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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1392

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1392

According to Callum’s description, Sophia could tell that the unprecedented proposal would certainly leave everyone astonished.

Even if Jordaine did not show up today, Lucy would still play the deuteragonist while Anna became the focus.

Accompanied by the performances and magnificent firework show, Jordan would then present to Anna the grandest proposal and put a diamond ring on her ring finger, which was a symbol of love.

On the other hand, Cooper could do nothing but watch helplessly as another man proposed to his precious woman.

This was Jordan’s motive when he sent Cooper an invitation.

Alas, Jordaine appeared.

Gaining the upper hand, she followed Jordan around like a shadow and regarded herself as Jordan’s legitimate partner while casting out Anna.

Looking at Jordaine who was sticking to Jordan, Sophia couldn’t hold back her laughter as she thought of the proposal which Jordan had exquisitely prepared.

I wonder how Jordan is going to sort this out.

Soon, Lucy’s engagement ceremony began.

What happened next was the typical procedures, such as reciting vows and exchanging rings. Lucy and the toad were even moved to tears as they hugged and vowed to stay by each other’s sides for a lifetime.

Romeo and Juliet finally lived happily ever after, yada yada. All these were just meaningless cliché.

Toward the end of the ceremony, everyone raised a toast and thereafter the performers were invited onto the stage.

With her eyes wide open, Sophia was eager to witness Jordan’s proposal.

Unfortunately, Jordaine’s presence implied that the lavish proposal was destined to not take place today.

Obviously, Jordan was now on pins and needles but he couldn’t excuse himself at all, as Jordaine was holding his arm the whole time.

Sophia kept staring at Jordan, wondering when he would take out the ring. As such, she did not notice that Cooper was gone.

“Where’s Dad?” Sophia asked Linus.

However, Linus merely put on a mysterious smile.

Sophia glanced around the hall. True enough, Anna had disappeared too.

Meanwhile, being held down by Jordaine, Jordan was surrounded by the crowd and he seemed to be clueless about Cooper and Anna’s disappearance.

It was chaos and Jordan had not been able to keep an eye on Anna.

Moreover, neither would Jordaine allow him to glance toward Anna, not even for the slightest bit.

On the other hand, Sophia had found a spot to sit down and have a chat with Sean.

Possessing both a man’s boldness and a woman’s delicacy, Sean was an observant person and he would always have a unique perception regarding matters.

“It is definitely a risky move for Jordan to announce his relationship with Anna to the public. Jordaine is just his first problem,” Sean murmured.

Jordan could easily publish a book on methods to handle women. There were not just sweet and pretty girls within his harem, there were extremely capable businesswomen too. Nonetheless, he managed all of them in a harmonious and orderly manner and it had not blown up in his face for the past twenty years—he was indeed something.

However, the public announcement of him getting engaged with Anna had undoubtedly dropped a bomb among his concubines.

With that, the harmony that had been established for the past twenty years was going to be shattered.

Recently, many issues were arising within Jordan’s harem. Besides the fact that there were outsiders who deliberately stirred up trouble, internal problems existed too because his other women were unhappy about him devoting all his love toward Anna alone.

Sophia could understand. She had only come across three of Jordan’s mistresses, yet all three were not easy to deal with.

One of them was the woman who impersonated Annabel. Though she knew she would eventually lose her life, the woman still went ahead. She even volunteered to become a surrogate mother for the sake of Anna and had undergone multiple plastic surgeries to achieve an appearance which resembled Annabel.

Her fanaticism had freaked Sophia out.

Then there was Jordaine and Anna, who were both big shots.

Those were the three women that Sophia knew.

Dealing with so many scheming, ambitious women, isn’t Jordan afraid that someday the peaceful ocean will suddenly turn into a threatening tsunami and engulf him?

So, why did he announce his marriage with Anna and break the peace with his own hands?

Is it because of love?

Or he merely wants to deal a blow to Cooper by deliberately marrying Anna to break Cooper’s heart?

Or has he noticed Anna’s betrayal and wants to tie her down with the marriage?

No matter which reason it is, the price that Jordan has to pay is tremendous.

Jordan was a wise man and he would not make such a mistake. From Sean’s perspective, Jordan would rather give equal attention to all mistresses, allowing them to live in harmony. He would definitely not devote all his love toward one person and cause a turbulence within his harem, because the consequences would be dire if that happened.

Now, Jordan had turned his harem into a ticking time bomb though he could have absolutely removed it given his ability. Nevertheless, Cooper’s interference had posed the greatest threat, so Cooper had become Jordan’s main enemy at the moment.

If Cooper didn’t meddle with his affairs, Jordan would be confident in handling the women. However, in contrast, Jordan had now introduced Anna to the public and disrupted the original harmony within his harem. And yet, he didn’t seem to be concerned if Cooper would stir up more trouble.

As such, Sean inferred that Jordan must be holding a trump card in his hands which he could use to deal with Cooper.

With that, Sean felt faintly disturbed.

What could be the trump card that Jordan is holding?

In the past, Cooper was a malicious and ruthless beast. It was as if his whole body was covered with back scales, thus it was impossible to hurt him because there was nowhere one could lay a finger on him.

However, he had weaknesses now; his enemy just had to go after his weaknesses if they wanted to destroy him.

Sean subconsciously glanced toward Sophia, who stared at Jordan eagerly as she was looking forward to seeing him pulling out the engagement ring.

Sean too casted his eyes toward Jordan and thereafter lost himself in thought.

He could no longer speculate Jordan’s mind from the perspective of a normal person. It had come to a point where at times, Jordan did not act against humans in order to achieve an objective but he merely did it for pleasure.

As Cooper’s close confidant, Sean was aware of much insider information because Cooper would often turn to him for advice in making decisions. As such, he was conversant with the issues regarding Jordan, Cooper and Anna.

Recently, Sean had been pondering why Jordan had not gotten rid of Cooper and Annabel’s two kids when he took Annabel away back then.

Cooper was only eighteen that year. Having noticed him for some time, Jordan had planted Annabel beside Cooper when he was only sixteen years old.

At that time, there was no enmity between Cooper and Jordan nor was there any actual conflict of interest. The Mitchells and the Edwards had always established a cordial relationship between the two families via marriages and business partnerships. However, Jordan turned out to have planned several years in advance to tackle Cooper, and his ultimate scheme was to use a woman to ruin Cooper.

Jordan hated Cooper to the core and he would definitely not want Cooper’s offspring to stay alive.

Sean and Cooper once spent a long time mulling over this issue and toward the end, their only explanation was that Jordan deliberately allowed Cooper’s children to become homeless so they would suffer.

Indeed, Cooper was heartbroken after being made known to the truth years later.

Cooper was not even familiar with Jordan as they were only on nodding terms, yet Jordan did everything possible to ruin him.

Is this man a psychopath?

Clueless of Jordan’s scheme, Sean became increasingly perturbed.

“Oh—I just thought of something…”

Standing beside Sean, Sophia suddenly exclaimed enthusiastically, “My father’s drug manufacturing company has recently launched a sperm bank. We’re now having an opening promotion and you can freeze your second batch of sperm for free! Come for sperm freezing, guys!”


Wine spurted out of a few guests’ mouths in unison.

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