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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1379

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1379

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1379

Originally, they had planned to have the wedding after she graduated, but she got pregnant and the wedding was postponed. Then, when she left, the wedding was postponed indefinitely.

She never got to wear her dream wedding dress that they had worked on for two years. It remained locked inside the closet at home all these years.

Their wedding rings were already beginning to discolor, and the wedding dress was slowly being covered in dust.

Between the both of them, the only thing that was missing was a wedding.

After the wedding ceremony, everyone went off happily to take photos. An excited Cooper also held a DSLR in his hand as he dragged Carmen along to go take photos.

The small island they were on was a place that Sam had bought for Nicole. Flowers had bloomed all over the island, covering it with a dreamlike vibrance and colors that made the place feel surreal.

Nicole was standing among the flowers in her wedding dress. When she glanced back slightly, her beauty put all the flowers to shame.

Entering the industry at a young age put her through many ups and downs over the years. She had once gone off on the wrong path and even anticipated a relationship that eventually came to naught. After everything, she did not expect to meet Sam, the man who was willing to grow old with her.

Looking back, she felt as though everything was disappearing like a cloud of smoke. The things that happened in the past were turning into a blur while the only person standing before her now was becoming clearer.

Sophia was strolling in the field of flowers with the hem of her pink dress lifted slightly. This island was essentially a huge garden filled with green grass and fresh flowers. The mountains that surrounded the island blocked off the sea breeze, allowing those delicate flowers to thrive and produce such beautiful fragrance.

She and Sarah were both walking carefully among the flowers as they waited for the photographer to take their photos.

As it turned out, all women enjoyed getting their photos taken. They seemed to forget who they were when they were in front of the camera.

Behind them, Michael and Harry were following along reluctantly.

They watched the five friends who graduated from Bayside University having the time of their lives taking group photos that also included their young children.

Michael also took some photos of Sophia on his phone.

With a dazzling smile on her face, she looked beautiful standing among the flowers in her light pink dress.

While he was taking photos of Sophia, Poppy came over suddenly and tugged at his trousers. In a stern voice, she said, “Carmen is taking photos with a pig!”


Following Poppy’s lead, Michael quickly found Carmen, who was getting her photos taken by Cooper. Carmen was extremely photogenic and was skilled at finding the right angles. Each photo seemed good enough to be on the front cover of a magazine. When Bailey came over unexpectedly earlier, Cooper urged, “Come. You two should take a photo together.”

After that, Carmen took two photos with him.

She looked adorable dolled up as a flower girl. The flower crown on her head was made on the spot from the flowers that were there, and the floral fairy dress she was wearing swayed in the wind. Bailey was wearing a classy, all-black suit that gave him a cold and mysterious presence. He seemed to have a depth and knowledge that a young child usually did not possess.

Cooper thought they complemented each other and that it would have been a waste if they did not take a photo together.

“Come, come. Pay attention to the lighting, Sean.”

“Stanley, move aside. You’re in the frame.”

In his younger days, Cooper was a big shot who won many big awards in photography. He used to enjoy taking photos of Annabel the most. These days, he would casually take photos of Sophia and Carmen when he did not have anything else to do.

He was very impressed with the model in front of him now, so he captured dozens of photos in one go. Even though Bailey wanted to leave, he did not think it was polite to decline when Cooper looked so excited.

“Smile, Bailey. Don’t just stick to one expression. Carmen, lean into Bailey a bit and hold his hand. Yes! That’s it! Stay there!”

When Michael arrived, the scene that greeted him was Bailey holding Carmen’s hand with a sly smile on his face.

All hell was about to break loose.

Michael, the grey-haired old father, almost exploded with anger.

Cooper finished taking another round of photos as he enjoyed himself to the fullest. While he was looking through the photos, Michael hurried over and pulled Carmen away from Bailey. “Take a couple of pictures with Daddy, too.”

Meanwhile, Bailey stepped out and left on his own.

When Sophia spotted Carmen and Michael taking photos, she quickly rushed over. “Wait for me! I want to join too!”

She hopped onto Michael’s back with a leap. Michael supported her with one hand and held Carmen’s hand in the other. Right then, Cooper pressed down on the shutter and captured that perfect moment—a happy family of three with a vast sea of flowers behind them.

Later that night, Sophia went over to Cooper’s place to look at the photos. He had taken heaps that day; most of which were of Carmen and the main stars, Sam and Nicole.

Taking plenty of copies with her, she brought them back to look over them with Michael.

There were also a number of photos of Carmen and Bailey together. Michael simply could not bear to look at them anymore. They look like wedding photos!

The more he looked at them, the angrier he felt.

In the end, he decided to stop looking.

Lying down in bed with a huff, he turned to his side and hugged Carmen—she was sleeping with them tonight. It looked like she had too much fun today for she fell asleep as soon as she lay down.

Meanwhile, Sophia was still looking at the photos and smiling to herself as she went through them.

Michael could not fall asleep for a long time. Regardless of how much he tossed and turned, he could not keep his eyes shut. He looked out the window at the bright moon above the surface of the water. It was tranquil and beautiful; so beautiful that it seemed surreal. Is this a dream or am I awake?

Sophia had already removed her make-up and went to bed. After a whole day of activity, they even went to the beach to have a seafood barbecue for dinner. Her energy was completely depleted.

He turned around and watched her sleep soundly.

Ten years had flown by. Over this time, she had changed a lot, but he still saw her the same way—as the naïve and kind young girl.

The only thing that changed was this world.

After all the suffering she went through, she could finally welcome spring. There were many days left ahead for her, but Michael felt like he was reaching his end.

The world was just that cruel. They were still in love with each other, but they could not be together. Those who were able to stay together in marriage until they were old were the lucky ones.

Michael gently removed her fingers around her phone. When he got her phone out, he saw that her screensaver was Nicole’s wedding dress.

The focus was not on Nicole but on the dress.

The snowy white wedding dress was made from selected materials and had a customized fit. It fit Nicole perfectly as if they were one and the same.

The photo of that dress was now Sophia’s screensaver.

While Michael was looking at the photo, he also imagined what Sophia looked like in a wedding dress. Sadly, no matter how much he thought about it, he could not reproduce the image in his mind.

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