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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1376

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1376

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1376

The fact that Anne had missed Cooper and couldn’t meet him made her blue all day. Just like yesterday, she didn’t speak much; even the food she consumed was less than usual.

After thinking about it, Louis made up his mind and pulled open the drawer of the bedside table. From inside, he took out a gracefully packed tiny gift box and said, “Cooper… told me to give this to you. I forgot about it yesterday.”

Cooper left this for me?

Instantly, Anne’s eyes were shining. Taking over the gift box, she opened it and saw a spoiled apricot.

It’s an apricot from Cooper!

Although she did not know the meaning behind this little apricot, it was still a gift from Cooper. Therefore, it had remarkable value.

Staring at Anne, who was extremely content, Louis was sad. That apricot was indeed a gift from Cooper. However, it was something Cooper gave on behalf of Carmen. It was a gift from Carmen, who wanted to thank Anne for hiding her inside the dressing room.

Forget it. It’s fine as long as she’s happy…

In the past two days, Michael had been running around. Jordan’s strike on Cooper this time was also an attack on him. Both of them had worked together to fight back. Furthermore, Jordan’s two sons had committed a serious crime. Even though the two bastards were dead and had dragged more than twenty people along with them, the incident still shook the people of Cethos.

The Fletcher Family knew who shot the plane down. Cethos and Jordan knew it too. Yet, there was no further investigation. Hence, the incident was considered solved.

Jordan did not have the courage to fight for his sons. The government had concluded that it was a serious terrorist attack. Now that it had crossed the limits of the higher-ups in Cethos, it was hard for Jordan to deny responsibility. However, he was influential and had connections. Therefore, even if his two sons and dozens of lives had been sacrificed, he managed to avoid culpability.

Nonetheless, he would not be able to escape for long because this incident had alerted the higher-ups.

He really did raise two ‘good’ sons!

Recently, Michael was extremely busy. The film set was located in the valley. Although it was convenient for him to commute to work and go home every day, he had to work with Cooper to deal with Jordan and worry about Carmen’s love life.

Carmen brought bags of local specialties from the farm, and Michael knew exactly who the local specialties were given to, including where each cherry had gone. However, the four apricots’ whereabouts remained unknown.

Before they went to visit Louis, Carmen wrapped one of the apricots. The packaging was so ugly, yet she insisted on giving it to Anne. Sophia had to repackage it and add some floral motif stickers before they could just about give it out.

But, where were the other three apricots?

He made an inquiry behind Carmen’s back, but there was no answer. When Sophia accidentally revealed that Bailey had a very unique bracelet that was strung with three apricot kernels, he finally knew where those apricots went. The reason Sophia initiated the conversation was to ask Michael to endorse a limited-edition bracelet with apricot kernel carvings she had decided to launch. After discovering the answer, Michael’s heart sank. Shit!

Sure enough; I knew that the old man had an ulterior motive. They even started exchanging tokens of love?!

Carmen gave him three apricot kernels. What did he give her, then?

Since then, Michael began to keep an eye on Carmen’s every action. He knew everything about her like the palm of his hand. If he saw something unfamiliar within the clothes and toys she had, he would inquire about the origin.

As expected, he found an unfamiliar pendant on Carmen’s bag one day. Alerted, Michael asked cautiously, “Who gave that to you? Was it Bailey?”

Unlike Michael, Sophia was extremely pleased. “Oh, did Bailey give it to you? Let Mommy take a look. Oh my god! How beautiful! Bailey really has good taste!”

Looking at his wife’s reaction, Michael was speechless.

“It’s a gift from the kindergarten teacher to the most disciplined kid!” said Carmen as she pouted.

Michael was once again dumbfounded.

Whenever he saw toys, bracelets, and shoes that he had never seen before around Carmen, he would interrogate carefully, fearing that Bailey would snatch his daughter away behind his back.

He even tried to find two spies that would check on Carmen on behalf of him.

“Poppy, come here. Come to Godfather.”

He lured Poppy to his side with a toy. Solemnly, he said, “Men are pigs. If Carmen falls in love with any boy in the kindergarten, you have to tell me, okay?”

Poppy nodded seriously. “Don’t worry, Godfather. I’ll never let any boy get close to Carmen!”

“Okay, go. From now on, it is your responsibility to protect Carmen!”

Poppy, who was broken by love, kept an eye on Carmen every day in the kindergarten. She was determined to protect her from boys and had been sending photos of different boys to Michael every day.

Unfortunately, none of them looked like Bailey.

Coward, you’re pretty good at hiding!

How dare you play games with me?!

Like a searchlight, Michael became even more attentive to Carmen. He was determined not to let her fall in love at such an early age.

In his opinion, to fall in love under the age of forty was considered puppy love.

Nevertheless, Sophia had a different opinion. She thought it would be better if Carmen could give it a try earlier. From her perspective, she thought Michael was too sensitive.

During the day, Carmen won a prize for her crayon drawing. Enthusiastically, she went home and showed her family the drawing.

“This is Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, Uncle Linus, Aunt Celine, Uncle Justin, Uncle Quinton…”

Holding her drawing up, she showed it to everyone. It was a family portrait, and she was introducing the characters one by one. “There is also Cash, Penny, Chrysanthemum…”

With sharp eyes, Michael immediately noticed a green-eyed character with long eyelashes in the drawing. Solemnly, he asked, “Who is this?”

It was too obvious. The drawing almost summarized all of Bailey’s characteristics: green eyes, long eyelashes, and long legs. Although the drawing was very abstract, Michael could recognize him with just one glance.

Upon hearing her father’s question, Carmen’s face flushed, and she blinked. Instead of answering him, she buried her face into Sophia’s arms.

Letting out a chuckle, Sophia said, “This is Bailey, right? See how smart Mommy is! I could tell who it was at one glance!”

Shyly, Carmen nodded. However, Michael felt like his world was collapsing.

How dare she include that green-eyed man with long eyelashes into the drawing? How dare she draw him in the same picture with her own father?

His sky collapsed.

Michael almost went frantic. Yet, Carmen felt aggrieved and pouted. “Daddy, do you… not like Bailey?”

Of course, I don’t like him!

He couldn’t wait to let Bailey experience what it was like to be forced to eat eggplant with minced pork!

However, when Carmen stared at him with aggrieved eyes, he couldn’t speak the truth even when he felt wronged.

So, I can’t even hate Bailey now?

Luckily, Sophia quickly came and mediated the situation. “Our darling has grown up and has her own little secret! You must tell us when this kind of thing happens again! Mommy can give you some advice.”

Carmen nodded shyly.

Michael almost exploded out of rage.

Give her advice?

Oh, how I want to turn him into barbecue!

In the end, before the couple went to bed, they had an extensive bedtime chat to summarize the relationship between Carmen and Bailey.

Michael went first to express his opinion. “Carmen is too young. Besides, she’s so naïve and cute. Bailey’s a deep one. Our darling is not his opponent. She will never beat him. So, I’ll never agree to their relationship.”

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