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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1345

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1345

Despite not being in Africa, Sophia already had everything set up there.

During this time, Tiffany called countless times to ask about the situation and whether they needed her help. Sophia did not want Cooper to be in Tiffany’s debt because of this, so she declined her offer.

Unexpectedly, Anna also called. “Sophia, I heard about what happened with your father and brother. Don’t worry. Your father has a plan.”

In fact, Sophia already knew that Cooper and Linus were not people who would go down without a fight. She was certain that they had their own plans but simply did not reveal them. “I’m fine. I’m just trying my best to help Linus and Dad as much as I can.”

Following that, the two fell silent as if they were each waiting for the other to speak first. Sophia and Anna were once very amicable with each other, but because of their positions, they slowly drifted apart. Nonetheless, they understood each other; neither of them had it easy.

Alas, Sophia murmured, “I’m hanging up now. Take care.”

Anna seemed pleasantly surprised. “I will.”

After the call ended, Anna found Callum and Cade standing behind her. Callum saw the soft smile she had on her face. It looks like she had a good conversation with Sophia.

“Mom, it looks like your talk with big sis went quite well!” Cade smiled.

Even though no one brought it out into the open, they all knew that Anna was Annabel Johnson, Cooper’s wife who was presumed dead all those years ago. Jordan was the one who had taken her and erased her memories. Sophia and Linus were both Anna’s children. She had given birth to them. To Anna, they were of immense importance. Altogether, she had four children—a daughter and three sons. Sophia was her only daughter.

Retracting the smile on her face, she looked at her two sons and said in a stern voice, “Jordan is currently putting in all his effort to bring Cooper down. It’s a disaster to us but also an opportunity. Are you guys ready?”

Callum loosened his bow tie and raised an eyebrow. “Mom, have you forgotten? We’ve been preparing for this for over a decade now.

Anna let out another smile, but it was filled with a burning desire. We’ve been preparing for over a decade!

After Sophia met with the military technology team, she began another meeting with the medical technology team right away. “Email me all the information on projects at the company now,” she instructed the person-in-charge from across the screen.

The person hesitated. “Everything?”

She nodded. “Including all the projects that were started in secret. I need to know everything.”

The person was still hesitant, but they were at a critical point right now, so it was best to send all the information to Sophia. While the tremendous amount of information was being sent to her, she also made known her strategy. “The successful development of the specialized drug to cure ALS can be released to the public now.”

Sophia did not pay much attention to Michel Medical Technology Company before, but looking at it now, she found that they had developed a special drug to cure ALS.

A few years ago, the Ice Bucket Challenge became a trend in the entertainment circle, wealthy circle, and many others. Famous people called on society to pay more attention to ALS patients who had severe symptoms when their illnesses were triggered. Because profit was low and the cost for research was high, none of the manufacturers were willing to invest in the research and development for a cure. Hence, the Ice Bucket Challenge began.

After all these years, some manufacturers did start to make investments to find a cure for ALS. In the present moment, however, a definite cure still had not surfaced and many were still suffering from ALS.

Cooper only invested in the Michel Medical Technology Company to find a cure for this disease after he found Sophia. It was a project that he started on his own since he found out that Sophia once donated to an ALS research institute under the guise of Michael’s number one fan, Eddie Fletcher.

Because his precious daughter’s wish was also his wish, he got the project registered and authorized right away. The specialized drug was still undergoing clinical trials, so they did not announce it. But, if they were to announce it now, it would at least redirect some of the pressure from public opinion and help them gain leverage.

After the meeting with the medical technology team ended, she called Alice. Although Alice and Linus competed with each other, Alice knew that someone in the family had an ulterior motive. She also knew that Michel Group needed Cooper and Linus during this time. A while ago, she had already received the list of moles in the company so she could get rid of some of them when the opportunity came.

Hanging up the call, Sophia returned home and spent the whole night looking through all the information in her study. Michael had also been extremely busy these few days and was nowhere in sight.

Jordan extended the battle line a bit further this time; he attacked everything from the Michel Group to Asco International, which Michael was in charge of. However, Cooper and Michael were not going to let him have his way.

Sophia skimmed over the Michel Medical Technology Company’s projects that had taken place over the years. They had only undertaken big projects, and the funding for one project easily amounted to tens of billions of Amons. Some of the projects would look like fiction to people now. For example, ‘Brain Transplant’, ‘Cure for AIDS’, ‘Dental Pulp Stem Cells and Organ Reconstruction’, and so on. They were all big projects that pertained to the future of mankind.

Suddenly, she found a project that had no name or a clear indication of the research fund, but it was ranked as the company’s most prioritized project over the next ten years. Both Cooper and Linus had signed off for approval, and all resources were first directed toward this project. She clicked to look further into it, but the file was password protected; she was not authorized to look at it.

“What project is this? How mysterious…” she mumbled to herself. Giving up on trying to open the file, she busied herself with the other projects. While she was looking at one project, the door opened slightly and a pair of sparkling eyes peered in to watch Sophia through the crack.

“Carmen Fletcher, I see you! Come out of there.”

Dressed in her pajamas, Carmen gently pushed open the door and came in with a puppy in her arms. Sophia felt her heart warm up when she saw her adorable and bright little angel. Spreading her arms, she urged, “Come here, sweetie. Let Mommy give you a hug.”

Carmen ran over with quick footsteps and let Sophia carry her up into her arms.

In a blink of an eye, Carmen was already five years old. Sophia remembered the first time she met Carmen—she was only slightly over two. I remember holding her tiny body in my arms; she smelled so sweet and felt so soft. Now that she’s five, she’s also bigger and heavier.

Sadly, Sophia had forgotten what it felt like when Carmen was in her belly, and how she and Michael awaited the arrival of their little princess. She also forgot how heart-wrenching parting ways was.

Kissing Carmen, she noticed that Carmen seemed a bit sleepy already. After letting out a yawn, Carmen asked in a tired voice, “Mommy, why doesn’t Daddy come home anymore?”

Sophia answered warmly, “Daddy has been busy working these past two days. He will come back once he’s done.”

Carmen was still upset as she lay sprawled out in Sophia’s arms. Even though she was sleepy, she kept her eyes wide open like something was bothering her.

“Sweetie, is something bothering you? Can you tell me about it?”

After a moment of hesitation, the little girl murmured, “Risa at kindergarten says Grandpa and Uncle Linus are bad people because they killed someone.”

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