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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1384

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1384

Even though Michael felt terrified, he still tried to keep a smile on his face.

Yes, yes. You’re awesome! You’re the best!

Everyone looked in Michael’s direction, then back at Cooper. They all felt afraid for Michael.

One could only imagine the pressure he must have felt as the husband of the only daughter of the world’s second-largest arms dealer.

If a son-in-law from another family made a mistake, the worst that would happen was that he would be removed from the family with no possessions in his hands.

If Michael made a mistake, he would be lucky if he only ended up paralyzed.

Alas, Cooper concluded his speech.

“I, Cooper Mitchell, have committed many murders before. People are like ants to me. I can easily kill someone if I want to.”

Rolling his eyes, Quinton thought, Tsk. You can’t even get rid of Jordan.

Still, he could not refute it at a place like that.

If Michael ever made Sophia suffer one day, Cooper would definitely cripple him.

Cooper managed to get everyone’s attention with just three sentences. They might not have been Cooper’s son-in-law, but they could all feel the terror and could not help but look at Michael with empathy.

Feeling tremendous pressure, Michael watched as Cooper came over to hug Sophia and glare at him at the same time.

He simply smiled along and even started clapping pretentiously to keep the atmosphere alive. At least they were done with the formalities now.

Cooper had gotten off the stage after the brief speech. Sophia grasped Michael’s hand and murmured, “He’s just scaring you. He would never let you die!”

Upon hearing that, Michael only gave an insincere laugh.

When Cooper was done talking, Michael looked at Theo like a lost and helpless child hoping that his father could also say a few things to save him.

Theo, however, did not have a lot of experience. He was just a young man in his thirties, making him even younger than Michael and even more incapable of taking charge of the situation.

All the formalities were over, and it was now time for the awaited bouquet toss.

Sophia caught the bouquet two days ago, and now she was married—it was a cursed bouquet.

Since very few young unmarried women had attended the wedding, the young unmarried men and young married women came forward to scramble for the bouquet.

With her back toward them, Sophia was anticipating tossing the bouquet. Moreover, it was a bouquet that Michael had put together himself.

“Are you ready?”

She held the bouquet in her hands in preparation as she looked back at the unsettled crowd.

“We’re ready! Toss it!”

Stanley was standing on his tiptoes with his hands high up in the air.

“No one is allowed to fight with me!” Sarah was over two meters high in the air among the crowd. Looking closely, she was riding on Harry’s shoulders.

Harry had a look of resignation on his face. What’s so great about catching the bouquet? Does she want her second marriage to fail too?

Aside from the few who were present at the bouquet toss two days ago, Callum and Cade also joined in this time.

Since Sophia got married right after catching the bouquet, perhaps, whoever caught it next would also be able to find someone.

“Here I go!”

She tossed the bouquet behind her with all her might. While they made a fuss and fought over the bouquet, the elders were shaking their heads and smiling at the side.

Unexpectedly, Sophia was terrible at tossing the bouquet because she did not have any prior experience. The bouquet flew over to where the elders were. They were busy talking to each other and did not notice the bouquet. Only a pair of small hands reached up and caught it.

“I caught Mommy’s flowers!” Carmen shook the bouquet happily as she grinned at the crowd.

They all became quiet.

Michael was feeling touched just a moment ago, but he turned angry when he saw that Carmen had caught the bouquet. He started to take a couple of steps toward her when he saw Sophia lift her up in the air effortlessly and even caressed her forehead.

“Those who manage to catch the bouquet are the lucky ones. You have to be happy in the future, Carmen!”


Carmen hugged the bouquet delightedly. Seeing the happiness on her face, Michael could not bring himself to intervene.

But, my little girl is only five… No, I can’t accept this!

He could not accept the truth that Carmen was going to get married one day.

If she got married, Michael would cry buckets just like Cooper did today.

Following that, it was time to take photos.

“Anna, let’s take a family photo,” Cooper suggested to Anna all of a sudden.

A family photo…

Those three words were filled with immense warmth.

She was Annabel; she knew it, and so did Cooper.

Although she wanted to agree, her gaze naturally went to her twin sons who were not too far away.

Callum and Cade were also her children—her successors. She might not have been blessed enough to give birth to them, but that had never affected her love for them.

Nonetheless, they were not Cooper’s children.

Their biological father was Jordan, and that would never change. Even if they joined hands and got rid of Jordan in the future, it would not change the fact that the twins were Jordan’s children.

Anna loved Cooper, but she was not blinded by love. Most women could not compare to her outlook on life. She was already thinking of the distant future.

Once Jordan was gone and they could be together without any obstructions, would Cooper be able to accept her two sons?

When Cooper invited her to take photos, he had intentionally left the twins out.

He knew that Anna loved them, but he did not like them because of who their father was.

Similar to how Lola was a source of pain for Justin, the twins were also a thorn in Cooper’s heart.

That problem needed to be dealt with sooner or later, but, at least, it did not have to be dealt with now.

Today was Sophia’s big day. Anna did not want to become a bother to her, so she simply walked over with Cooper and stood beside Sophia. When the mother and daughter pair were next to each other, it was as though a mold had been carved out. Anna was incredibly young. Since she had Sophia when she was eighteen, they did not have a huge age gap between them and looked very alike.

Sophia and Michael were standing together with a little Carmen between them. On either side of them were their parents, Theo, Cooper, and Anna, and also the other family members, Linus, Celine, Justin, and Nathan.

Standing away from everyone else, Quinton was like an invisible person watching them take a family photo.

Sophia was breathtakingly beautiful standing in the center.

Sadly, her beauty was not for him.

It was the afternoon, but he felt cold on the inside as if he should not have shown up.

Suddenly, Celine shouted, “Wait! Quinton isn’t here yet. We can only say ‘cheese’ once he’s here!”

Theo looked over at Quinton and beckoned him. “Hope! Come and take a photo!”

Quinton’s existence was a pain in the head for him, but Quinton was also a victim.

Sophia pressed, “Hurry! You’re the only one missing!”

I’m the only one missing…

Those simple words warmed his heart. He quickly walked over, stood next to Celine, and smiled.

They took the photo as one happy family. The deep affection they had seemed to overflow into the camera lens.

However, Sophia noticed that Anna did not look too happy.

At that moment, she could feel the wall that had already been erected between her parents that made it impossible for them to be as close as they used to be.

She knew what the problem was. Looking in the direction Callum and Cade were in, she noticed that the identical twins also seemed to be avoiding them.

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