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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1383

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1383

When the bride appeared, it was as though all the light in the world was shining down on her and making her dazzle.

She had entered arm in arm with Linus. Originally, the two siblings looked completely different from each other; one was European and the other was Cethosian. Over the years, however, they started to grow more and more alike. Linus began to adopt some Cethosian characteristics while Sophia began to adopt some European characteristics. They slowly began to resemble each other.

One was like a blazing sun, and the other was like a white lotus. They had inherited their parents’ good looks and temperament. When they stood together, they were each remarkable in their own way.

Looking at his two children, Cooper suddenly felt proud of his perfect family.

It would have been better if his daughter was not getting married.

Nonetheless, she was already grown up; she had to get married and build her own family. As her elderly father, he would eventually fade out of her life and go from being the most important person to one of the least important people to her.

The thought of that was truly painful. Once again, he felt miserable.

Today, both Callum and Cade had followed Anna along to the wedding. Since their sister was getting married, they felt inclined to be there as the family members of the bride.

Callum even turned the money he stole from Sophia into a big red packet to give to her.

After Ryan and Henry were killed, Jordan became devastated. It gave them the chance to slip out and attend Sophia’s wedding.

The wedding ceremony was rather shabby and only around thirty guests were invited.

Michael still made a special invitation to Anna because she was Sophia’s biological mother, and she could not miss out on this wedding.

Currently, Anna was taking pictures on her phone. On the other side, Linus had given Sophia to Michael. Even though the two had gotten married a long time ago, Linus still felt reluctant at this moment.

While the wedding song was being played, Michael held Sophia’s hands gently and looked at her with a profound gaze.

Beaming with a clear brilliance, Sophia also looked up and smiled softly at him. A peculiar yet contented look reflected in her bright eyes. They were just looking at each other, but he could already feel the pleasantness and happiness in her eyes.

A surge of warmth reached his eyes and forced their way out as tears.

He was just like most grooms who were seeing their beautiful brides for the first time. The rush of emotions caused them to tear up and made them unable to suppress the strong yet aching feeling in their chest.

Sophia smiled at him; her almond-shaped eyes crinkled into luminous half-moons. This became one of the images that would be forever etched in Michael’s mind.

They continued to gaze at each other in silence as though time had already paused on that day, at that very second, forever.

In that second, they seemed to have found the true meaning of love and the entrance to eternity.

“Is the groom ready?”

The sound of the officiant’s voice reminded Michael that they were still at their wedding and had rituals to complete. He quickly pulled his focus back and became extremely nervous.

The next step was most likely the exchange of the wedding rings.

He reached into his pocket to retrieve them. Because he was so nervous, his palms were completely covered in sweat. To his surprise, however, he could not find the ring box anymore.

They had worn their rings for years, but since it was their wedding day, they could not leave out the exchange of wedding rings. He had intentionally put the ring box in his pocket so he could present them at this moment.

Before he could find it, the officiate announced enthusiastically, “It is time now. Bride, groom, bow before the heavens.”

Michael was dumbfounded, and so was the rest of the audience.

Wait, isn’t this a modern wedding? Why are we praying? This is totally off script!

Michael was the dumbest he had ever been in his life today. While he was acting, even if his colleague improvised at the last minute, he was able to adapt and play along smoothly.

But, encountering this sudden change in plans today, he suddenly found himself at a loss for what to do.

Seeing the frozen look on his face, Sophia quickly tugged at him and explained, “I made a few small changes. It’s nothing really. Come; let’s pray.”

She felt like offering prayer was ritualistic and would make it feel more like an actual wedding.

Michael was even more baffled now.

This is a small change? It changed the style of the whole wedding!

With dozens of eyes trained on them, though, he could not spend all day in a daze. Quickly kneeling next to Sophia who was in her wedding dress, he started to offer a prayer alongside her.

Despite looking calm on the surface, he was still perplexed and flustered on the inside.

This does not only change the style of the wedding, but also the whole atmosphere!

If this had been a traditional Cethosian wedding, the bride would not be in white, and the groom would not be in black.

Taking the current atmosphere into consideration, this wedding just looked preposterous.

Regardless of what Michael thought, the officiate continued to cry out, “Second bow to the parents!”

Michael was flustered again. He quickly followed Sophia and went to bow down before Theo and Cooper.

Cooper burst into tears while Theo’s eyes reddened.

“Now, bow to each other!”

The two of them faced each other and bowed.

Since they had made three bows, they were now officially a married couple.

Sophia was content with her wedding day tradition.

If it wasn’t hard to find and if her makeup artist wasn’t in such strong opposition, she would have put a red veil over her head.

A combination of tradition and fashion was perfect.

The officiate’s merry voice resounded once again. “The ceremony is over!”

When he applauded, the rest of the audience also began to applaud and cheer.

After that, parents from each side went up the stage to give speeches. Theo did not have much to say, but Cooper was eager to speak.

Walking up on stage, Cooper wiped away the warm tears in his eyes and took in the audience. In an instant, he occupied the stage with a strong presence.

A moment ago, he was a father who was shedding tears at his daughter’s wedding. Now, he was like a fierce beast who had been waiting in hiding for a chance to attack. Even though he had his claws hidden, his powerful presence was still exposed from time to time.

The audience couldn’t help but shudder. Even the warm wind from the tropics could not drive out the sudden chill that came so suddenly.

Finally, Cooper began his speech.

“I’m Cooper Mitchell, also known as Fass Michel. I am widely acknowledged as the second-largest entity in the arms industry; second because I kept a portion of the business hidden to not attract attention.”

The people at the venue were trembling slightly under the mention of the arms industry.

“The business that I run can easily destroy this world. If I want someone dead, no matter where this person runs off to, I will still be able to find them. Even if they escape the Earth, I can still hunt them down!”

It was Michael’s turn to tremble now. Why does he have to talk about this on our wedding day?

Cooper continued, “I also run the most advanced medical technology company in the world. I can easily save a person, but I can just as easily bring a person to his death.”

When he emphasized the word ‘death’, the ferocious and grim tone in his voice managed to make Michael cower in fear once again.

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