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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1362

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1362

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1362

Jordan quickly took action and his lawyers rushed over. At the same time, he commenced public relations activities, removing the articles and suppressing the popularity of the news. He secretly exerted pressure on the media, and many media outlets were forced to delete all news involving the Edwards Group. Even so, some media outlets refused to succumb to the power of the Yard Family. They continued to monitor the situation every day and resolutely refused to delete their articles.

The third day after the incident, the situation changed. The Edwards Group used their public relations authority and asked all media outlets to remove their posts, citing preventing panic from spreading among the citizens of Bayside City as a reason. Simultaneously, they obscured the main topic by throwing Bethany under the bus instead. That way, they reduced the attention to the Yard Family to a minimum.

Maddie’s workplace was the only exception that withstood the pressure from the top. They were not afraid of the secret threats and public requests from various departments and continued to report on the incident. That was because the Fletcher Family was supporting Maddie from behind.

Meanwhile, Stanley obtained his marriage certificate with Christine.

That was something Joel specially sent his men to formally obtain after the incident. With this marriage certificate in hand, the Fletcher Family had a justifiable reason to meddle in Christine’s affairs. Joel’s main purpose was to use this matter to confront the Yard twins. However, he also wanted to take care of the matter between Stanley and Christine while he was at it.

Christine lay on the hospital bed without waking up. Although she was out of danger, she continued to sleep through most of the day. She was unable to move and had to rely on the medical equipment to keep her alive, but she was slowly recovering.

Stanley stared at Christine, who was sleeping deeply, then glanced at the marriage certificate in his hand. For a moment, he couldn’t understand what was going on. At the time, I just wanted a reason to protect her. But, everybody seems to have taken it seriously. Maddie, Joel, and even Christine believe that it’s real. Just like that, I became Christine’s husband… He felt like he was in a dream; he was completely unprepared for it.

“Stan, you should take care of Christine at the hospital. I’ll take care of matters at the company for you.”

He couldn’t recover from the shock and befuddlement that he was actually married. When he heard Sean’s voice, he blankly made a non-committal sound in response while staring at the marriage certificate in a daze.

Sean glanced at Christine, who was lying on the hospital bed, then he glanced at Stanley, who was in a daze. After that, he walked out silently. When he left the nursing home, Sophia was waiting for him outside.

His eyes were red as if he had cried. However, he hid his tears and prevented anybody from seeing them. He was wearing the same outfit as Stanley, had the same buzzcut as Stanley, and used the same phone model as Stanley. All his clothes, shoes, and bags were the exact same as Stanley’s.

He lived like he was Stanley’s shadow. For more than 20 years, he stuck by Stanley’s side and spent all his time together with Stanley. Unfortunately, Stanley got married in the end. And, it was not with him.

“Sean!” Sophia called out to him. Smiling, he followed her into her car, and the car soon left the hospital. He said nothing throughout the journey and simply sat in a daze as if he had lost his soul. She didn’t know how to comfort him. Thus, she concentrated on her driving. She was going to help him move out today…

Stanley remained at the hospital, taking care of Christine. He had not returned to the company nor went home for several days. He finally returned home today, as he planned to pack some clothes. However, he noticed that something seemed to be missing as soon as he stepped into the house.

At the entranceway, the slippers belonging to Sean and Maisie were gone. On the TV cabinet in the living room, the photos they had taken together were gone. On the coffee table in the living room, Sean’s favorite potted plant was gone. Maisie, the cats, and the dogs were gone. The entire house was empty and lifeless—everything belonging to Sean was gone.

He seemed to realize something and hurried to the second floor. Pushing open the door to Sean’s bedroom, he saw that it was empty inside. The mattress and the blankets remained, but the bedsheets and the blanket covers had been taken away. Moreover, Sean’s clothes, books, work material, daily necessities, and everything else were completely gone—not a single thing was left.

Stanley stared at the room blankly, feeling like there was a huge hole in his heart. He suddenly realized that he was married. In the future, he would be living a married life with Christine. Therefore, Sean took Maisie and left…

He knew that it was something that was bound to happen, sooner or later. After all, he couldn’t live with Sean forever. It was simply a matter of time before they had to build their own families separately. Now that the day had arrived, he realized that he was unable to accept it. When he left, he took my heart with him…

Sean knew that this day would come, but he did not expect it to come so suddenly—thus, he had yet to find another place to stay. He had no plans of marrying for the rest of his life. So, he adopted Maisie a long time ago. Both father and daughter were now dependent on each other. They couldn’t continue renting a house all the time, so he left Maisie at Sophia’s house for several days.

After spending several days searching for a house, he decided to return to the Mitchells’ ancestral home. There were many other children there, and Maisie would have more friends. Thus, he came to pick up Maisie upon deciding on where to stay. When Maisie saw that Sean was alone, she knew that Stanley would not be coming anymore and felt extremely disappointed.

Even so, Maisie was a considerate child. She understood that her papa was marrying somebody else. In the future, Daddy and I will only have each other. I cannot be sad, because Daddy is already sad enough. I need to be a good girl and make him happy.

Sean took Maisie and the cats with him. However, he left the dog behind. Judge probably knew that Sean and Stanley had broken up. It would be living alone with Stanley again and it might have to spend its days eating instant noodles for every meal again. Judge would have a cold and lonely life with no cat and no girl—life was going to be dull and bland. Judge was already eleven years old. In husky years, it was over a hundred years old. It could not withstand the suffering of living alone with Stanley. Thus, it was determined to stay at Michael’s house to live out its elderly years.

Sophia watched as Sean left with Maisie. She felt unspeakably sad for them. They have known each other since they were young—from the time they were in their diapers, to their school years, to their adult life. In the end, they still had to separate. It seems like their separation was predetermined…

Lucy secretly came out to meet with Sophia again inside a small bar at midnight. Unfortunately, Sophia no longer saw Dana’s car parked outside the small bar again. After the incident, Dana vanished without a trace. Harry probably knows where Dana went, but he refuses to say.

On the other hand, Lucy didn’t seem all that different from before following her return. Her career was reaching greater heights. Seizing the opportunity created by the fight between Cooper and Jordan, she got rid of a group of Jordan’s subordinates and replaced them with her own loyal subordinates. As a result, she quietly weakened Jordan’s influence and authority within the Edwards Family.

The battle between Cooper and Jordan had just begun, and she was already secretly profiting from it. This time around, Henry and Ryan had caused a ruckus again, and it was giving Jordan a headache. Since he was overseas, he couldn’t take care of it. Therefore, he handed all authority over to her to handle this matter. Sipping on her tequila, she leisurely said, “Although it looks very serious this time, it’s still possible for me to get them out of trouble. You can’t stop it. Jordan has a strong influence over various dominant players in Cethos’ political, military, and business worlds.”

Sophia didn’t reply. She had her own thoughts on the issue. Besides, both of them came out just to have a drink and relax. In the meantime, they also talked about some work matters. However, they carefully avoided a certain topic and a certain family. They did not mention what happened on that rainy night ever again.

Before they parted, Lucy took out an invitation from her handbag and placed it in front of Sophia. “You must come.” After saying that, she picked up her handbag and left.

Sophia glanced at the invitation. It was an invitation to Lucy’s engagement party. Her fiancé was the head of an overseas consortium. He was 52 years old, and it was his second marriage.

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