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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1373

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1373

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1373

Cooper knew something about the relationship between the Adams Family: Tiffany didn’t like Bailey, so Bailey wanted to get rid of Tiffany and her daughter too.

However, both parties had reached an agreement when it came to the marriage between Tiffany and Cooper.

Tiffany wanted to marry Cooper; Bailey, too, wanted them to get married.

If she got together with Cooper, her power would be greatly increased, which would be detrimental to Bailey.

Yet, this might not be the case too.

Tiffany’s love for Cooper was genuine. If she got married to him, she would definitely change her surname to Michel. Once she changed it, Bailey would immediately hold a meeting between the board of directors to remove Tiffany from the board.

Therefore, Bailey wanted to help to tie the knot.

A daughter who was married was like spilled water. The easiest way to weaken Tiffany’s influence within the Adams Family was to find her a man she adored. After she got married, she would be blinded by love and happiness.

Nonetheless, there was no way Cooper would marry Tiffany. But, what he owed should be paid. As to how he should pay it back, it depended on the situation. Still, it was impossible for him to repay her with his body…

“Be sure to come to my house for dinner tomorrow night. Joel will be there too. You guys can talk about Lola’s matter during dinner.” Before Cooper left, he didn’t forget to remind Bailey about the dinner at his place.

Bailey nodded as he watched them leave.

Carmen had been carried out before she even woke up. She was dozing off in Cooper’s arms; drowsiness was evident on her baby-soft face.

When they finally left, Bailey went back to the lounge. Inside the room, he found a plain-looking little box lying beside a pillow.

The box was decorated with floral motif stickers. As soon as he opened it, he found three unattractive apricots inside the box. The apricots were of high quality, and they were completely ripe. However, these apricots appeared to have been left for a few days, so they had gone bad. Thus, they were no longer edible. Bailey squeezed one of the apricots with his fingers, and the apricot broke apart easily; the juices splashed out and stained his fingers.

After he cleaned his hand, he simply threw the box and the apricots into the trash can.

Yet, when he turned around and took a few steps forward, his mind was still preoccupied with the horrible packaging. Although the wrapping was ugly, it was delicately ugly in some way.

Perhaps, the one who wrapped it poured their heart into the packaging. Unfortunately, their skills are limited…

On the following night, Bailey dressed himself up and went to Cooper’s house for dinner. When Sophia came to the door, she praised him the moment she saw him.

“Hello, Bailey! Come on; there was no need to bring a gift! Wow, your outfit is unique! Even your bracelet looks extraordinary!”

There seemed to be three apricot kernels stranded on Bailey’s bracelet.

Sophia wondered why he wore three apricot kernels on the bracelet. Those were just three ordinary apricot seeds, and there was nothing special about them. Why did he wear them on his wrist?

Is this the new trend amongst old men in Bayside City? To string apricot kernels on bracelets?

Hmm… I have to remember this. Maybe, I can make two limited-edition custom-made apricot kernels bracelets and sell them to old men.

Bailey didn’t want to explain himself. Instead, he acted like an elder and said to Sophia coldly, “I’m here to visit your father.”

Immediately, Sophia welcomed him into the house. Carmen had already returned from kindergarten. She wore the frog pajamas her brother used to wear in the past and was playing with the cat inside the living room.

Bailey took a seat in the living room. The moment Michael saw him, he carried Carmen and the cat back upstairs, refusing to let this ‘old man’ look at his daughter.

Unexpectedly, the moment he headed downstairs, Sophia brought Carmen back down excitedly again.

“Come on, Carmen. Say hello to Bailey.”

Obediently, Carmen greeted, “Hello, Bailey!”

However, Bailey remained unperturbed. His expression was calm, and he nodded to her greeting.

To him, Sophia and Carmen were from the younger generation, and he was an elder. Thus, he had to keep his composure.

After the greeting, Michael was eager to bring Carmen away again. Despite his intention, Sophia, once again, put Carmen next to Bailey and said, “Go on. Talk to Bailey.”

Looking at his wife, Michael was rendered speechless.

Does she really think that she’s Bailey’s mother-in-law?

There’s no way I’ll marry my daughter to this old man!

“Come here. Come to Daddy.” Michael went over and lifted Carmen into his arms. Naturally, he sat next to Bailey, keeping his eyes on Bailey at all times.

After a while, Stanley and Sean came. As soon as they walked in, Stanley put his kid down and rushed into the kitchen. “Aunt, what are we eating tonight?”

Soon, Joel, who was dressed in casual clothes, arrived with his family too. Lola saw Bailey the moment she came through the door. When Bailey looked up, his eyes met with hers.

Sarah, who was living next door, hurried over when she heard that Sophia’s old son-in-law was here.

The house was crowded, and the atmosphere was lively.

Kids were running around as they pleased. They appeared not to be aware of the conflicts between the adults.

Today, apart from Stanley’s family, who was here to get a free meal, and Harry’s family that dropped by, no one seemed to be in a good mood.

After Michael learned that Bailey robbed them in broad daylight and wanted something in return, he was very upset. Bailey probably wanted Cooper to marry Tiffany. However, it was obvious that Cooper didn’t want to do it. According to custom, a child had to pay for their father’s debt. Yet, Linus led a carefree life. There was no way he would agree to the arranged marriage and sacrifice himself.

Moreover, Sophia was married to him.

All that was left was Carmen.

This basically meant that Bailey wanted to marry Carmen.

What an evil old man!

Joel was not in a good mood. Cooper invited him today so that he could discuss Lola’s future with Bailey in person. He had not expected that Lola’s biological father, Blade—the killer that was killed by the Fletcher Family—was related to the Adams Family.

And Bailey wanted to take Lola with him.

Other than Cooper and Joel, Justin was not happy too. Subconsciously, he glanced at Celine. She was still as silly as always. Like a child, she was sharing jellies with Lola excitedly.

“Here is a strawberry jelly for you, Lola.”

Lola took the jelly and ate it happily while Celine stared at her with her silly smile.

She didn’t know that Lola was her daughter, and no one was willing to tell her. Still, she was very fond of Lola; after all, Lola was her own daughter.

In order to spare Justin’s feelings, Michael and the Fletchers decided not to disclose Lola’s identity. Although they only told him that Lola was the lost child of the Fletcher Family, Justin knew the truth.

The existence of Lola was a torment for Justin. However, the Fletcher Family couldn’t ignore her.

Besides, Lola’s own father was killed by the Fletchers. The murderer was right by her side.

What would Lola and the others think when they found out in the future?

What would the Fletchers think?

Would Lola hate the Fletchers for killing her father?

Would the Fletchers be cautious of Lola because her father was a killer?

Those were the reasons Joel was persuaded by Bailey and was sitting right here.

The kids ran around happily, yet the adults were very moody.

Bailey had made himself clear. Even if Lola returned to the Adams Family, he would not treat her shabbily. Back then, her father was showered by love and affection in the family, but he was kidnapped when he was young. The Adams Family flipped the world upside down to search for him, but still, there was no sign of him. Now that they learned about her existence, the relatives from her father’s side wanted to get her back.

The moment she returned to the family, there would be immeasurable assets waiting for her to inherit.

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