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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1371

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1371

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1371

Sophia tirelessly took care of Carmen all night long and even slept beside Carmen that night. Michael didn’t go home until very late at night. By the time he returned home, he saw Sophia and Carmen sleeping together. After suffering a huge scare, Carmen was clutching her mother’s arm tightly as she slept. Moreover, there seemed to be tears in the corner of her eyes.

He initially thought she was asleep. Unexpectedly, her eyes flew open abruptly upon hearing him coming back. “Daddy!”

Taking off his jacket, he whisperingly asked, “Sweetie, why are you still awake?”

She secretly took out a tomato from her pocket and delightedly said, “I wanted to give you this tomato, Daddy! Hurry and eat it while it’s still hot!”

When he saw the tomato, he felt a warmth only a father would experience stinging his eyes. “Thanks, sweetie.”

Then, he took the tomato from her. She held it for so long that it had gotten warm from her body heat. It looks like she was holding on to it all day long, waiting for me to come home and eat it. He heard that she had handed out souvenirs to everybody when she got home earlier today. As he had been settling matters outside and only came home late at night, he thought he missed the chance to receive some of the souvenirs she handed out. To his surprise, she had saved something for him. Thus, he hurriedly ate it while it was still hot. The tomato still held her body warmth, and he ate the entire tomato, including the calyx.

Carmen watched as he finished eating the tomato. She smiled excitedly at the sight. A new tooth was already growing from where her previous tooth had fallen out not long ago.

After Michael finished eating the tomato, he wiped his mouth and spread open his arms. “Come here; give me a hug. Hurry and go to bed after that, okay?”

Thus, she rushed over and gave him a big hug. After that, she lay back down and pulled her blanket over her. Meanwhile, he looked at his wife and his daughter. He couldn’t help feeling that they were both incredibly adorable. Leaning down, he kissed her on her small face before kissing Sophia too.

At first, he had made plans to leave. He had left all his assets to his wife, his daughter, and Celine. He wanted to go to a place where they could never find him and face his predetermined fate. He was going to officially start entering a cryogenic sleep. When the medical treatment services became better in the future, he would resurrect again.

Whether or not I can reunite with Sophia again will be up to fate. However, every time he planned to leave, all sorts of issues would come up. It’s truly a test for our little family of three. How can I leave in peace? After he finished taking a look at them, he walked out of the room and went into the living room. To his surprise, everybody else was still awake.

Today, both Cooper and Linus had been so quiet that it was terrifying. It was shocking that they allowed Henry to leave without saying anything at all. Usually, it wouldn’t make a difference even if Ryan died in the hands of Lorelei, and Michael shot Henry in the knee. With Cooper’s personality, he would never allow things to end so easily. Sure enough…

That night, a piece of international news swept through Bayside City in the middle of the night. A private luxury jet departing from Cethos crashed into an 8,000-meter-high snow-capped mountain not long after it left Cethos’ airspace. The plane was completely destroyed, killing over 30 people in it. There were no survivors.

According to the news report, the dead included the two young masters of the Ronney Group. Some speculated that a timed bomb had been installed in the plane, some claimed that the private jet had been shot down by surface-to-air missiles, and some believed that the captain of the plane deliberately drove it into the 8,000-meter-high snow-capped mountain. In any case, the people were dead and the plane was destroyed. It had crashed into the rugged snow-capped mountains. Moreover, it so happened that a heavy snowstorm raged across the mountains that night so it was difficult to even retrieve the corpses.

As the people on board the plane held distinguished statuses and the number of casualties was high, this incident shocked the entire international community. Still, no individuals or organizations stood out to claim responsibility for the incident even after a day had passed. Some claimed that the Fletcher Family was behind it while others claimed that it was the Michel Family. In the end, nobody could confirm the rumors. The news was reported domestically for a bit before it disappeared without further updates.

The news of those deaths made headlines for a few days. However, it was soon overshadowed by the news of Bethany’s imprisonment. It was true that the pictures of their deaths were not as attractive as Bethany’s handcuffed and bare-faced photos. As for how the bodies would be retrieved, nobody knew. It was located on an 8,000-meter-high snow-capped mountain ravaged by blizzards. Furthermore, it belonged to a small Central Asian country. There were too many difficulties surrounding the issue. Hence, it was most likely that those 30 or so people would forever remain frozen on top of the mountain.

Back at the hospital, Nathan and Quinton woke up. This time around, everybody within the Fletcher Family got to know Quinton. They only knew him as ‘Hope Fletcher’, a child of the Fletcher Family. He had always lived abroad and only came back to the country recently. At present, he was a lecturer at Bayside University.

During the incident the other day, he blocked the fanatics, killed many people, and saved many children. While Quinton recuperated in the hospital, many people visited him every day and brought fruits, gifts, and flowers with them. As a result, a bunch of gifts were piled up next to his bed.

In contrast, Nathan’s bedside, which was located in the same hospital ward, was much more barren. There were only several packs of strawberries and apples. He didn’t even get any flowers. After all, he had lost consciousness after losing too much blood due to his injuries. On the other hand, Quinton suffered several gunshot wounds that fortunately did not hit any of his vital spots. Their injuries could not be compared.

Carmen dropped by after school every day to visit both Quinton and Nathan. When she arrived today, she unwrapped all the presents sitting beside Quinton’s bed. She also ate all his fruits and supplements, enjoying them to their fullest. Then, she proudly said, “Uncle Quinton, they called you a great hero!”

Quinton had never imagined that he, who had killed throughout his life, could ever earn the title of a great hero. The world truly is unpredictable. Still, he had never caused any trouble at school nor killed any minors despite being a killer. Even if he was a killer, he had his own principles. At the moment, he was still hooked up to the intravenous drip. He proudly said, “I’m a great hero now! Are you proud of me?”

She happily replied, “I’m very proud of you!”

Looking at how many presents Quinton received, Stanley snorted in dissatisfaction. Sophia was sitting in front of his hospital bed while slicing some fruits for him. Celine also came over with her daughter. Meanwhile, Stanley brought over a large portion of pork knuckles during his visit. He made it look extremely delicious as he ate it by the bed. Unfortunately, Nathan was not allowed to eat them due to his injuries. Thus, he gritted his teeth in resentment.

For that reason, Stanley deliberately teased him. “Here; Nate-Tan! Do you want some? If you come back to work for me, I’ll let you have some.”

Nathan snorted and turned his face away.

He once worked at Stanley’s company during his summer vacation when he was much younger. Afterward, Justin established a new security company. Refusing to continue working under Stanley, he quickly joined Justin’s company instead.

Back when he was younger, he had been fair and chubby. Later, he often returned to the Fletcher Residence for military training. As time went on, he slowly tanned until he took on the Fletcher family’s traditional bronze-toned skin. Furthermore, Carmen liked to braid his hair into pigtails at home. So, he changed his hairstyle to a buzzcut. Following the changes to his appearance, his nickname went from ‘Nate’ to ‘Nate-Tan’.

Similarly, Quinton was also gradually developing the Fletcher Family’s traditional look of a buzzcut and bronze-toned skin. It seemed that Michael was the fairest in the Fletcher Family. He probably took after his mother, or it could also be due to his constant skincare regime.

Cooper also stopped by for a visit. After his visit, he said to Sophia, “I’m heading to the Adams Group.”

“The Adams Group?” Sophia immediately understood his intentions. “Dad, are you going to meet Bailey?”

At the mention of Bailey’s name, Carmen and Michael pricked up their ears in attention.

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