as one of Cooper’s favorites, Sean seemed to know something and he told Sophia.

“It’s not an accident or a mistake. Cooper’s sperm was switched long ago on purpose. Twenty years ago, the cryobank that he stored his sperm in was owned by Marks Real Estates. At that time, the Marks family already belonged to Jordan, which means Cooper had stored his sperm in Jordan’s territory. After conducting a test, it is confirmed that the sperm that he retrieved belongs to Jordan.”

Hearing this, Sophia broke into cold sweat.

This kind of attack made people uncomfortable both physically and psychologically.

“Is Jordan Edwards mentally ill?” Sophia shouted in anger.

Sean shook his head. “It seems so.”

Jordan is seriously mentally ill! Twenty years ago, Cooper was still a young man and had no grudges against him. However, not only did he want to destroy Cooper, he even messed with his genes.

If it weren’t for the changes that happened, many years later in the future when Cooper couldn’t have children, he might have headed to the cryobank to retrieve his sperm and look for another high-quality gene to have a child.

Then, Cooper will teach the child everything he knows and give him the power to handle all of his fortune, all the while completely clueless that the child isn’t his.

That is just sick and disgusting!

Fortunately, they had found out in time. This incident also made Cooper have a better understanding of how cruel Jordan was.

I really cannot imagine what other tricks Jordan will come up with to destroy Cooper.

Jordan is downright ruthless and cruel—he doesn’t care about law or reason at all. From a certain perspective, Ryan and Henry are more like him. They are barbaric and dirty, and they inherited Jordan’s inhumane character. They can do all kinds of harm but as they don’t have Jordan’s brains, they died at an early age.

However, Sean was worried about something. “They have Cooper’s genes now and I’m afraid that they might use it for bad intentions.”

Sophia was worried about the same thing. She didn’t want to see some evil brothers and sisters suddenly appear out of nowhere. Sophia didn’t really care if they fought for Cooper’s inheritance but she was afraid that they might hurt him…

Meanwhile, Tiffany had been really clingy to Cooper as of late. She often made excuses to visit his house to harass him, so Sophia often saw a pair of meatballs bouncing around the house.

Tiffany was so shameless that it was disgusting. She wore revealing clothes every time she visited and the whole family was angry about this, especially Sarah who lived next door. Every time Tiffany came, her daughter Betsy would wander around maliciously.

“Coop, my birthday is coming up so I’ll be having a special birthday party. Would you like to attend?”

Tiffany was wearing a low-cut blouse again and she rubbed against Cooper with her large bosom. Cooper was reading the newspaper and he was really annoyed by her so he murmured, “I’ll be there.”

Sitting at the side, Carmen was eating fruits and she secretly asked Sophia, “Mommy, why is that old woman wearing so little clothes?”

Hearing this, Sophia glanced at Tiffany.

She is wearing so little she might as well run around naked.

“Only adults can wear clothes like that,” Sophia hurriedly replied. “Children are not allowed to.”

Carmen nodded. “Mommy, why don’t you wear clothes like that?”

Upon hearing this, Sophia glanced at her small chest in dismay.

I think that my assets are quite big but compared to Tiffany, mine looks really small. If I have boobs like Tiffany, I would show them off everyday too! Unfortunately, I don’t.

Sophia looked at Tiffany in jealousy and thought of an excuse. “Mommy is a fairy. Fairies do not grow up so we don’t wear clothes like that.”

Carmen nodded in reply.

Tiffany indeed had the ability to make men go crazy over her and women feel jealous of her. Not only did she have a great figure, she was born with a charming personality that flowed within her body. Furthermore, she had a strange sweet fragrance that was alluring. In short, Tiffany was an exotic beauty.

Even though Sophia said that she didn’t want to see Tiffany, everyone—albeit men or women, or even animals—would subconsciously be attracted by beauty.

Even the dogs in the Fletcher Residence would rush over to Tiffany and admire her beauty, smell her sweet fragrance and rub against her leg, let alone Michael.

However, Cooper was an exception. He seemed to be completely unbothered by Tiffany’s charm as he sat there calmly and felt nothing at all.

That day, Tiffany, who tried to stay overnight at the house but failed, left unwillingly. Although she was shameless and often came over to join them for meals, she would keep her actions to a certain degree and make sure Cooper didn’t feel disgusted. She only annoyed Cooper to a certain degree that he could tolerate.

After all, she was great at figuring out a man’s thoughts and she knew when to play hard to get. Tiffany knew that she had to use different strategies to deal with different men, and she knew a lot of them.

No wonder she has dated all sorts of men over the years; she is really skillful at seducing them. Combined with her identity and status, all men will fall for her—all except Cooper.

Twenty years had passed and Cooper had grown from a young man to a handsome middle-aged man, while Tiffany had grown from a beautiful girl to a charming woman. However, she still could not make Cooper fall for her.

If Tiffany’s skill was to make all men fall for her, Cooper’s talent would be his ability to resist temptation from all women.

The two of them were different sides of the coin.

However, now that Cooper had agreed to join Tiffany’s birthday party, in her eyes, this was a great step forward.

I will sleep with Cooper no matter what!

Not long after Tiffany left, Stanley brought a female husky over in the middle of the night.

“Sophia, this dog belongs to my ex-wife. She’s pregnant and due soon. I’m putting her here,” Stanley said as he carried the dog’s clothes, food and bed from the trunk.

Sophia scoffed and asked, “Why are you leaving your ex-wife’s dog at my house? Why can’t you take care of her yourself?”

Moving the things into the house, Stanley replied, “Summer holidays are coming soon so Sean and I are going to bring the kids out for a short trip. My ex-wife is still in the hospital for rehabilitation so there’s no one to take care of the dog. If I leave her alone at home when we’re out on the trip, she will get bored. I’m worried that she might get prenatal depression and I suddenly remembered how lively your house is, so I decided to send her over.”

Sophia frowned. This b*stard really thinks that this is his house!

Christine was still recovering in the hospital and she was really strong. She cooperated with all the given treatments and she was financially capable. Her recovery had been going well and she even took the opportunity to hire a private tutor to improve her vocational skills.

Christine’s dog soon got pregnant after mating with Sophia’s dog. After Christine got hurt, there was no one to take care of the dog so the poor dog didn’t even have someone to feed it daily. Sean kind-heartedly took the dog in and took care of it so when he sent it over to Sophia’s house, the dog had a big and round belly, and was about to give birth.

After Stanley sent the dog over, he went home and the dog was left in Sophia’s house temporarily. Fortune and Richie didn’t know who was the father of the puppies and they came over to sniff the female husky one after another. Then, they even tried to ride her.

Seeing this, Sophia immediately grabbed a slipper and hit them on the head. With that, the two dogs left with their tails between their legs.

As expected, the female dog was more well-behaved and she didn’t destroy the house. She just quietly waited to deliver her babies.

The next day, Sophia took the dog to the pet hospital for a birth check-up and saw that the five babies in her belly were healthy.

After the check up, Sophia grabbed some nutrients that a pregnant dog needed and got ready to head home. However, as soon as she walked out of the pet hospital, she saw Tiffany walk straight into the obstetrics and gynecology department in the hospital.

This was a private hospital under Michael’s name. The pet hospital was just a part of it and the obstetrics and gynecology department in this hospital had a great reputation.

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