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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1382

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1382

In a burst of joy, Michael held her in his arms and spun twice on top of the sand. The sound of Sophia’s laughter covered the surging waves.

He pressed his damp lips softly against her forehead.

She looked at him with tear-filled eyes, then turned to the ocean and yelled, “Sophia Edwards and Michael Fletcher will be spending the rest of their lives together!”

He looked at how excited she was but remained unmoved. He only wished that he could yell along with her and inform the whole world about their vow to stay together forever.

But, he knew that he could not stay with her for long.

The only thing he could give her was a wedding, yet Sophia had believed in all of it.

She genuinely believed that they would be together for eternity.

The next day, their wedding ceremony began.

Michael was extremely nervous. He did not know where to put his hands; putting them in his pocket did not seem right but neither did just letting them hang at his sides. Moreover, his nerves were making his palms sweat. With sweaty palms, he continued to pace back and forth at the venue.

It had been a while since he last felt this nervous. He was not acting now; this was live.

At a wedding, there was no such thing as a retake. Everything had to be done in one take and no mistakes were allowed.

Even though the wedding was small and rushed, it still had to be spectacular. To strive for perfection, he purposely put on some powder and trimmed his eyebrows. Otherwise, he might not have been able to match up to his beautiful bride.

Standing at the side, Quinton chided, “Okay, that’s enough. Stop being so nervous. You’re breaking into a sweat. Watch out for your makeup.”

There were only a handful of guests. Sam and Nicole, who had gotten married two days ago, were now guests themselves. There were also a few people from the Fletchers and the Mitchells, as well as Bailey from the Adams Family. The Michel Family did not receive word. Because Michael and Sophia did not want outsiders to find out, they only invited several close friends and family they met on a regular basis.

They had only gone through a swift rehearsal early in the morning. Michael was so nervous that he kept going over the steps to make sure that he would not make a mistake.

Just yesterday, he was teasing Sam for being nervous even though he was already in his forties. Who would have thought that it would be Michael’s turn today?

Meanwhile, Theo did not imagine that he would ever be able to participate in his son’s wedding during his lifetime. He was always preparing for it, although he did not know much about it.

Back then, he and Elizabeth failed to get married. When Celine got married, he was still frozen. He had made it just in time for Michael’s wedding, but he felt like it was a pity that Elizabeth could not be here to see it.

He also owed her a wedding. At the time, they did not even receive their marriage certificate.

I’ve never gotten married myself… No, I did get married once. The only time he got married was with Tanya at the drug dealers’ den. At the time, however, he was locked up in his room most of the time and did not have to worry about much.

Tanya got everything prepared. After that, Theo simply followed along and became an obedient son-in-law. In actuality, he was still communicating with the outside world.

The day before the wedding, he gathered his men and weapons—rifles, cannons, and heavy weapons. Before the time came, he launched an attack at his own wedding and blew up his ‘father-in-law’ and many distinguished guests who had joined the wedding.

Dressed in his wedding attire, he held a submachine gun and fired in all directions, turning the wedding venue into a pool of blood.

He was not a good husband. In modern terms, he was a scumbag. Because Elizabeth loved him, she was willing to be with him unofficially and raise his children. In the end, he still fell into her debt.

Whenever he thought about that, he couldn’t help but tear up.

How nice would it be if you were still here, Elizabeth?

There were a number of people who wanted to cry today.

It was common to see newlyweds smiling, but it was rare to see the elderly in tears.

Cooper had red-rimmed eyes. Although his grandchild was already five, he still insisted on living with Sophia until now because he just could not bear to let her go.

They had lost each other when she was little. While he was all-powerful and standing at the peak, his daughter was being trampled on by people and struggling to survive in the dirt.

It had only been a few years since they found each other. Before he could even adore her to his heart’s content, she was going to leave to some place far away with an unknown man. She was leaving him to go build her own little family.

How could Cooper accept it?

He still owed her too much. Despite wanting to keep her by his side forever, he knew that she was going to get married sooner or later.

Once she started to build her own family, she inevitably had to leave.

He still lived with her and was able to see his beloved daughter every day, and he also knew that this wedding was just a formality for her and Michael, as they were already married a long time ago and already had a child who was this big. Yet, he could not help but feel like this ceremony was a defeat for him. Michael was taking his daughter away from him, but he could not do anything to stop it.

The more Cooper thought about it, the more saddened he became.

While the two elderly fathers wept, the rest of the crowd was extremely excited.

As the matchmaker, Daniel had deliberately taken time out of his metaphysics lecture tour to join the wedding.

Michael’s notice of the wedding had come too suddenly. The moment Daniel received the news, he booked a plane ticket right away and after a long journey he finally arrived; any later and he would not have made it.

He was the one who sent Sophia’s photo to Michael all those years ago and matchmade them. Undoubtedly, he was the most significant matchmaker.

On the other hand, Cooper was still wiping at his tears discreetly and growing sadder with each passing moment.

Suddenly, another private plane arrived on the island. When it landed on the apron, a shuttle bus quickly went to pick up the guests to drive them over. Through tear-filled eyes, Cooper saw a tall and elegant figure slowly coming into focus before him.


Anna walked up to him with a smile on her face. “I’m here.”

It would not have been right if she did not show up today.

She had come right as the ceremony was about to start. Previously, Sam had invited a professional band to the island. This band was being ‘reused’ now as they began to play the pure and romantic ‘Wedding March’.

When the ceremony started, the bride finally appeared at the end of the red carpet in the garden with her hand on Linus’ arm.

Originally, Cooper was supposed to escort Sophia to Michael, but Cooper was in too much sorrow to hand his little girl over to his son-in-law. Thus, Linus stepped up to do the job.

Linus was trying his best to keep a smile on his face, but he just could not suppress the ache swelling in his chest and stop his eyes from turning red.

The bride of the day, Sophia, was wearing a white wedding dress that made her look pure and beautiful. The veil was covering her face as she slowly walked down the red carpet.

Carmen and Hope were in front of her while a few other children held her dress from behind.

Wearing her wedding dress, the usually bright Sophia seemed to have a peculiar charm about her today. A professional makeup artist did her makeup for her and made it look like there was a light, filter-like halo around her face. It made her glow and her beauty was overwhelming.

The thin white veil was not enough to mask her beauty.

As soon as Michael saw her, tears began to well up in his eyes.

It was his wedding day. He did not want to let his tears ruin this perfect moment, but seeing how beautiful she looked, the joy he felt made the tears gush out and stain his cheeks.

He felt like he had the most beautiful bride in the world.

He was so happy that he only wanted to cry.

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