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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1386

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1386

By the time Michael got to Bayside University, Sophia and Carmen were already basking on the lawn of the school’s soccer field. A mat filled with delicious food had been laid out; it seemed as if they were camping on the field.

Due to a recent spell of wet weather, Bayside City had been awash for nearly half a month. Today was a rare sunny day, so the soccer field was occupied by people sunbathing. There were people everywhere laying on mats, basking in the sun.

Surprisingly, Bailey was there too. There was a basketball court next to the soccer field, and he would come and play basketball every weekend.

Alas, he’s still a child and still finds pleasure in such activities.

Right now, Bailey was there, and so were Sophia and Carmen. Even Celine had come along. They had originally planned to go to the park to relax and enjoy the breeze, but somehow, Sophia had wanted to come to Bayside University, saying something along the lines of wanting to let Carmen experience the university’s atmosphere early on.

When Michael arrived, Sophia had already invited Bailey over to eat. She had brought heaps of food from home and was currently sharing them with everyone. When Michael saw Carmen give Bailey a red apple, his eyes darkened and he nearly sprinted over.

Oh! My daughter!

Michael strode briskly toward them.

After taking the apple from Carmen, Bailey took a bite and found that it tasted good. He wanted to take another bite but saw a murderous-looking Michael stalking over. He hurriedly put down the apple and watched Michael warily.

He could clearly feel the strong sense of hostility emanating off of Michael’s body.

I really don’t understand these youngsters. They’re simply incapable of being polite.

If they weren’t overly enthusiastic, they were oddly hostile toward him.

He had come to Bayside University today to play basketball just as he did every weekend. The court was open to the public, and it was always lively because there were many people around, making it a good place to play ball and loosen up.

Most of the players at Bayside University’s basketball court were students. He enjoyed this kind of environment and had soon met Nathan, who also happened to play basketball there.

But, for some reason that he wasn’t aware of, Nathan seemed weirdly hostile toward him as well.

It just so happened that Sophia was here today and had invited him over for a bite.

The youngsters are certainly overenthusiastic.

“Daddy!” When she caught sight of Michael, Carmen waved happily at him.

Michael had been on set before he hurried over to the university. As soon as he arrived, he saw Carmen all dressed up as beautiful as a flower. She even had a small hat with cat ears perched on her head, looking utterly adorable!

Why did she have to dress up so nicely?

He chided her gravely, “Why are you all dressed up when you’re just here to play? Next time, don’t dress so nicely!”

Carmen had been eating an apple when Michael said this. Dissatisfied, she immediately stopped and pointed out, “Daddy, I’m not all dressed up. I’m just good-looking, so I look good in everything I wear.”

Michael was speechless.

Surprised by his sudden appearance, Sophia asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be filming today? Why are you here all of a sudden?”

Michael sat down on their mat and grabbed something to eat while saying, “My dad is filling in for me, so I came to see you all.”

His main purpose was actually to reprimand that green-eyed goblin!

Michael’s arrival had everyone bustling with excitement. Sophia quickly distributed the food she brought. “Nate, Bailey, try these roasted chicken wings that I made before I left this morning. Here, eat them while it’s still hot.”

She brought out her roasted chicken wings and passed them around for everyone to try. Bailey took one and ate it daintily.

As soon as the chicken entered his mouth, he knew that it was no ordinary bird. It had the aroma of grain, so it must have grown up on a pure-grain diet. It tasted completely different from one that was fed with normal chicken feed.

Nathan had one, Bailey had one, and even Carmen had one. Everyone had a chicken wing, except for Michael. He peered into the self-heating lunch box that Sophia had brought. “Where’s mine?”

Sophia frowned. “You don’t even like chicken wings. Besides, you didn’t tell me that you were coming, so I didn’t prepare a portion for you!”

Michael shot Bailey a glance before muttering, “Then, why does Bailey have one?”

Sophia handed Michael a drumstick. “I made this for Professor Clark, but he didn’t show up. So, here, you can have it.”

Michael was furious, but he could only swallow his anger. While eating the drumstick, he stole a peek at Bailey’s wrist.

Sure enough, there was the apricot seed bracelet on his wrist.

How dare he flaunt that in front of me?

Filled with pent-up anger, Michael thought of ways to take the bracelet away from him.

All of a sudden, a dog’s head popped up and snatched away the drumstick that he was about to eat.

Cereberus was here as well.

Michael nearly exploded with rage.

Today was certainly not going well for him!

After a while, Quinton rushed over in a hurry. Luckily for him, he made it in time for the last piece of chicken.

A moment later, Stanley and Sean appeared with their daughter in tow. They had brought food as well, and all of them gathered around together to have a share.

“Papa! Daddy!” Maisie walked between her two fathers, happy as can be.

Nathan unzipped his bag, then began to shake its contents onto the mat. Several books dropped out, followed by a stream of snacks, jellies, and a little gift box decorated with pink garlands.

Celine was pleasantly surprised. “Nate, where’d you get all these?”

Nathan’s signature scowl remained on his face. “Someone from the high school next door gave it to me.”

They could tell at once that it was from a girl.

Sophia picked up a box of jelly, then ripped it open and ate it. It was obvious that it was the handiwork of a girl. She said merrily, “It’s no doubt that someone like our Nate is the school jock. If I were a young schoolgirl, I’d fall for him too.”

“Ugh, that’s disgusting!” Stanley exclaimed.

Sean, on the other hand, was nodding in agreement. Nathan bore a strong resemblance to his uncle, but he was tanned to a shade of copper, and he was more cute than handsome. Since young, plenty of casting agents wanted to recruit him as a child actor but were unfortunate enough to meet with Nathan and Michael’s dirty looks and rejections.

He was good-looking, his uncle was a famous celebrity, and his father had recently started a new company. To top it all off, he was a highly intelligent student and a gifted athlete. In the eyes of schoolgirls, his existence itself was a godsend. Simply appearing would be enough to cause a traffic jam.

Aside from the girls from the high school next door who would often sneak over to watch him in class, even older girls from the university drooled over him.

As if witnessing his own flesh and blood grow up before his very eyes, Michael was gratified and proud. Patting Nathan on the shoulder, he praised, “That’s great, Nate! You have a bright future!”

Still scowling, Nathan pushed his hand away.

Quinton too unzipped his backpack and gave it a good shake. Out came heart-shaped chocolates, fresh flowers, cakes, and other small trinkets. All of the items were exquisite and lovely, and they knew with absolute certainty that they were made by girls. They were more wonderful than the snacks that Nathan had poured out.

Quinton tore open a packet of chocolate and was chewing on it—minding his own business—when suddenly, Michael gave him a gentle slap on the back of his head. “Did I bring you to Bayside University to seduce female students?”

Quinton rolled his eyes while silently enjoying the chocolate.

Double standard much?

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