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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1367

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1367

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1367

Carmen’s voice came from the small garden. A small head wearing a military hat popped out, watching the two large men warily.

The men assumed that the two girls would not be able to do anything to escape since they were already at the Yard Residence. Besides, Henry and Ryan were packing their stuff right now. They were about to head to the airport and leave Cethos. They were also going to bring these two children along with them. Once they boarded the plane, nobody knew what would happen to the two girls. However, one thing was certain—once they left the country, neither the Fletcher Family, Mitchell Family, nor the Michel Family would be able to rescue the two girls anymore. What pitiful children; they are so adorable too…

The two large men waited for a minute before turning around to check on the girls. Seeing that the two hats were still there, they continued chatting leisurely for a bit. Another three or four minutes passed without any movement, and the two military green hats were still in sight. By the time the two large men noticed that something was wrong and ran over to check, the two girls were gone. Only two hats were left, hanging from a tree branch.

“They are still within the villa! Find them!” The large man panicked as he rushed about searching for the girls.

Lorelei and Carmen squeezed through a small hole in the small garden and ran next door. At first, they thought they managed to escape outside only to realize that they were still within the Yard Residence. Therefore, they ran inside the villa, avoiding people as they did so. Twisting and turning, they saw a door that was slightly ajar, ran into the room, and locked the door behind them.

To their horror, they immediately came face-to-face with the person inside. A young girl wearing a bathrobe came out with wet hair. “Mrs. Lynde, what took you so long—”

That person thought that it was Mrs. Lynde, who had gone out of the room to grab something. To her surprise, she was greeted with two dirty little children. She immediately recognized Carmen at a glance. “Carmen! Why are you here?!”

Anne could recognize Carmen instantly despite how dirty she looked. Carmen had appeared on a reality show with Cooper, and Anne watched every episode over and over again. It was only natural that she could recognize Carmen.

Carmen looked very pitiful. Before she could say anything, a rush of footsteps, as well as many different voices, sounded outside the door. “You three, head to the left. Search upstairs carefully too. It’s only two little girls; they can’t have gotten far!”

Anne might not know what was going on, but it was no accident for these two girls to appear in the Yard Residence. Before she could say anything, she heard a violent series of raps on the door. Thus, she hurriedly said, “Hide!” Opening the door to the dressing room, she pushed the two girls inside and whispered urgently, “Don’t come out no matter what happens later. And, don’t make any noise either!”

The person outside the door was getting very impatient. “Open the door, Anne Osborne! What are you doing inside?!”

It’s Ryan’s voice! I don’t know what’s going on, but I do know that the two girls will be discovered immediately if I open the door. It’s over if the girls are discovered! Henry and Ryan have been up to some crazy things recently. They won’t show mercy toward children! Hence, she hurriedly said coyly, “Ryan, I just finished my bath. Wait a moment, will you? I’ll come out after putting on some clothes—”

As soon as Ryan heard that Anne had just finished taking her bath, he immediately started having dirty ideas. I’ve been wanting to sleep with her for a while now. Since I’m leaving today, I might as well have a taste of her before I leave. She might have been his cousin, but that did not deter him from lusting after her. After all, she was certainly good-looking and young. Anna won’t scold me even if I raped Anne. It’s not as if the Osborne Family has any power. Well, even if they were powerful, I’d still have my way with her anyway. I’d ravage Fass’ daughter if I could! It’s just that I didn’t get the opportunity to do so yet. Then, he knocked on the door hard. “Open the door. I just want to take a peek. I’ll leave after that.”

Anne quickly replied shyly, “Wait a moment, Ryan. I’m putting on my clothes.”

Unfortunately, he kept pestering her impatiently. She didn’t even have the time to make a phone call and ask for help. In the end, she gave up on calling for help. Glancing at the closed dressing room door, she then looked down at the clothes she was wearing. She had just gotten out of the bath, and all she had on was a bathrobe. She knew that Ryan had been having ideas about her, so she had been extremely cautious recently…

Outside the door, Ryan hammered his fist against the door urgently. After a while, the door finally opened, and Anne stood behind the door. She was very petite; she didn’t even reach 160 cm in height and only weighed around 40 kg or so. That combination made her look very small and slender. Moreover, her skin was as white as snow. With the white bathrobe wrapped around her delicate body, she gave off the fragrant scent of her shower gel.

“What’s going on, Ryan?” She looked at him warily with her large, black eyes while she held on to her bathrobe tightly. Her face looked particularly clean and beautiful after removing all her makeup. There was no unevenness in her skin tone nor did she have any acne. Rather, her skin was soft and fair. She looked like the kind of woman he liked. For a moment, he forgot the reason he came as he smiled widely. “It’s nothing. I was about to leave, so I dropped by to visit you, my darling cousin!”

As he spoke, he took a step forward and entered her room. Then, he closed the door behind him. The people behind him tactfully went elsewhere to continue their search. Inside the room, his gleaming eyes slowly approached her, step by step. Terrified, she kept retreating. Her tender feet shuffled across the grey carpet on the floor. She was so scared that she trembled in fear while gripping a corner of her bathrobe tightly. “W-What are you doing, Ryan?”

He revealed his true colors, rushing forward abruptly and hugging her fragrant body. “What am I doing? I’m doing you!”

Amid her screaming and struggling, he threw himself at her while his hands groped her body. The more she resisted, the stronger he became. He loved the feeling of forcefully conquering his prey.

Anxious and afraid, she suddenly found a vase nearby. She picked it up and desperately threw it at his head. Following the sound of glass breaking, he staggered backward suddenly and supported himself with the table. He touched his head and discovered that it was bleeding profusely. “You b*tch—”

When he saw the blood on his hands, he gritted his teeth and stalked toward her. Meanwhile, she backed away in fear, screaming and throwing everything she could find around her in his direction. Still, he came closer and closer with a savage expression. I’m not just going to rape her today. I’m going to rape her to death! He finally grabbed her with some difficulty. Taking advantage of the situation, he pressed her body under him, lifted his hand, and slapped her hard across the face. He wanted to hit her until her screams and her resistance stopped.

In his fury, Ryan failed to notice what was going on behind him. He only vaguely felt something nimbly jumping on him and grabbing at his throat. A pair of hands wrapped around his throat firmly and ruthlessly. Before he could react, he heard a ‘crack’ sound coming from his neck. Then, the world returned to a state of tranquility and eternal darkness.

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