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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1351

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1351

The people who were sent to kill Sophia and kidnap Carmen didn’t seem to have any connections with each other, but Theo knew that they were accomplices. After consecutively settling two groups of people, Theo figured that the matter wasn’t as simple as it seemed. With his sharp intuition, he quickly discovered that they were part of a gang that had resided in Bayside City for many years. But, there was no evidence to prove that this matter was related to Jordan, nor was there any proof that these people were connected to him.

In the past, no one knew about the relationship between these two parties, but now that they were aware, they could use the excuse of cracking down on these criminals to end them once and for all. Theo personally led the team, and after a whole day’s work of uncovering one crime after another, they managed to remove them completely from Bayside City, making sure to leave no trace behind. It affected nearly half the city, but from then on, that gang became history.

Over the course of this entire day, ordinary citizens seemed to have noticed that something was going on. Riverdale was crawling with soldiers and police, and many companies had let their employees off early.

At midnight, Sophia received an overseas call from Callum. As soon as she picked up, Callum exclaimed, “Wow, Sophia, you’re amazing! You’ve actually managed to get rid of one of Jordan’s support systems. That gang is one that he’s been secretly operating in Bayside City for many years now! You’re awesome!”

After Cooper and Linus were caught, Callum reckoned that they were going to be finished off by Jordan, one by one!

To their surprise, they were informed early in the morning that one of Jordan’s support systems had been destroyed. If it wasn’t because he was quick to cut ties with them, he would’ve been implicated by now.

Unsurprisingly, that gang belonged to Jordan, and it was one of his strongest support systems. In fact, in Bayside City, they were considered a part of the Edwards Group.

Hence, he didn’t expect that Sophia would manage to find a way to eradicate his biggest support system!

It was incredible!

Upon hearing this, Sophia let out a cold laugh before hanging up.

In her mind, she was registering the secret information that had just been uncovered.

Since Jordan and that secret society were related and they were one of his support systems, they must have been operating for many years. His support system would be like his limbs—attached to him in some way. As bones were attached to the tendons, it would be impossible to perform a clean break in just one day.

Early the next day, Taylor made a post on his Twitter. There were only two videos with no text captioning them.

The first video was footage taken from the highway’s surveillance camera of Sophia nearly being crushed by the two trucks. Four vehicles could be seen trying to enclose a small sports car, potentially crushing it at any moment. In the end, the tiny Dragon Eye sports car managed to escape.

The second video was of Carmen nearly being taken away at the kindergarten entrance.

As soon as the videos were posted, they became a hot topic, and it evoked a sense of panic in the public.

They never expected that there were people in Bayside City who would try to nab a child and murder someone in broad daylight!

Did the law even exist anymore?

The relevant authorities made official announcements stating that they had eliminated the gang behind this and that the case was currently under investigation.

At noon, a massive group of police and soldiers surrounded Edwards Group Tower, blocking off all the passages and entryways. Edwards Group was having a board meeting, so every director was present as well as certain shareholders. They rushed in and arrested several of Edwards Groups’ people based on the leads they had received, whisking them away without any questioning.

By the time Jordan arrived at the scene, numerous Edwards Group employees had already been handcuffed and were being stuffed into the cars.

Jordan had arrived with a lawyer. All along, he had been calm and collected as if he was the head of the Edwards Family that had everything in the palm of his hands. But today, he was unexpectedly anxious.

Only he knew the pain of losing an entire support system. To make matters worse, the Fletchers were going after the Edwards Group as well!

At first, he figured that although the situation had gotten awry, they would not be able to place the blame on him. But, he had to admit that this time, he had truly underestimated his opponents.

However, it was no use for them to go after him as they didn’t have any evidence.

When he took notice of Jordan’s arrival, Joel said, “Mr. Edwards, I know what you want to say, but your subordinates are suspected of being involved in gang matters, murder, and child abduction. You and your lawyer should follow us to the station.”

Jordan shot Joel a fierce glare before getting into the police car.

This time, he was truly faced with a huge setback.

Concerned, Lucy said from outside the car, “Dad, be careful.”

Jordan chuckled coldly. “Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.”

The car left, and many of Edwards Group’s employees were carted away for investigation, grumbling, and swearing along the way.

Eventually, news channels began to report about the Edwards Group being involved with gangs, and how a number of their senior executives were captured.

As she watched the line of cars drive off, Lucy had a look of worry plastered on her face, but it was just an act, as her eyes seemed to gleam with an evil light.

Behind her, Ian asked worriedly, “What do we do about those few executives that held high positions?”

Lucy hid away her false look of concern and smiled. “The company has to continue operating as usual. We won’t stop because of the departure of those few people. It seems that those directors won’t be able to come back to the office for the time being, so I reckon we let our people take their places.”

Lucy turned and walked into the Edwards Group, satisfied with the situation.

She didn’t expect that Jordan would find himself in such a mishap this time. It seemed that the man was failing miserably at every turn. He wanted to mess with Cooper by tackling Sophia and Carmen but faced a counter-attack instead.

Jordan had ways to free himself, but the case was different for the other employees of Edwards Group. After all, the Fletchers had to kill a few people to get revenge.

The Fletchers couldn’t lay a finger on Jordan for the time being, but they could undoubtedly finish off a few of his lackeys. Besides, Michael was a well-known public figure, so the effect that the attempted murder on his wife had on the public was not something to be ignored. Ultimately, they had to get rid of several people to set things straight in the eyes of the public.

Naturally, the name list was given by Lucy. On it were the names of Jordan’s most trusted subordinates in Edwards Group. After getting rid of them, the chance to unravel Edwards Group would be just around the corner.

This time, Jordan had formed a flawless plan: kill Sophia in an accident and if the higher-ups tried to investigate, it would just appear as a normal car accident; at the same time, someone would kidnap Carmen at the kindergarten. The consequence for killing a child was severe, so he originally planned to keep her for twelve hours before letting the police find her.

These twelve hours would be enough to let Cooper lose his head. It would certainly be a critical blow to him.

However, he didn’t expect that Sophia would survive and that they would use the kidnappers as a means of getting to the root of the situation. The most aggravating thing was that they had even gotten the Edwards Group involved, and plenty of his most trusted subordinates had been arrested.

It seemed that those people were destined to become pawns to quell the wrath of the Fletchers and the public.

This was a delicate moment for Jordan. One wrong move would lead to another, and everything would be screwed up.

At the same time, Jordan received word that something had happened in Europe, so he went there in a hurry.

Before he got on the plane, he learned that Cooper and Linus had been acquitted.

With the dramatic growth of Cooper and his son’s reputations over this time, as well as the pressure from multiple parties, the authorities gave up on the notion of tormenting Cooper and allowed them to return home.

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