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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1358

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1358

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1358

“Oh!” Sophia suddenly remembered something. “You should have received an invitation to the wedding of the Willemzen Family’s young master, right? I heard that Henry and Ryan will be attending too.”

The Willemzen Family was another prominent family in Bayside City. Almost half of the dignitaries within their circles would be attending the wedding of the Willemzen Family’s young master. Therefore, Stanley, Sean, and Linus also received invitations to the wedding. Even though Henry and Ryan changed their surnames recently, the Edwards Group refused to accept them. Hence, they remained with the Ronney Group and frequently attended events hosted by the celebrity circles in Bayside City—the wedding held by the Willemzen Family was no exception.

Sophia glanced at the people before her and sneered suddenly. “If we want to find out whether they are behind this incident, we can just ask them about it directly.”

Soon, it was the day of the Willemzen Family’s young master’s wedding. The young master of the Willemzen Family was one of Sophia’s university classmates. He was one of the few boys in her class, and on the day of his wedding, many of her classmates attended as did many celebrities and famous figures.

Sophia was wearing a new product from one of the brands under the JNS Group today. It was a new style of woman’s dress that had yet to be launched. It was also the first product debut she made after what happened to Cooper. It attracted a lot of attention, and she advertised her clothing line while she was at it.

Linus arrived with her, but they moved about separately after they entered the venue. Sophia was surrounded by a large crowd of people. On the other hand, Stanley and Sean were standing on the other side. All of them were waiting for the twins to appear.

Sean was wearing an alluring female outfit today. Working in the fashion industry, Sophia had met many agender people. She also came across many cross-dressers. However, she honestly felt that most men did not look good in female clothing.

Men and women were physically different. Most men had a more muscular frame compared to women. Therefore, it was easy to tell that they were transvestites when they put on female clothing. In the entertainment industry nowadays, there were many photos of male celebrities cross-dressing in female clothing. Those photos were very disturbing; one could immediately tell that it was a man in women’s clothes. They didn’t even look like women, let alone look pretty. Even so, their fans continued to blindly praise them for it.

Among all the cross-dressing men Sophia had ever met, only two looked good. One was Michael and the other was Sean. When Michael dressed as a woman, his slightly feminine frame and good looks were part of the reason why he looked good. However, the most important points were the ever-important gaze and the charming posture that were unique to women. Those were not something most men could copy. On the other hand, Sean seemed like a natural in women’s clothing and a wig—there were no flaws in the way he acted. His gaze was enchanting, his eyes were gentle, and his frame was not too muscular. He was quite beautiful in women’s clothing.

Henry and Ryan had yet to appear. Thus, Sophia slipped through the crowd of men trying to flirt with Sean and struck up a conversation with him. “Why have you been cross-dressing recently?”

Sean seemed to be appearing in women’s clothing more frequently recently. Especially this year, as he attended almost all the events on various occasions in women’s clothing—some of their newer business partners actually thought that he was a woman. Sipping his red wine, he slyly said, “I also learned how to fake my voice!”

His fake voice was low with a hint of sexy hoarseness to it. He had been learning how to fake his voice and cross-dress ever since he was young. However, he shaved his head and switched back to men’s clothing due to the pressure his family exerted on him. Later, he gradually broke away from his family and built up his strength. Cooper was very open-minded and would never interfere with his private life or the way he dressed. Thus, he began cross-dressing again. For him, he was probably his truest self when he was cross-dressing.

The wedding banquet had yet to start. Sitting next to Sean, Sophia chatted with him in a low voice. She glanced at Stanley, who was standing not too far away. “Stan is catching feelings for Christine. It’s time for you to let go. You shouldn’t waste your life away because of that stupid dog.”

I can’t stand watching the two of them. Stanley is not a good partner for Sean. Sean will surely meet a much better person in the future. Patting him on the shoulder, she said, “You should leave him as soon as possible.”

Sean smiled with some difficulty and nonchalantly declared, “Of course. I’ll be taking custody of the children and the pets!”

He smiled like a courageous woman about to face a divorce lawsuit. However, she knew that he was feeling very sad inside.

Later, the twins finally arrived. When Sophia came back from the restroom, she noticed that the twins had arrived at some point. Moreover, they were flirting with a sexy blonde. And, that sexy blonde was none other than Sean. It was obvious that they did not recognize Sean in women’s clothing. It wasn’t surprising; Sean was his real self when he was cross-dressing—his charismatic charm was at its strongest.

Sophia was just about to go over when Linus stopped her. “It was Sean’s initiative to talk to the twins.”

Due to the supermodel-like temperament and height that Sean had, Henry and Ryan were looking at him with gleaming eyes as they surrounded him. Still, Sean had them wrapped around his finger. He charmed them so well that they failed to notice that he was not a woman.

Stanley finally clawed his way out of the large crowd surrounding him. Then, he saw the sight of Sean flirting with the twins and nearly exploded from anger. How dare Sean try to seduce those pieces of trash?! Disregarding whatever strategy they had, he rushed over in large strides and pushed Henry away from Sean. Henry was practically drooling over Sean at that point. “You f*cking stay away from my woman!”

Henry staggered after being shoved aside, feeling angry. Turning around, he saw that it was Stanley, and his temper flared even higher. He insultingly said, “I was wondering why it stank. It’s because the Fletcher Family is here.”

Stanley looked livid. “Yes, it’s me! If you know what’s good for you, f*ck off! Don’t let me see you again!”

Sean had been trying to get the twins to talk. He did not expect Stanley to come over and kick up a fuss. Hence, he hurriedly tried to stop Stanley. “Stan, calm down!”

However, Stanley could no longer remain calm at this point. He simply wanted to punch these beasts in the face. It took a lot of effort for Linus and Sean to stop him from attacking the twins.

At that moment, Henry and Ryan became smug. They arrogantly pointed at themselves while saying, “Go on; hit us! Go ahead and try!”

Stanley raised his fists but did not attack them. He was being held back by Sean. Sean might have looked pretty, but he was very strong. Shaking his head at Stanley, he pleaded, “Don’t do it, Stan.”

In response, Stanley clenched his fists tightly. Trembling slightly, he finally unclenched his fists. Both Henry and Ryan knew that Stanley did not dare to hit them right now. If he made a move, they would send him to jail immediately!

On the other hand, Sophia suddenly came up with an idea. She stepped forward and said to Stanley in a persuading tone, “Stan, don’t be so impulsive. You need to think of Christine, who is still lying unconscious in the hospital. You are her boyfriend; you know she needs you—”

Christine? When Henry and Ryan heard that name, they exchanged a glance. Confirming that they did not hear wrongly, their eyes gleamed with delight. Henry seemed to have discovered something that made him extremely happy. He asked, “Did you say that Christine Bishop is your woman?”

Stanley glared at them with a grim expression. Sophia was talking to Stanley with her back to them. However, her eyes were gleaming brightly. Meanwhile, Linus and Sean also pricked up their ears.

Sure enough, the twins triumphantly bragged, “So, that wench is your woman? She’s quite pretty. It’s a pity she refused to cooperate with us. She would’ve rather jumped from the eighth floor than obey us. What a pity—”

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