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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1394

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1394

Unexpectedly, he suddenly heard a woman’s scream of horror. “Please give me a moment!”

Immediately after, there came the sound of the toilet flushing and a lady opened the door. As soon as she pushed the door open, she saw Jordan, who looked enraged. Startled, she stuttered, “M-Mr. Edwards!”

At the same time, Anna stood up and grabbed her bag. “I have a meeting tonight,” she murmured coldly. “Callum and Cade, let’s go.”

Hearing this, the twins grabbed their bags and the three of them left in a hurry. It was only then that Jordan came back to his senses.

He was afraid that the person in the toilet was Cooper but at the same time, he was also scared that it wasn’t Cooper.

However, it turned out to be the latter—the person in the toilet was not Cooper.


When Jordan ran out of the room, Anna had already walked past a corner and in the blink of an eye, she entered the elevator.


Jordan called out to her again but he didn’t hear any response. All he heard was the sound of the elevator ding before the doors closed, covering Anna’s blank expression.

Watching the elevator doors close, Jordan realized that he acted like an angry fool a moment ago.

Anger filled his mind and at that time, his insight that he was once proud of completely disappeared.

Just then, Jordaine ran up to him from behind. “Jordan, what’s wrong?”

She knew what had happened but she could only play dumb.

Anna is really wise! She made Jordan think that he misunderstood her. I’m sure he will definitely go accompany her tonight. Anna can’t give birth and she won’t even let men touch her, yet Jordan couldn’t forget about her for twenty years. It’s all because of her tricks of playing hard to get. Jordan has many women and all of them are devoted to him, all except Anna, who ignores him and treats him coldly. However, it is her cold attitude that makes Jordan reluctant to let her go. She has great ways to deal with him but I will not let her be his wife! Never! After all, I still have something over her! Even if she has two sons, it will be of no use!

At that moment, Lucy walked over and asked, “Dad, the gift that you prepared…”

Naturally, she was talking about the big present that he prepared to give Anna.

Unfortunately, Anna had just left in anger a while ago. It seems that the present won’t be of much use now. However, I exchanged tens of millions for it. I shouldn’t just let it go to waste. I must think of some way to deal with it.

It was only then that Jordan calmed down slightly and realized that he was completely carried away by his anger. Usually, he wouldn’t do something like that.

Pressing the elevator button, Jordan said, “I don’t need it anymore. You can have it.”

Later, the elevator doors opened and Jordan entered the elevators. Jordaine naturally followed behind him.

Now that I’m here today, I’ll make sure he forgets about Anna!

As for Lucy, she went to deal with the present Jordan left behind.

After they all left, the toilet door of the lounge that Anna was in a moment ago suddenly opened. Anna wasn’t there, Jordan wasn’t there, and the strange woman that appeared out of nowhere wasn’t there either…

Meanwhile, Cooper returned to the engagement banquet and saw that the singing and dancing had begun. It was a session that Jordan had prepared for Anna but now, it had become an engagement gift that Cooper gave Jordan.

Lucy also took over the huge diamond ring that Jordan wanted to give Anna as an engagement ring.

Cooper looked around for his son and daughter but he suddenly saw Stanley rushing toward him. Cheeks blushing, Stanley yelled, “Your daughter keeps teasing me!”

From a distance, Cooper could already hear Sophia’s cheeky laughter. He leaned closer and heard that they were talking about the sperm bank.

It seems that this program is really popular lately. Many young women and men got their eggs and sperm frozen when they were young and now that they want children, they realize that their health is not as good as before. Hence, they found the sperms and eggs that they had frozen back then and successfully had children. This program started more than twenty years ago and now that twenty years have passed, people who had invested in it can now see the results and it is really promising, so business has been great.

Cethos had slow development in this aspect and there were only a few state-owned cryobanks, but Cooper received approval and opened the first private cryobank.

As they spoke about this, Cooper suddenly remembered that when he was young, saving frozen samples in the cryobank had just entered the public eye and he seemed to have saved some.

Back then, Annable was dead and it made him feel like he had lost everything. He seemed to have changed overnight and he focused all of his energy on work. He didn’t want to get married, he couldn’t have any feelings for another woman more than admiration and he knew that he wouldn’t build a family for the rest of his life. However, he didn’t have a child and at that time, he wasn’t Fass and he hadn’t planned to leave the Mitchell family yet, so he froze his sperm for future plans.

Cooper remembered that he had paid the fees for 70 years all in one go. Almost 30 years have passed; I wonder what has happened to my sperm that I saved in the cryobank abroad?

I can’t remember the name of the cryobank and I’m sure that the receipt is long gone. If Sophia didn’t bring this up, I would’ve completely forgotten about this. I froze my sperm with my identity as Cooper Mitchell but I didn’t tell the Mitchell Family. Fortunately I didn’t; otherwise, if the Mitchell family knew about this, I might have come back to a few babies.

Technology is the last resort. The best babies are born through natural methods. To me, Linus and Sophia are like a pair of angels!

At the end of the engagement ceremony, the guests were invited to the balcony to watch the fireworks. After a loud bang, dazzling fireworks shot into the night sky one after another, creating a magnificent scene.

Half of Bayside City could see the fireworks. Everyone looked up to admire the amazing sky and some people were reminded of the best years of their lives.

Cooper thought of Anna, his children, and his grandchildren. Sophia also thought of her family. Lucy, who was standing next to her fiancé, only had the picture of a naughty rascal in her mind.

That year, she was already in university but an underage boy from a nearby high school pursued her madly. Of course she rejected him, but he didn’t give up. He pestered her non-stop like a pest. Even though he was foolish, he was determined and nothing could stop him. In the end, Lucy developed feelings for him.

“You are still underage so we can’t date each other,” she told him, to which he replied, “Are you willing to be with me after I become an adult?”

She murmured, “We can try.”

He was about to turn 18 that year so the two of them patiently waited until he became an adult.

However, when he finally turned 18, he suddenly disappeared. Lucy searched for him hysterically and she found him at the hospital after he tried to commit suicide countless of times. Turned out that he had become a she.

The fireworks went on. At that moment, tears welled up in Lucy’s eyes as thoughts of Dana buried deep under her mind and soul resurfaced; reflection of the lights from the fireworks and his figure could be seen in her eyes.

When another firework shot into the sky, Lucy’s cheeks were already covered in tears. He was hidden deep in every single teardrop.

Dana, are you okay? Dana, where are you?

“Dana, it’s time to leave.”

Meanwhile, Jordaine had left early. Moore rushed out to the balcony and saw that his new assistant was looking up, admiring the fireworks.

“Understood, Mr. Edwards.”

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