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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1354

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1354

Since Michael was rarely home, he was constantly worried about leaving someone who had once shown interest in his wife in his house. But Quinton stayed home every day, seemingly not wanting to go anywhere. The last time he was asked to come back and teach, he had refused, so he would probably refuse this time as well.

However, Michael felt that he needed to be ‘kicked’ out of the house.

As if he understood where Michael’s pettiness was coming from, Quinton drank the yogurt that the student had given while agreeing. “Okay.”

That was fast…

If it weren’t because Michael could provide him with biologically engineered spare organs, he didn’t want to live in Michael’s house all the time either. He had long wanted to move out to be a teacher at Bayside University.

Michael was taken aback by Quinton’s quick agreement. Patting him on the shoulder, Michael said, “Get ready then. I’ll go speak to the vice-chancellor; you can register as a teacher under the Fletcher name.”

He made a mental note to assign him the best apartment unit that was preferably fully furnished so that he could move in immediately.

In the classroom, the lecturer was full of energy, delivering his lesson while the students listened intently. All of a sudden, a high-pitched chime resounded through the room. Awoooo—

After the wolf’s howling ended, the classroom fell silent for a second, then a flurry of snickers erupted.

Flustered, Stanley hurriedly fished out his mobile phone, only to find that Christine was calling him. His ringtone was a wolf’s howl, and the volume had been set too high, which was why the entire classroom had just been filled with a sad, high-pitched cry.

“I’m sorry!” He quickly hung up the phone, then set it to vibrate. He sent a message to Christine saying that he would return her call later before putting his phone to one side.

Sophia, who was sitting next to him, felt embarrassed.

This stupid dog is always doing stupid things.

After class was dismissed, everyone talked and laughed as they left the school. Harry came to pick Sarah up on his bicycle while Sophia waited for Michael, who had gone to speak with the vice-chancellor. Stanley tried to return Christine’s call, but no one picked up.

“What happened? She’s not picking up, and she’s not replying on Messenger,” he muttered, looking like a lovesick teenager who was being snubbed by his girlfriend.

Sean laughed and reasoned, “Perhaps she’s at work!”

Stanley simply looked down at his phone and said nothing.

Accompanied by Stanley and Sean, Sophia sat next to the Teaching Building while she waited for Michael. In a rather dissatisfied tone, she said, “What are you guys waiting for? Go home by yourselves!”

Stanley exclaimed, “Don’t think that we don’t know that your family is preparing a delicious meal tonight. You want to get rid of us? In your dreams! Grand-uncle Theo has already picked Maisie up. Tonight, the three of us will go and exploit your hospitality!”

Sean chimed in, “We’ll exploit you!”

Sophia pursed her lips. “Oh, I’m so terrified!”

After a while, Nathan was also done with his classes. As his bicycle came to a stop in front of Sophia, he said coldly, “Get on.”

Sophia was about to speak when she saw Michael and Quinton riding over on their ofos. Michael parked his bicycle between Nathan and Sophia, then said, “Get on.”

Sophia smiled at Nathan before jumping onto the back seat of Michael’s bicycle. He rode away as Nathan chased after them in a huff.

When they arrived home, Sarah and Harry were already waiting. Theo had also returned from picking up the children, and they were chattering like a flock of sparrows.

Rumors about Hope getting himself a girlfriend at the kindergarten had gotten to Sarah, and once Sarah knew something, everyone else would too.

“Hope, what’s your girlfriend’s name? Is she pretty? Why don’t you bring her back and show Mommy? Is it Bella? Lily? It’s Little Marsha, isn’t it?”

No matter how many questions she peppered him with, Hope refused to say anything. The expression on his face showed that he was truly living up to his nickname—Sour Face.

Since she couldn’t get an answer out of Hope, Sarah tried to ask Carmen, but she claimed not to know anything.

Afterward, Sarah had a chat with Sophia. “Why aren’t you concerned about Carmen? Maybe she’s also gotten herself a boyfriend in kindergarten. Kids nowadays grow up so fast!”

Watching Carmen, Sophia felt completely at ease. She knew that Carmen would not start dating in kindergarten. Supposedly, she had had plenty of ‘experience’ with dating. Her ex-boyfriend had saved up enough money for a pet shop, so it was obvious that she wouldn’t settle for just any ordinary boy.

As they waited for dinner to be served, everyone happily chatted away. Theo watched the news broadcast as usual, and Cooper was forced to watch it with him. Michael and Quinton talked about Quinton returning to school as a teacher, but Stanley kept his head low and his eyes peeled on his phone.

He felt agitated—as if he sensed that something was about to happen.

After Christine called him, she hadn’t picked up his calls, nor did she reply to his messages. This behavior was very unlike her.

Sophia moved closer to him with a nosy look on her face. “Stupid dog, are you really in a relationship?”

But Stanley continued to frown, not answering her. His heart was heavy; even the joy of scrounging a free meal had disappeared.

Sophia took his silence as tacit admission.

Soon, the food was served, and the large family gathered together. There was the Western food that Cooper and Linus liked as well as the salamander soup that everyone knew and loved. Stanley, who would usually pounce on food like a predator attacking its prey and would want to have a sip or two of everything including medicine, was acting out of character today; he was constantly stuck in a daze. Sean had taken several pieces of tofu for him, but he didn’t eat much and was just playing with his food instead.

He took only a few bites of his food, staring at his phone the whole time.

When dinner was over, Sophia contentedly drank her chicken soup. Suddenly, Stanley’s phone rang with the familiar wolf’s howl, and he hurriedly picked it up.

They didn’t know what the person on the other side had said. All they saw was the abrupt change in Stanley’s demeanor after just listening to a few words. He stood up and walked out without saying a word.

“Stan, what’s the matter?” Sean asked as he chased after him.

Stanley had already put on his shoes when he answered, “Something happened to Christine.”

With that, he opened the door and left.

Sean was stunned for a moment, then he turned around and called out, “Sophia, Maisie will need to stay at your house for a while tonight.”

He rushed off without another word. Sophia then set down her bowl to catch up to them, wanting to get a grasp of the situation.

Judging from Stanley’s expression, it seemed that something serious had happened, so she had to go and take a look.

The three of them left the neighborhood. Stanley drove his car and peeled down the road as fast as he could, running numerous red lights along the way.

Throughout the entire drive, Stanley’s face was gloomy. He didn’t say a word and was solely focused on turning the steering wheel non-stop. Seated in the passenger seat, Sean was silent as well. Sophia, who was in the back seat, took out her phone and ran a search on the name ‘Christine Bishop’. Many news articles began popping up.

Tonight’s headline: ‘Christine Bishop Falls to Her Death’.

Upon seeing the words ‘fall’ and ‘death’, Sophia’s mind went blank. She quickly clicked into the news article and saw that a video was being widely circulated by many media outlets. A girl in a white dress was sitting outside the window of the eighth floor of a hotel, shouting herself hoarse. Unfortunately, no one could understand her, as it seemed to be drunken gibberish. Several seconds later, amidst the shouts of the bystanders, she fell to the ground like a snowflake, splashing blood everywhere.

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