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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1348

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1348

Taylor’s looks were magnificent, but this man’s demeanor was cold and unruly.

Sophia glanced at the person sitting in the corner and said, “Yes.”

A group of people had come to the office today to check on the company’s taxes, so Sophia came to keep an eye on them. Fortunately, all of the company’s procedures were legal, and the tax benefits they received were within legal limits. Therefore, no loopholes could be found.

Nowadays, Sophia went everywhere with bodyguards, and it was a sight to behold. It didn’t matter who she brought with her, as all of them had the aura and figure of a male model. However, one of the bodyguards on duty today was particularly eye-catching, so everyone was quietly discussing him.

Today, plenty of people came to the office as usual to inspect. The employees were on edge because they knew that all the investigations were related to Cooper murdering someone. Sophia, on the other hand, went to work daily as if nothing had happened, so everyone gradually relaxed and all the departments went back to their normal operations.

By around four o’clock, the inspection team left. Sophia got ready to leave to attend to other matters and her car was already waiting at the office entrance. As soon as she stepped out of the building, a middle-aged woman came scuttling over from the side.

“Give me back my son!”

With her hands outstretched, the woman lunged at Sophia. Her eyes were red, and she seemed to have lost her mind, but she was strangely fast. If it weren’t for Sophia’s bodyguard, who blocked her in time, the woman would have already pounced on Sophia.

Sophia took a closer look at her. Isn’t she Clive’s mother?

The woman snarled ferociously at Sophia. Her hair was disheveled, but she managed to appear considerably imposing. After losing her only son and watching as the murderer got caught, she had no way to avenge her son’s death, so she took all her anger out on Sophia.

If it wasn’t for Sophia, her son wouldn’t have died!

“Give me back my son!” Mrs. Bishop yelled in a hoarse voice. The bodyguard held her back, and Sophia took this chance to hurry toward the car.

Countless people were going in and out of the office, so she couldn’t risk having any contact with Mrs. Bishop whatsoever, as even the slightest conflict with her would have an impact on Cooper’s release.

A burly bodyguard approached Mrs. Bishop and attempted to fend her off, but to their surprise, Mrs. Bishop simply screamed and pushed forward. Her stout body had a sudden surge of strength, and she slammed the bodyguard to one side, who fell flat on his face. She seemed immensely powerful, and in the blink of an eye, she was behind Sophia. It was as if the wind had transported her.

Upon hearing sounds, Sophia quickened her pace in panic. When she got to the car, she turned around, only to see Mrs. Bishop charging wildly toward her—the look on her face was terrifyingly sinister. Two foreign bodyguards stepped forward to stop her, but she pushed them away with just one arm.

She’s too strong!

Those strong bodyguards were no match for her, let alone Sophia.

The woman was about to pounce on her when a hand suddenly shoved Sophia into the car.

“Hurry up and go. She’s not normal,” Quinton said solemnly. With that, he closed the car door with one hand. Sophia scrambled to settle down, but an unexpected ‘bang’ sounded. Quinton was being choked by Mrs. Bishop, and his whole body was pressed against the window.

“Give me back my son! Give me back my son!”

Mrs. Bishop had gone completely insane. She was strangling Quinton, clearly intent on killing him. Quinton’s face instantly flushed red, but he didn’t resist her. Instead, he waited for the two bodyguards who had been previously knocked to the ground to yank Mrs. Bishop away.

“Oh, God help me!” Sophia exclaimed, anxiously trying to open the car door, but Mrs. Bishop had Quinton pressed firmly against the car. No matter how hard she tried, the door wouldn’t budge.

“Hurry… go!” Quinton strained to twist his neck, and the side of his face was reflected on the glass window. Sophia saw that there were red marks on his neck from being choked, and blue veins were bulging on his forehead.

Malevolence was painted all across Mrs. Bishop’s face, and she no longer seemed human.

Quinton showed no sign of resistance. With his strength, he could easily break free, but he knew that if he fought back, the old woman would most likely lose her life. By then, the news of one of Cooper’s daughter’s bodyguards murdering someone in broad daylight would immediately become the next day’s headlines. This would only make things harder for Cooper.

However, Sophia could tell that this woman wasn’t the original Mrs. Bishop. The current her had unlimited strength, and she seemed to have lost all sense of humanity. Her mind was just filled with the resentment of losing her son, and all she wanted to do was strangle Sophia to get revenge. But, she should be incapable of doing so… At this moment, a thought flashed across Sophia’s mind, and she remembered the drug that she once sold to Sandra.

That drug would make its user extremely powerful, but it would also cause them to lose their minds. Afterward, neither a urine test nor a blood test could detect it!

Hence, it was evident that Mrs. Bishop had been drugged.

At this moment, she rushed forward. There were only two possible outcomes today. The first one was that Quinton would publicly end her life, and they wouldn’t be able to find the cause of Mrs. Bishop’s strangeness. All anyone would see was Quinton killing a poor mother who only wanted to avenge her son. The second possibility was that she would sprint forward and strangle Sophia to death.

Quinton knew of her intentions, so he didn’t try to fight back. Behind them, the two bodyguards were trying to pry Mrs. Bishop away from him, but she was unmoving. It was as if she had a huge car jack inside her. The hand on Quinton’s neck seemed to be exerting more and more force—so much so that Quinton’s eyes had begun to roll back into his head. However, he still refused to struggle.

Sophia was undoubtedly safe in the car. No matter how strong Mrs. Bishop was, she would not be able to scratch her way through this sports car that was built by Michel Military Enterprise.

However, she couldn’t bear to just sit there and watch or drive away!

In the heat of the moment, Sophia opened the other door and patted the car roof. Facing Mrs. Bishop, who was on the opposite side, she yelled in a deliberately loud voice, “Your son is a b*stard! He deserves to die! Come and kill me!”

Her words enraged Mrs. Bishop.

“Shut up, b*tch!” Seemingly insane, Mrs. Bishop roared at Sophia from the other side of the car. Letting go of Quinton, she dashed toward Sophia like a gust of wind. While she came around to the other side from the front of the car, Sophia used this chance to open the driver’s door and slip in.

The moment the car door closed, Mrs. Bishop’s bloody, withered hands began to claw at the door.

“You took my son’s life! Give me back my son!”

Mrs. Bishop scratched at the window. Her fingernails were bleeding from the friction, covering the window with streaks of blood.

Sophia kicked off her high heels and saw in the rearview mirror that Quinton had been dragged away by the bodyguards, so she hurriedly started the car. As soon as she stepped on the gas, the car sped off and fled to somewhere far away.

If she had known what was going to happen today, she would have finished Clive off in the cybercafé! It would have saved them so much trouble!

But, she knew that even without the Clive situation, Cooper would still be charged with a lawsuit.

Their ancestors were right when they said that wealth would be the cause of an innocent man’s downfall.

The car had driven off quite a distance, and Mrs. Bishop had chased her for several hundred meters before she failed to catch up. In a craze, she ran back to strangle Quinton, but he and the few other bodyguards had already gone to hide in the security booth—the door was already shut tightly. Mrs. Bishop clawed at the booth like a wild beast as she let out an inhumane cry.

Quinton knew that Mrs. Bishop had been injected with a drug—a drug that could give someone immense strength for a period. They would be unaware of pain, but they would go completely insane.

The Phantom Wolf developed this drug, and it was a half-finished product. Quinton had once used it on Richard’s sister, Kayla.

To his knowledge, Jordan had possession of this drug.

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