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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1349

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1349

They couldn’t go out. If they took action against Mrs. Bishop and something happened to her, it would be a strike against Cooper. The safest thing to do right now was to call the police.

Quinton had been knocked out by the outrageously strong Mrs. Bishop for several seconds. He woke up to find Mrs. Bishop scratching and kicking at the security booth like a wild beast while Sophia had already driven away.

Watching Mrs. Bishop continue with her insane quest, panic began to well up in his heart. He hastily gave Sophia a call. “Sophia, where are you? Come back quickly. Don’t go too far.”

Sophia answered, “I’m at—”

Before she could finish, a scream and a loud crash could be heard.

“Sophia!” Quinton shouted. The sounds on the other side were garbled, but he could still hear Sophia’s voice. “I’ll be at the junction of Third Avenue soon. Two people are tailing me, but don’t worry; I’ll get rid of them.”

He could hear that her voice was calm, but crashing sounds could be heard from time to time, so Quinton still felt that something was not quite right.

His heart thumped violently in his chest.

It seemed that the other party’s target was Sophia, and they wanted her dead!

Losing his beloved daughter would be a fatal blow to Cooper!

“Cover me!” Quinton suddenly said to the two people next to him. At the same time, he opened the door of the security booth with lightning speed and the three of them ran out. Upon seeing them, Mrs. Bishop charged toward them like a lunatic to strangle them, but the two bodyguards stepped forward to block her.

Quinton sprinted toward a motorbike at the side and left the place without stopping for even a second. By the time Mrs. Bishop broke away from the two bodyguards, he had already gone far.

At this point, the effects of the drug were wearing off, causing Mrs. Bishop to slump listlessly to the ground. It was at this moment that the police car arrived.

Meanwhile, Sophia was being chased by several cars.

Her hair stood on end, and her mind was tense as she looked warily from side to side.

It wasn’t just two; there were countless cars on her tail.

It wasn’t rush hour, but there were still many cars on the three-lane highway. Two of the cars, in particular, kept close behind her, trying to knock into her. She stepped on the accelerator and drove to the front, and after continuously overtaking other drivers, she managed to lose them.

Before she could catch her breath, she caught sight of two large trucks moving side by side, one on the left and the other on the right. Sophia had no choice but to pass through the middle lane.

At this moment, the car in front of her slowed down, forcing Sophia to slow down as well to maintain a safe distance. Before she knew it, the two large trucks were flanking her.

The car in front drove on at a leisurely speed, and the car behind had also chased up to her. The trucks on her sides prevented her from changing lanes. In the blink of an eye, she was surrounded by four vehicles.

Looking at the two large trucks on her left and right, with wheels larger than that of her own, Sophia felt her blood run cold—as if she was in an illusion where she would be crushed at any second.

No, it’s not just an illusion. Almost simultaneously, the two trucks slowly moved toward the middle lane. If nothing unexpected happened, in less than a minute, Sophia would be crushed together with her car!

Sophia’s hands trembled at the thought of this.

The car behind her had gotten out of harm’s way where it wouldn’t be crushed by the trucks, but it was still following closely behind. The car in front was still moving slowly, not allowing Sophia to overtake it.

There wasn’t any way out; not from the front and not from the back either.

With trembling hands, Sophia clutched the steering wheel tightly. She didn’t think that she would die like this.

Daniel had said that she would live a long life despite being ill-fated.

Carmen hasn’t grown up, and Michael hasn’t grown old yet. I can’t die now!

In less than a second, countless reasons why Sophia couldn’t die flashed across her mind. Then, her bare, tender foot slammed on the accelerator and her car lurched forward at maximum speed.

The two trucks were slowly approaching her, causing the road to grow narrower. To make matters worse, an SUV was in front of her, blocking the way.

Sophia gritted her teeth and stepped all the way down on the accelerator, speeding forward until she was side-by-side with the truck heads. They converged toward her, and the three of them advanced simultaneously, the two trucks crushing her in the middle.

If it were any normal car, it would’ve been squashed by now. But, her car was produced by Michel Military Enterprise, so it could still withstand it for a while. Even so, Sophia could hear the sound of metal being scraped.

The three vehicles were neck and neck now. With the car in front blocking the way ahead, she was close to being crushed to pieces. She chose this moment to step on the accelerator once again, and her car sped forward. Even though the car was streamlined and appeared elegant, Dragon Eye elements were hidden in its core. The car was filled with a sudden burst of power and it broke free of the two trucks flanking her, and her car drew nearer to the vehicle in front.

The SUV ahead of her was slowing down, trying to push her back, but it simply couldn’t resist the power of Dragon Eye, and could only be forced to move forward.

The trucks behind were still occupying two lanes, advancing on the yellow line and ready to crush her.

Crashes sounded one after another. The car in front was blocking her, and the one behind was pushing. At any moment now, she would be flattened.

Seeing that the car behind was advancing again, Sophia stepped on the accelerator once more and slammed into the car in front. The rear end of the car was dented, and it instantly caught fire, but the car didn’t stop. It wouldn’t rest until she was dead.

Since it wouldn’t relent, Sophia continued to plow into it. The tough tank-like Dragon Eye car rammed into the SUV, letting loose flashes of sparks. Eventually, Sophia managed to squeeze out from between the two cars. She quickly turned the steering wheel and slipped into the emergency lane without a second thought.

The emergency lane was unimpeded. She raced forward, not caring if she would get caught for speeding. In just a few moments, she had left them behind.

There was still a long way ahead, and Sophia didn’t know what else awaited her. The other party had been prepared to take her life no matter the costs, so it was obvious the battle wouldn’t end so simply.

Nevertheless, she wasn’t going to sit back and wait.

Unbeknownst to her, two vehicles were chasing her in the emergency lane. The two large trucks had caught up again.

“You f*cking…” Sophia was halfway through cursing them when she suddenly heard the traffic report: “The right side of the bypass up ahead is under maintenance. Please keep to the left and take an alternative route.”

Her eyes lit up.

That’s right; it’s under maintenance!

She looked in the rearview mirror and saw that several cars were rushing up to surround her. She swerved left and right, switching between the fast lane and the emergency lane in an attempt to get rid of her pursuers. At some point, the rear end of her car veered left, and the front to the right. After rotating in a perfect circle, her car stopped on the side of the road.

A new bypass had been built there, but it wasn’t officially opened for use yet. Despite that, many drivers would still use it for convenience’s sake. After several accidents, two police cars were stationed there to block the road. From then on, no one dared to use the bypass anymore.

At this moment, two officers got out of the police car and watched as Sophia’s car, its front full of scratches, approached them. Thinking that she was pulling over because she was involved in a collision and was waiting for the insurance company, they called out, “Move in a little. You’ll affect the traffic!”

Sophia replied, “Okay!”

She slowly adjusted her car, moving until she was behind the two police cars and until she was well away from the main road.

When she got down, she caught a glimpse of her pursuers driving away.

Killing her on the highway could be easily covered up as a traffic accident, and the authorities could turn a blind eye, but not if they ended up killing the police as well.

Jordan, show yourself if you have the guts!

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