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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1356

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1356

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1356

Clive was dead, and the murderer had been caught, but the Bishops didn’t get any compensation whatsoever. Indignant, they wanted to make a big deal out of things to humiliate Cooper, hinder his daughter from marrying, and make them pay for their losses. To their dismay, the citizens of Bayside City didn’t buy their stunt. Not only did the Bishops create unnecessary trouble, but Mrs. Bishop had also gone insane, running around scratching people. Alas, she was arrested and now, they were the topic of most netizens’ condemnations.

They viewed the wealthy people of Bayside City as having no sense of empathy. Although the Bishops’ son was dead, no one sympathized with them.

The Bishops and the Evans were aggrieved, but Stanley remained silent as he sat there all night. It was evident that he cared a lot about Christine, so this incident was a fatal blow to him.

After the doctors spent all day and all night rescuing Christine, she was finally free of danger, but she was still in a coma and was probably in a vegetative state. Unwilling to give up, Maddie brought her to a better hospital and got her admitted to the most expensive ward, which cost more than ten thousand a day. Fortunately, the Fletchers were a prominent family with a number of big businesses, so this amount wasn’t that big of a deal to them.

At some point, Sophia went home, but the scene of Christine jumping off the building kept replaying in her mind.

Champs-Elysee Hotel… She must’ve heard someone mention it before because she had never been to this hotel.

After pondering it for a while, she looked through her phone for any relevant information, and finally found a text message: ‘If you want to save your father, dress seductively, then come to room 808 at Champs-Elysee Hotel. I’ll be waiting.’

The message was from an unknown number, and it was sent during the two days that Cooper and Linus were taken away.

Sophia had ignored it, thinking that it was a spam message.

However, she now had an idea of who the sender was.

She quickly got on the web to search for relevant information. Over the course of one night, news about the star’s death was everywhere, and even the police had released an official statement about this incident, including the location, the names of the celebrities who were with her, and videos of the scene.

As Sophia had suspected, the location of the incident where Christine had jumped was Presidential Suite No. 808 in Champs-Elysee Hotel!

Simultaneously, other related videos of the incident had been posted online. One of the videos was more than ten seconds long, and it showed Christine sitting at the window. Someone was beside her, trying to pull her down, but she broke free all of a sudden and jumped down.

The video was taken by a fellow star who was present, and several of them had testified that Christine had indeed gotten crazy drunk. She then ran to the balcony where she proceeded to open the window before jumping down.

Moreover, the surveillance footage given by the hotel served as proof that the group of celebrities was indeed staying in room 808. They started drinking after they arrived.

For some reason, Sophia was dubious.

Why was it so coincidental that the incident took place in room 808?

And, why didn’t Christine’s face show up in any of the surveillance footage and videos taken by eyewitnesses?

Before the incident took place, she had given Stanley a call, so why was that action not seen in those videos?

Sophia had heavy suspicions about this matter.

After a little digging, she found out that Champs-Elysee Hotel had been bought by the Yard Family. This bit of information combined with the message she had received just made the situation even more unusual.

She figured that this incident was connected to the Yard Family in some way.

Christine jumping off the building was definitely not as simple a case as it seemed!

If it truly has something to do with the Yards…

Sophia made up her mind and went to look for Stanley.

It was the third day after Christine’s fall, but she still showed no signs of waking up. She stayed in the expensive ward and there was an oxygen cylinder by her side helping her breathe. Every day, Stanley would go to the hospital to visit her; he still seemed to be in shock.

Perhaps he truly loved Christine.

Sean accompanied him every day, and Maddie would drop by for daily visits, but no one from the Bishop family came to see her, not until yesterday. Upon learning that the ward cost more than ten thousand a day, they were afraid that Maddie would leave without settling the bill—in which case the Bishops would have to pay—so they had come over to discuss the possibilities of extubation with the doctor.

Fortunately, Maddie had hired a care worker to stay in the hospital and take care of Christine. The care worker managed to stop them and contact Maddie in time. Otherwise, the doctor would’ve extubated her already.

Today, none of the Bishops came. They had fled far away, as they were worried that they would have to bear the cost of the ward of ten thousand a day.

Meanwhile, Sophia had given Stanley all the information she had gathered. She was an outsider in this matter, so she couldn’t take charge of the situation. Stanley, on the other hand, was Christine’s boyfriend, so it was best for him to handle it.

If the Yard Family were indeed involved, it would be a great opportunity!

It would also be a chance to avenge Christine!

After going through all the information Sophia had given him, Stanley grew solemn.

The happenings of that day were certainly not like how the media, the hotel, and the eye-witnesses claimed it to be.

Just the fact that Christine had gone to a hotel to celebrate with the other celebrities was enough to raise suspicions.

Thinking back to the moment before Christine jumped off the building, a lump formed in Stanley’s throat. He began, “I also think that the matter isn’t as simple as it seems. The day before, we had agreed to play games together on the night two days after, and she said that she would be free. She said that she wasn’t busy as there was no job to carry out, no announcements to make, and no dinner parties to attend.”

Stanley choked on his sobs.

He was certain that something had occurred that day!

For all he knew, the call that he had hung up on was Christine asking him for help!

Sean patted Stanley’s shoulder in an attempt to console him. “Stan—”

He knew that Stanley was having the hardest time coping with Christine’s accident.

All of a sudden, Stanley stood up. With Sophia’s information in hand, he proclaimed, “I’m going to get to the bottom of this! I will find out exactly what went down that night!”

Bustling with energy, Stanley assigned Sophia a task. “Sophia, I’ll go look at the hotel’s surveillance footage from that night and speak to the eye-witnesses. I’ll need you to find out where they’re keeping Christine’s phone. It was a gift from me—the Dragon Eye phone that you gave me during New Year’s. I gave it to her, but after the incident, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Help me find it. I’m sure it’ll provide us with a clue.”

Sophia nodded steadily, and Stanley and Sean left in a haste.

Sean had once decided that he would leave silently after Stanley and Christine made it official that they were together, but now, he simply couldn’t leave. The least he could do was stay by his side, give him support, and help him find Christine’s attacker.

Unfortunately, the surveillance footage and eye-witnesses proved to be of no use. All of the evidence added up perfectly and were able to withstand close scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Sophia had rushed to Michel Group and was using the company’s central operating system to find out the current location of Christine’s phone.

Dragon Eye phones had a built-in navigation system; during emergencies, the phone’s serial number could be used to determine the coordinates of the device.

In just a short time, Linus managed to unearth the coordinates of the phone, but it was powered on and still in motion. The phone number had been changed, and it was slowly moving around a strip mall on Third Avenue.

Upon learning this, Sophia left immediately. Linus was worried about her, so he followed as well.

The two siblings rushed to the mall on Third Avenue. After checking, Linus said, “The phone is still here. It’s currently at the Dragon Eye chain store!”

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