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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1380

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1380

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1380

Michael thought of the day they went to try on wedding dresses. It seemed like something that happened many, many years ago. But in his mind, the days he spent with Sophia were all real.

He still remembered that she had tried on several dresses that day, but his mind was occupied elsewhere. That same day, the Murray Family had come over to make a fuss and were unwilling to leave. He was worried about Nathan who was at home at the time.

All of his focus was on Nathan that he forgot about Sophia who was trying on wedding dresses in front of him.

Therefore, regardless of how he tried, he could not remember how she looked in a wedding dress that day. He only remembered that she had picked a dress and submitted her order. A year later, the manufacturer sent the dress to them.

Unfortunately, she never got to put it on before Quinton abducted her.

He tried to picture her in that dress, but he realized he could not put the two together no matter how hard he tried.

If I can see her in a wedding dress again before I die, how nice would that be?

The next day, everyone went by the original plan to spend a few more days on the island. There were plenty of activities to do, but Sophia still found having seafood barbecue more meaningful.

Early in the morning, however, people were looking at her in an unusual way.

The wedding was already over, but a bunch of new faces appeared on the island.

By noon, Theo and Quinton came, and so did Celine and Justin. Nathan also showed up in a new suit and tie.

Joel had brought the whole family over.

Something about the situation did not feel right.

Moreover, Carmen was in her flower girl attire again and was rehearsing with Hope. They claimed that they were preparing for the wedding tomorrow.

Wedding? Tomorrow? Whose wedding?

It looked like another wedding was about to take place on the island and everyone was busy preparing for it. When Sophia asked, though, no one gave her an answer.

She was dumbfounded. Nevertheless, she was already there. They could not hide it from her forever.

While it was bright out, she went to the beach for a sunbath. I don’t know why so many people overseas enjoy sleeping exposed under the scorching sun all day without applying even a bit of sunscreen, she wondered. They’re practically frying themselves.

Being under the sun for a while, however, was making her feel like a roasted duck, and she couldn’t take it any longer. Instead, she went for a swim with Sarah. When they got tired, they got out of the water and ate some seafood barbecue, then went back in again to swim some more. She enjoyed herself to the fullest, treating their stay there as a vacation.

After spending all day on the beach, she was now several shades tanner.

She returned to her room that night, took a shower, and applied a face mask.

Once that was done, she faced the mirror and proceeded to apply some skincare products. She had spent years paying special attention to her face and prioritizing self-care. Throughout the day, she always looked after her skin like it was a religious ritual.

The scar had faded and her skin was tender again, but after getting tanned from being under the sun all day, all her efforts were in vain.

I can’t suntan anymore. I will start to age at this rate. How do foreigners tan under the sun all day without putting on any sunscreen? She grumbled as she continued to apply products on her face.

Meanwhile, Michael and Carmen were nudging each other at the side as though they had something to say but were pushing the burden onto the other person.

“You should go, sweetie. You’re a baby. You can afford to be a bit forthcoming. My happiness from now on is in your hands.”

“Go on your own, Daddy. This is your business. You were the one who taught me to take responsibility for myself ever since I was little.”

“Just this once, please?”

The father and daughter pair had a long discussion together but did not manage to reach a conclusion. Alas, Sophia finished applying her skincare products and came out of the bathroom. Seeing her daughter sitting on the bed in her pajamas, she went to give her a bear hug right away.

“Sweetie! Let Mommy give you a kiss!”

Carmen let Sophia kiss her cheeks, then gathered her courage and announced, “Mommy, Daddy says he has something big to discuss with you.”

Something big?

Looking over at the balcony, she found Michael’s shadow swaying back and forth under the dim lights.

He looked hesitant and unsettled.


She went over to the balcony.

With the lights turned off, only the soft glow from the moonlight illuminated the area.

A bright moon had risen above the sea, and they were sharing this beautiful moment.

It set off a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

Initially, Michael was pacing back and forth on the balcony. When he looked back and saw Sophia, he finally mustered his courage and walked toward her.

Under the moonlight, his whole body seemed ablaze. Sophia tilted her head up slightly to look at him. The moonlight seemed to accentuate his looks. In her eyes, he was always going to be the unparalleled Academy Award Best Actor winner, Taylor Murray, and the love of her life.

The atmosphere tonight was just right. With the light breeze blowing against her face, she could smell the saltiness in the air. Feeling a slight chill, she tugged at her pajamas around her.

“What is it?” she finally asked when she saw Michael staring at her without saying a word.

He lowered his head a little and studied her face.

It’s been ten years, but she hasn’t changed one bit. She’s still the same as the girl in my memories.

Sighing softly, he put his arms around her, tightening his grip when he realized her body felt cold.

How I wish I could hold her like this and never let go…

Separation was the biggest punishment for those who did not know how to appreciate their significant other. Some people had to experience an unforgettable separation in order to learn how valuable reuniting was.

But, no matter how much he appreciated her, he still felt more than his fair share of pain from having to separate from her.

He also knew how valuable it was to reunite, but he still had to leave her.

If only time could stop at this moment!

He answered, “Nothing really.”

When he blinked, he realized that his eyes were already slightly damp. He let her go and took her icy cold hand in his. “Come with me. I have something to show you.”

He brought her out and into the room next door.

Sophia was extremely uneasy. She kept feeling like he was acting strange today, so she patiently went into the next room with him.

The moment she entered, the lights were turned off and everything was pitch-black.

She grabbed Michael’s hand instinctively. With a snap, the lights came back on and brightened the whole room in an instant. The sudden brightness had frightened her and made her jump in shock.

When she gradually got used to her surroundings, she only saw a mannequin in front of her with a beautiful wedding dress on.

The dress was made from selected materials and designed by a famous foreign designer. It took one year for the dress to be made. The hemline of the dress was adorned with dazzling diamonds that looked like the stars in the galaxy. Nevertheless, they complemented each other and did not take away the uniqueness of one another.

Many years ago, this dress cost tens of millions, but she did not know much it was worth now.

“What is my wedding dress doing here?”

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