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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1378

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1378

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1378

On the other hand, Sam had already begun talking to Bailey.

Sam and Bailey’s parents had known each other for a very long time, and Crimson House and Adams Group were long-term partners. When Sam knew Bailey was in Bayside City, he also sent him an invitation letter.

“You’re here, Bailey. Welcome.”

From what he remembered, Bailey was still the little kid hiding in his parents’ embrace. His parents had always been strict with him and raised him as their heir. He was excellent, yet carefree at the same time; there was always a smile hanging on his face.

However, only a few years had passed, and he was no longer that same little kid. At the age of fifteen, he was considered very mature and sophisticated. He was comparable to a fifty-year-old elite. He dressed in an adult’s suit, spotted an adult’s hairstyle, and acted like an adult. Yet, he was only fifteen years old.

He was a victim of his circumstances.

If he didn’t live as a fifty-year-old man, an immature kid like him would be tormented by society.

Except for a sigh, Sam had nothing else to say to Bailey.

He then sent someone to bring Bailey to his guest room and continued with the rehearsal. The moment he turned around, he saw that Michael was already removing the garland from Carmen’s head.

“From how I see it, Carmen doesn’t seem to be suitable to act as your flower girl,” said Michael in a serious tone.

Sam then quickly asked, “Then, what about the performance?”

Nowadays, flower girls did not only have to sprinkle flower petals, but they also had to be talented. Carmen had volunteered to sing at the wedding and, of course, Sam had agreed.

Pretending he was making another prediction, Michael went on, “She cannot sing too.”

Carmen, who had been deprived of the garland, cried out loud when she heard her father and knew that she had lost her chance to perform.

“You lied to me, Daddy! You broke your promise!”

As soon as Carmen cried, Sophia instantly put the garland back onto her crown and comforted her, “Daddy is only joking with you!”

Even Cooper was frowning at his old son-in-law for going back on his words.

Didn’t he agree for Carmen to become the flower girl at the wedding ceremony? She has been preparing for the performance excitedly for days at home. Why did he change his mind so suddenly during the rehearsal?

Immediately, Cooper joined in and said, “Hey, if anyone dares to stop you from becoming a flower girl, I’ll chop them and mince them with eggplant.”

When he said that, he didn’t forget to glare at Michael.

In response, Michael was dumbfounded.

During the wedding ceremony on the following day, Nicole had her wedding dress on her. The kid she adopted along with Sam would be carrying her wedding dress train. As for Carmen and Hope, they were dressed like a match made in heaven and were sprinkling flower petals from the front.

However, Michael had long forgotten about the event. There was only Carmen… and the fifteen-year-old old man, in his eyes.

Throughout the whole ceremony, Bailey had been whispering to Lucy. It seemed like they were talking about the cooperation between their companies. Nonetheless, Michael kept on staring at him like a wolf. He was afraid that Bailey would be targeting Carmen the moment he missed him from his sight.

Bailey couldn’t understand why Michael was glaring at him.

“You ask how deeply I love you, and just how great my love is…”

Carmen’s clear and crispy voice was heard. Although she was only five, she had been taking vocal lessons. Her vocal skills had improved a lot. By the time the ceremony ended, she went onto the stage and performed ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’. Yet, Michael continued to keep his eyes on Carmen and Bailey. He was afraid to lose either of them from his vision.

As Sam’s pet dog, Corrado had also dolled itself up for the event. It showed up with a pretty garland.

The ceremony ended successfully amidst Carmen’s sweet voice. From now on, Sam and Nicole had officially become a couple recognized by law.

Regardless of the rumors, he would always be her warm haven. He would shelter her from wind and rain, and prop up a warm sky for her. They would have a home of their own and begin a new life together.

Finally, it was time to toss the bouquet.

In a pure white wedding dress, Nicole held onto her bouquet. With her back facing the crowd, she was ready to throw it.

Simultaneously, the host announced, “The bride will be tossing her bouquet in a moment. Every single woman at the scene, please be ready. Whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to marry!”

Sarah, who was already married, rushed up in an instant. Believing that it would be a waste if she didn’t take the chance to fight for the bouquet, she prepared herself and was eager to try. There were already so few guests present at the scene today, and there were almost no single women. She had to join in to gather enough people.

Otherwise, this session would go to waste.

Initially, Sophia was trying to keep her composure. Yet, the moment she saw Sarah rushing up there, she joined in too.

Sarah was already married, but she wasn’t!

She was still a single young lady on the record of the Civil Affairs Bureau!

She was considered to be living together with Michael illegally.

Therefore, she could still catch the bouquet.

“Move! Let me try!”

Stanley, who was 180cm tall, marched forward and also tried to catch the bouquet.

“Get out, stupid dog. This is against the rules!” Sarah, who was only 150cm tall, would not stand a chance as she stood in the shadow of Stanley.


Unlike Sarah, Sophia found herself an assistant. “Come and help me!”

Shaking his head helplessly, Linus hurried forward and joined the group that was trying to catch the bouquet. He was slightly taller than Stanley. Therefore, he had more of an advantage.

Stanley refused to give in. “Sean, they’re bullying me!”

Immediately, Sean also hurried over.

The five of them squeezed with one another behind Nicole with their hands thrown up in the air. Everyone wanted to catch the bouquet. The scene was filled with joy.

Staring at them, Nicole was laughing so hard that she couldn’t stand up straight.

In the end, the bouquet was tossed. While everyone was screaming, they reached out and tried to grab the tiny bouquet. Finally, it was Sophia, who suddenly jumped up two meters into the air, that caught the bouquet.

Linus held her high up in the air and spun her around. Holding the bouquet, Sophia was beaming like a happy kid.

“Foul! You cheated!” As if she was an irritated cat, Sarah turned around and complained to Harry.

Harry’s face wrinkled like a chrysanthemum. He felt like he was raising four children, and it was extremely tiring.

Fortunately, there were a lot of flowers on the island. So, he made her a bouquet on the spot to satisfy her.

Sophia, who had caught the bouquet, came back excitedly.

“Hubby, look! I caught the bouquet!”

Michael was speechless as he looked at her.

Why is she still acting like a kid when she is already all grown up?

However, there was nothing he could say. In the end, he could only say, “I hope you will get married next year.”

Blinking, Sophia grinned slyly and said, “I’ll try to make it happen next year.”

Both of them had not registered themselves yet!

After the problems with the Michel Family were settled, they would remarry immediately.

Or else, mold would start growing on her wedding dress soon.

She also wanted to hold a grand wedding ceremony and invite all her friends to the event; even her enemies would be invited too. No matter how much she despised them, she wanted all of them to witness how happy she was.

She wanted to wear the most beautiful wedding dress in the world and be the most beautiful bride!

Taking over the bouquet from Sophia, Michael stared at the charming flowers with concern.

He owed her a wedding.

A wedding that had been dragged on for ten years…

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