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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1389

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1389

Could it be that Jordan is planning to deal with Cooper at the engagement ceremony? Or did Cooper and Lucy join forces to tackle Jordan? Maybe Cooper and Anna are the ones who want to go after Jordan?

“What’s so significant about the event?”

“Anyway, it’s not a trap,” Callum answered. “You’ll know after you arrive. Just come and watch the show—it’s going to be a big one!”

A big show?

The next day, the stylists arrived on time and dolled Cooper and Linus up. When they left for the banquet, Sophia quickly tagged along to find out what the ‘big show’ was about.

The public was aware that today was the engagement day of the Edwards’ young lady, Lucy Edwards and her fiancé, a CEO from an overseas corporation. The bridegroom was a successful and mature man in his fifties. Everyone deemed the couple as a perfect match and that their marriage was a blessing from above.

The nosy media couldn’t lavish enough praise on the couple, asserting that they were a match made in heaven and the perfect combination. However, none of them dared to publish a picture of the couple.

After arriving at the engagement banquet, Sophia finally got to see the ‘perfect’ fiancé. Oh well, I guess I have to redefine the media’s descriptions…

The fiancé was much older than Jordan.

Lucy had now established her influence in the Edwards Group and had conquered every department. Ever since Henry and his twin brother passed away, Callum and Cade seemed to have ceased taking action against the Edwards Group. As such, Lucy would become the future owner of the corporation if everything went well.

Numerous big shots from the military, political and business circles showed up at Lucy’s engagement ceremony today. The event was held with great pomp and there were many guests from the bridegroom’s end as well. After years of giving up on keeping his body in good shape, Lucy’s fiancé had a pot belly which resembled that of a pregnant woman. Standing beside Lucy, he was like a huge barrel whose size was twice as big as hers.

Upon seeing that, Sophia murmured inwardly, A toad marrying a swan!

However, Lucy had on an affectionate smile. As the fiancée, she stood beside the toad and chattered delightfully with the guests. With a sweet and happy smile on her face, she looked no different than any other bride.

Michael had not shown up on that day because he was caught up with his shooting while the Winston couple was not invited. As such, only Cooper, Linus and Sophia attended the ceremony; it seemed like Cooper had known the toad for some time as the latter had grabbed him and started chattering heartily the moment he saw Cooper arrive.

Cooper introduced his children to the toad and the man gave Sophia a kiss on her hand, as per western etiquette. Those few seconds were the most terrible moment of the day for Sophia as she felt like she was being kissed by a pig.

After the kiss, the toad continued his friendly chat with Cooper. Much like a frightened cat, Sophia freaked out as she could feel her hand burning and goosebumps erupting all around her body. She then sneaked away and went around to look for a washroom but before she managed to find one, someone patted her on the shoulder.

“Hi, Aunt Sophia!”

Turning around, Sophia saw the inseparable couple—Stanley and Sean. They were almost at the same height and even their outfits were identical. Stanley was incompetent at taking care of himself, so Sean had been the one running the household. He was in charge of meals and purchasing essentials, and even Stanley’s outfits were chosen by him. Hence, they often wore identical attires like a pair of twins.

Sophia hummed as she rubbed the back of her hand against Stanley’s shirt. Nevertheless, she still felt disgusted.

Just as three of them were chatting, Stanley suddenly exclaimed, “Aunt Sophia, your old son-in-law is here!”

Sophia turned around and saw that Bailey had arrived. Despite his skinny figure, he looked dashing dressed in a black suit, his dignified and mature aura complementing the look.

“Bailey! Over here!” Sophia waved at him enthusiastically.

However, Bailey furrowed his brows upon seeing her and thereafter ignored her, pretending to not see her. He didn’t even go up to Cooper and greet him. This was because he had read the news and finally knew the reason behind Michael’s unusual hostility toward him.

Oh my goodness! I’m not a pedophile; why would I be interested in a five-year-old?

On the other hand, the Adams Family seemed to have read the news too and they were overjoyed. Back then, the Adams had rendered assistance to Fass and the latter had agreed to unite the two families in marriage. However, twenty years had passed and they had not heard from him. It turned out that he was planning to marry his granddaughter to Bailey. With that, the marriage between the Adams Family and Michel Family had finally been established.

Besides Bailey, Tiffany and Betsy were here too. Tiffany was mad upon knowing Bailey was targeting Cooper’s granddaughter. Never did she expect this brat to have devised such a plan! Nonetheless, she would not easily allow Bailey to marry Cooper’s granddaughter. Hence, she had shown up at the event today and had been looking for Cooper the minute she arrived.

Meanwhile, Jordan was here too.

Everyone has appeared one after another. It seems like today’s great show is going to… Oh wait—there’s still another family. On a hunch, Sophia looked toward the entrance and saw Callum and Cade arriving right at that moment. They were Lucy’s biological brothers; of course they would attend the event. Thereafter, Anna showed up too.

Today, she was dressed in a crescent-colored gown; the fine lines on her face were not signs of aging but further enhanced her mature aura. In fact, changes in her appearance did not affect her elegant qualities as she gave off a mien of dignity and nobility from the inside out.

There was a moment of silence at the scene when Anna appeared. As the only woman whom Jordan had made known to the public, she would naturally become the main mistress of Edwards Family in the future, besides her identity as Lucy’s stepmother. As such, everyone was eager to curry favor with her.

Meanwhile, Sophia quickly walked over to Cooper, who was busy talking to Tiffany. He seemed to have not noticed Anna’s arrival but the truth was, he knew she was there. Cooper could immediately sense Anna’s presence as long as they were at the same place. However, he did not glance toward Anna as it was inappropriate for them to talk to each other at today’s event. Moreover, Jordan was present.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was stuck close to Cooper, her bosom right in his face. “Coop, are you really going to let Carmen marry Bailey? She is still so young. You can’t be this cruel,” Tiffany murmured in a coquettish manner.

Hearing that, Cooper frowned. This woman always talks to the others in a distinct and direct way but will change her tone every time she talks with me; it really makes me uncomfortable. Can’t she just talk properly?

“Where did you hear that from? Carmen is still so young. Of course I won’t let her marry now.”

With that, Tiffany was finally relieved. Nevertheless, seeing that Anna was here, she continued sticking around Cooper and held him by the arm as she behaved in a flirtatious manner. Even though Tiffany was in her forties, her coquettish behavior seemed extremely natural. She knew Anna must have been looking at them. Alas, Cooper was not Anna’s; she could not do anything besides peek at him.

On the other hand, Anna had long understood Tiffany’s triumphant look. She felt a tinge of dismay as the smile on her face gradually turned stiff. At the same time, Jordan had spotted her and was walking toward her.

The two lovers could not be together and they couldn’t even look directly into each other’s eyes; neither were the ones standing beside them the ones they loved.

However, this was only temporary to Cooper!

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